Does the “Voice” of YHVH Elohim ever contradict itself?

Deuteronomy 28:15, To the voice of YHVH. What is the voice of YHVH?


Is his voice that which uttered the Torah at Mount Sinai? Is it the voice of his Spirit inside of a Spirit-led, redeemed believer? Is it the voice of Yeshua as largely recorded in the red letters of the Testimony of Yeshua, or is it the entire Word of YHVH Elohim called the Scriptures? If the answer to the question is “all of the above,” then should any parts or aspects of Elohim’s voice contradict with any other?

If we have a Biblical view or theology where we believe that one aspect of YHVH’s voice contradicts with and another in that we believe a part of it has been “done away with,” then what does this imply about the mind and nature of YHVH? There is a psychological term for this. It is called schizophrenia.

Now in our right mind, we would never dare label YHVH with such terms, for to do so would be blasphemy, right? Yet, in reality, many of our religious beliefs make YHVH into something that he is not, and we risk become an unwitting party to attaching this blasphemous labeling to the Almighty Creator if we subscribe to these false theologies that, in one way or another, tell us one part or another of the Word of Elohim is no longer for us today.

One thing is certain. YHVH is not a liar, nor does he ever contradict himself. If there seems to be a problem with inconsistency in YHVH’s Word, the problem is with OUR ­misunderstanding or misinterpretation of it, and NOT with the actual Word or voice of YHVH!


4 thoughts on “Does the “Voice” of YHVH Elohim ever contradict itself?

      • Confused and ineffective is an understatement.
        My deep concern is that they have no idea that they are. Those who acknowledge they are have no idea why.
        We humans are so great in justifying decisions we make even when the results are awry.
        Isn’t this arrogance?

        Additionally the unbelievers are not impressed. So the result is persons are turned off by others blaspheming the Almighty.

        The Beast is about to be revealed and we are lost. There is so much brainwashing and propoganda mixed with so many theological concepts that offers no relief. No balm in Gilead because we are depending on gods who lie.

      • Norma, your struggles and concerns don’t fall on deaf ears. Many of us, including me, have the same questions over and over again, but we keep pressing on in faith, trusting in Yah and in his Word. It seems that everything in this world, including our own hearts and minds, are stacked against us in so many ways. Who can be saved out of all of this? With man it’s impossible, but with Elohim, all things are possible.

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