The Anti-Torah, Demonic Origins of Obelisks, Steeples and the Christmas Tree

Deuteronomy 16:22, You shall not erect for yourselves a pillar [Heb. matstsebah], which YHVH your Elohim hates. The word pillar literally means “stand (upright), be set (over), establish.” One of the derivatives of this word is pillar or standing image. Such pillars were erected for pagan religious purposes (see The TWOT). C.J. Koster in his book The Final Restoration (reprinted as Come Out of Her My People) cites historical evidence for relating these pillars to the Egyptian and Babylonian obelisk, which was connected to sun worship (see also and the phallic symbol (also He states that these pillars were commonly erected at the entrances to pagan temples (also as fertility symbols in honor of the sun deity (Koster. p. 79). 

Even an Egyptian obelisk of this sort sits in the very center of the Catholic Church’s St. Peter’s Square in Rome, and it is traditional for obelisk-shaped steeples to be found on many Christian churches to this day in the form of a steeple (ibid., p. 81). Richard Rives in his book, Too Long In the Sun, makes the same connection between the Egyptian obelisk, Canaanite standing pillars and the Christian church steeple (p. 136). 

What is the point here? YHVH commanded Israel to destroy these pagan symbols and to have nothing to do with them. They were abominations that would defile YHVH’s set-apart people. Have his people heeded his command? Many of these remnants of ancient pagan cultic practices remain in both the Protestant and Catholic churches to this day (Easter/Ishtar, Christmas/Saturnalia, the Christmas tree/Tammuz tree, the Christmas wreath/a pagan fertility symbol, Lent, Easter eggs and rabbits, and the list goes on and on). Does YHVH’s command to his people of the end times to come out of spiritual Babylon (see Rev 18:4) now take on a new meaning to you?

Pillar. The pillars the Canaanites erected to worship their gods were actually phallic symbols commemorating the incursion of the demon gods (sons of Elohim) when they had sex with the daughters of men to create their Nephilim or demigod children in the pre and post flood world (see Gen 6:2–6). 

The Canaanites were not the only indigenous ancient people to have such a tradition of the gods mating with humans to create supernatural offspring. So did the Yoruba tribes of West Africa as well as the native peoples of Madagascar, Polynesia, New Zealand, along with the Hopi, Acoma, Arihara and Apache of North America, along with Celtic, Japanese, East Indians, Australians and Scandinavians. “Trees were employed…as facilitators, or places of meeting/joining of the gods of heaven with Mother Earth, while their branches reach out to Father Sky, of the gods of heaven…[T]rees form a bridge between heaven and earth and are a symbol of regrowth (reincarnation)…Because trees can live for hundreds and hundreds of years, their extraordinary life span represents  the immortality of the gods and the immortal spirit given to the original Nephilim. The World Tree is also the Tree of the Knowledge of both good and evil, for knowledge in pantheistic culture holds the key to immortality and reincarnation” (The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, p. 122, by Gary Wayne). “A Judeo-Christian, then, should be wary of the Christmas tree, for the immortal evergreen represents the meeting place of the gods and Mother Earth and the creation of Nephilim” (ibid., p. 123).

The act of the fallen angelic sons of Elohim mating with the daughters of men (Gen 6:2–4) and the results thereof literally turned the pre-flood world upside down resulting in YHVH’s most severe judgments against these evil-doers and those who followed them. The phallus to this day is the object that represents this act of rebellion and represents the unlawful sexual union between heaven and earth that created demons. Peter and Jude refer to this in their epistles (2 Pet 2:4; Jude 6).


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  2. Hi. I enjoyed your article very much! Thank you. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we have been teaching these truths for over 100 years. We are commemorating the memorial of Christ’s death on April 19, 2019. You are more than welcome to join us. 20 million will be going to a Kingdom Hall near them. Check [edited out] for a location that’s convenient for you if you would care to join us. We’d love to have you!

    • First, thank you for your zeal and your kind invite; however, it is against the rules of this blog (of which I am the owner) as stated on the front page to promote one’s website, ministry or church on this blog. Please show respect. This is a “study the Bible” not a “promote your church, denomination or ministry” blog.

      Second, kudos to the JW church for rejecting some of the pagan traditions that have crept into the mainstream Christian church over the millennia. Now how about coming all the way back to the truth of the Bible instead of just parts of it? The JW church is really not much different than all the other churches like the Roman Catholics, the Protestants, the Mormons and nearly everyone else who have rejected much or most of biblical truth. For example, how about keeping the seventh day Sabbath as Yeshua and the biblical feasts (his real name) and the book of Acts apostles did along with the biblical dietary laws? How about accepting Yeshua as Elohim and the Son of Elohim (not an angel), as the Bible teaches? How about loving Yeshua by keeping his commandments and following the Torah-laws of Elohim instead of believing that they were done away with as you and the rest of mainstream Christianity teaches. When ya’ll come to these realizations and accept the full truth of the Bible instead of just parts and pieces of it, then maybe we’ll have something to talk about.

      In the mean time, may Yehovah bless, guide and direct you and yours as you seek to serve and obey him in Spirit and in the whole truth of the Bible!

      P.S. Elohim’s name is NOT Jehovah, which is a made up and unbiblical and non-Hebraic name. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has lied to you about this also. If they can’t even get Elohim’s name right, what other deceptions have they foisted off on gullible people who don’t know their Bibles and only know what has been propagandistically regurgitated to them by a false religious system?

  3. Hi there. I noticed how you left the word sacred out of your Deuteronomy quote, which completely changes the context. Care to explain,?

    • Yes, of course. I’ll gladly explain. Kudos to you for being an astute Bible student and Berean who actually looks up the passages to see if what the writer is saying lines up with the Word of Elohim! This is to your credit and blessing.

      The reason I left out the word sacred is because it’s not in the original Hebrew; it was added by the translators for some reason.

      The NKJV translates this verse as I quote in my article, minus the added word sacred.
      The KJV translates it as follows: “Neither shalt thou set thee up any image; which the LORD thy God hateth.” The word any in this verse is italicized or added to this translation.

      The Bible doesn’t read “sacred” pillar, but just pillar. The addition of the word sacred is what we call a scribal or translator’s editorial remark or gloss. Sometimes such an addition clarifies the meaning of a phrase, and sometimes it obscures the true meaning or intent of the phrase. I believer that the latter is the case here. Why do I say this? Because the people of YHVH aren’t to raise up any pillar or obelisk in their places worship, period, whether they consider it to be sacred or not. Perhaps they view it simply as an ornamentation on top of building. This includes steeples in churches, or placing Christmas trees in churches, which is the point of the whole article.

      It’s amazing to me how many well-meaning, but misguided so-called Bible believers ignore the commands of the Bible, while thinking that they’re worshipping Elohim by going against what he clears says in his Word. We’ve got to come out of spiritual Babylon and stop making excuses why following traditions of men is acceptable, when they go against the Word of Elohim (Mark 7:9, 13).


  4. I find this most interesting, as a Christian architect who has recently been asked to design a secular obelisk. Would you care to comment on Boaz and Joachin – the bronze pillars in Solomon’s Temple and how they come into this?

    • Obviously the bronze pillars in Solomon’s Temple are not pagan nor representations of anything unholy. There is speculation among scholars as to their metaphorical significance, but I won’t comment on that since that is not one of my areas of expertise. However, it is important to understand that there is often a thin line between the true (that which is of Elohim) and the counterfeit (that which is of the devil). The counterfeit always looks like the real, but with a poisonous, lethal twist.

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