“YHVH, help us to forgive others as you have forgiven us…”

Roman denarius—a small silver coin

Matthew 18:24, 28, Ten thousand talents…a hundred denarii. A talent was a unit of measure for gold and silver and was equivalent to about 75 lbs. One talent of silver at a rate of $15 per ounce would be worth $36,000. Ten thousand talents of silver would be worth about $18 million. A denarius was equivalent to a fair day’s wages (Matt 20:2). If one earns $40,000 in a year and works 260 days per year, then 100 denarii would be equivalent to about $15,384. 

The lesson of Yeshua’s parable abut the unforgiving servant is obvious. If one’s master forgives him of a debt that’s impossible to repay ($36 million), then one should forgive one’s neighbor the small debt of $15,384.

Likewise, if Yeshua through his death on the cross forgives a repentant sinner of the wages of sin, which is death (an impossible debt for a sinner to pay), then shouldn’t the same forgiven sinner likewise forgive those who have offended him (Matt 18:6–8) or sinned against him (verse 15–19)?


5 thoughts on ““YHVH, help us to forgive others as you have forgiven us…”

  1. I was just reading this chapter this morning and pondering forgiveness of others as I want to be forgiven Praying for those close to me that are hurting so badly they can’t forgive minor offences and examine my own issues
    Thanks for the confirmation

  2. And Peter asked Yeshua how many times must he forgive his brother, 7x? and Yeshua answered 70×7 (=490) the days of His ministry! 70 weeks are determined upon thy people! another clue, analogy, golden nugget of wisdom 🙂

    • Seventy weeks ministry? Not sure about that. There’s a person out there who teaches this idea. He got this teaching from the Christian cult he used to be part of and didn’t originate this teaching himself, so I’d be cautious accepting it.

  3. I have a question. But related to an earlier verse that I read today (in addition to the verse you wrote about) It’s Matt 18:10. Regarding the little ones angels and the ref verse Hebrews 1:14. How do you interpret these two ? I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything to elaborate or give me an understanding. Many thanks

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