Let’s all grow up and stop acting like Balaam!

Face it, each of us acts a little (or a lot) like Balaam from time to time!

Numbers 22:21–22, A willful, selfish manipulator. Balaam was willful, greedy, arrogant, rebellious and presumptuous in the face of YHVH’s revealed will. Balaam was attempting to manipulate YHVH through soulish means for his personal gain, but YHVH always has the upper hand.

YHVH Elohim is sovereign over the affairs of men regardless of men’s machinations. The will of YHVH cannot be manipulated or bent to accommodate men’s selfish ambitions. After all, how can man—a created being—hope to play mind games with the Sovereign Creator of the universe and win? In the end, man will be humbled and YHVH will be exalted as was the case with Balaam—an arrogant and internationally acclaimed “prophet.” He was made to look like a fool through a talking donkey and all this occurred in front of the accompanying delegation of Moabite leaders. 

It was evident to all that Balaam was but a pawn in the hands of YHVH, and that if YHVH could make a brute beast speak, then he was certainly capable of putting his words into the mouth of mortal man, albeit a sorcerer. 

What lessons can we learn here? Is it wise to toy with or tempt Elohim or try to manipulate him to fit our will? How often do we attempt to bend his will to fit our own? How often do we attempt to push forth our own carnal and selfish agendas, and then attempt to convince ourselves and others that it is the will of YHVH? What are the end results? How many people go through life on this basis and never mature, since they continually act like wilful, bratty and rebellious children who always demand their own way and refuse to grow up spiritually? They have never learned to distinguish between their own carnal will and that of the Almighty. 

The good news is that when we finally submit to YHVH and let go of our own selfish agendas, it is then that we start to have the breakthroughs in our lives and begin to experience his joy, shalom and victory not to mention an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.


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