What does it mean to cross over—to become a Hebrew, the Israel of Elohim?

Abraham, the father of the faithful, was one who left Babylon and crossed over to become a Hebrew. Crossed over from what? Read on…

Numbers 22:5, Pethor … by the river. Balaam was from the land of Pethor, which is “by the River.” This is a reference to the Euphrates River, the great river of Babylon (The ArtScroll Stone Edition Chumash, p. 857). Thus Balaam was a Babylonian, although he may have been a transplanted Edomite according to some Jewish scholars (see The ArtScroll Bereishis/Genesis Commentary on Gen 36:32). 

One of the aspects of Babylon of the last days is her religious system (Rev 13:11ff) the head of which is the false prophet (Rev 16:13; 19:20; 20:10). The Babylonian religious system of the end days is a blend of both good and evil (reminiscent of the tree by that name in Eden from which the serpent beguiled Adam and Eve away from YHVH’s path of truth and righteousness into a false religious system). 

In the last days, YHVH is calling his people out of that false religious system (Rev 18:4) with its false prophets who prophesy a mixture of good and evil. 

Is not modern traditional Christianity a mixture of good and evil, truth and error (i.e. doctrines and traditions of men along with some paganism mixed in)? Reflect on the implications of this. To what degree have you heeded YHVH’s call to “come out of her”—namely, any man-made religious or church systems that has components that are contrary to the Word of Elohim? 

Like many in mainstream Christianity, the Scriptures seems to indicate that Balaam had some knowledge of the truth of YHVH, but he refused to wholeheartedly submit to YHVH’s word and will (2 Pet 2:15). 

Let us not forget Yeshua’s warning about false prophets arising in the last days who might deceive the very elect (Matt 24:24).

Numbers 22:10ff, Crossing over. Many carnal people—especially those playing at religion—want to be like YHVH’s saints, and to be the recipients of the blessings of Israel, and to be numbered among YHVH’s chosen, but few want to walk the difficult walk of holiness and righteousness required to receive these blessings and privileges. These may very well be the spiritual tares that surreptitiously exist along side the saints within their congregations.

Many people will “court YHVH” by getting as close to him as possible without actually crossing over that spiritual river that divides the land of Israel from the rest of the world. Those who actually cross over become an Ivrit or a Hebrew—a word which means “to cross over.” Abraham was one who crossed over. He forsook Babylon and crossed over the Euphrates and Jordan Rivers in his journey westward en route to the Promised Land as he followed YHVH’s leading. He was the first Hebrew (Ivrit) or “one who crossed over.” 

Crossing over means going from being a worldly Babylonian to becoming the Israel of Elohim (Gal 6:16; Eph 2:11–13) and a child of Abraham (Gal 3:29). It also means surrendering one’s life totally to the Elohim of the Hebrews who is YHVH. 

The sacrifice of crossing over is too great for most people to make and requires the payment price of a high price—the death of self, pride, one’s own will and perhaps a change in lifestyle and the loss of one’s friends and status in the world. To leave the world or spiritual Babylon and to cross over the Jordan River to YHVH’s side and come into the land of Israel as a spiritual Hebrew means that the fame and fortune that this world has to offer must be laid aside and one must become a servant-slave of YHVH. Moreover, it means embracing YHVH’s Torah as the law of life—Elohim’s instructions in righteousness. 

Balaam couldn’t cross over all the way. He still preferred the riches and fame Babylon had to offer. He was willful, carnal and greedy (Jude 11). 

Many religious game-players or cultural Christians in the mainstream church are like Balaam. They want the Savior part of Yeshua, but not the Lord part. How serious are you about serving YHVH? 

The Scriptures say of the end-times saints that they loved not their lives unto death (Rev 12:11). Paul declares that followers of Yeshua must become “living sacrifices” in the service of YHVH (Rom 12:1). Yeshua gave his very life for you. 

Are you holding back some of your life for him? Do the cares of this world, the desire for pleasures, material goods, money, entertainments or acclaim still have a grip on your heart? Are they preventing you from moving into your spiritual calling and destiny—to truly walk by faith in obedience to YHVH?


2 thoughts on “What does it mean to cross over—to become a Hebrew, the Israel of Elohim?

  1. I truly believe, that a slave of YHVH is much better off than any rich or famous person.
    However, we consider ourselves as a work in progress, not completely perfected as yet. But we trust that Adonai will finish the good work He has started in us.
    Blessed is the Lord,

  2. I have been seeking the Truth of the ancient ways for some twenty years. I cannot recall exactly when I was introduced to the Hebraic understanding of Yeshua’s teaching, but I immediately recognized its Truth. Admittedly, my walk since that time was sporadic and the path was not necessarily always straight to the goal of understanding, but the Spirit was patient and my desire for Truth continued to guide me in the right direction and God blessed me with other spiritually like minded people, so we reasoned through the Torah, over and over again. Perhaps the greatest changes and growth in my walk to draw nearer to YHVH is when I began sharing (prophesying) to others the Truth of the Hebraic ways. Even though I was not necessarily “well versed”, it didn’t matter, because the Spirit lead and guided me in my sharing. I was offering Truth, and those who were seeking it, the Spirit pricked their heart and they sought to understand. I’ve come to realize over the past two or so years that YHVH kept me alive for a reason. My past life should have ended on more than one occasion, and as I look back I now understand that my walk with YHVH was for this time; to prophesy to others who seek the Truth, and show them that they must cross over, become a Hebrew. And I am able to provide the scriptural evidence of the journey of Abraham and the children of Israel (Jacob). They are a sliver of mankind that are a microcosm of humanity, and only a remnant have come to an understanding. As a Ger, I am thankful for the redemption that YHVH offered me through the shed blood of His Son, Yeshua the Anointed One.
    Thank you for this clear and succinct teaching.

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