Wage war against moral looseness starting in your own life!

Imaginary Photo: Imagine a woman in a bikini sunbathing on the beach.

Numbers 31:3, Take vengeance on the Midianites. YHVH is vehemently opposed to moral looseness. Midian, through its seductive women, nearly destroyed Israel. The decisive actions of a morally straight leadership prevented Israel from going the way of so many nations that have since collapsed due to moral decay.

Sexual looseness and perversion must not be allowed to gain even a momentary toehold into our lives.

Do you aggressively resist and fight against the spiritual Midianites that would destroy your life, your family, your marriage and your spiritual destiny, or do you even slightly countenance the enemies of your soul in the secret or hidden areas of your life just to placate the passions of your carnal and sin-bent nature?

The spirit of Midian is to be found everywhere from the magazine rack at the checkout stand to the morning newspaper advertising women’s undergarments, from bumper stickers to billboards, from television ads (not to mention the television shows themselves) to the internet, and among political, religious leaders and entertainment celebrities. How about the modern immodest and decadent clothing styles of our youth, which barely cover the body, and where little is left to the imagination?

How does one defend oneself against this incessant onslaught?

Remember, the best defense is a strong offense.

Resolve and settle in your heart and mind ahead of time how you will react against the darts of the enemy when you suddenly find them aimed at you, and then stick to your defense plan! Pull down every mental stronghold and take every thought captive to the mind of Yeshua, and flee all lusts. (Strengthen yourself spiritually by reading the following scriptures: 1 Cor 6:18; 10:14; 2 Cor 10:3–6; 2 Tim 2:22.)


4 thoughts on “Wage war against moral looseness starting in your own life!

  1. My husband is a surfer and I was always concerned about the scanty bikinis he would see on the beach, especially since I was not with him…and he would tell me, yes I see them..I have always seen them but there’s less between their ears and even less in their hearts, and they certainly don’t want to know God, I am looking for a wife, not them! As A woman who could never be a supermodel, he said our Super(natural) model is YHVH-Yeshua! I would not want to be a man since I know they are wired a certain way-or none of us would be here-but considering sex has been used to sell everything from beauty products to cars, and with the constant onslaught of visual ads everywhere Its no wonder they say a man thinks about sex every 7 seconds? or is it minutes? All I know is Isa 26:3. and that’s a great thing since it’s getting worse every day 🙁

    • The notion that a man thinks about sex every seven seconds or minutes is a lie. Some men may, but a man who is full of the Spirit and Word of Elohim hardly thinks about sex at all. He has more important things to think about.

      Moreover, a man who is busy lovingly providing for his family day in and day out by working six days a week as the Bible commands is too pre-occupied with his work to think much about sex. And when he’s done with his work, he’s often too tired to think about it as well.

      Though I’m a man of Elohim, a minister and Bible teacher, I’m still a regular guy and family man with the normal passions. But I rule and direct my passions. They don’t rule me. Trust me when I say that I don’t think about sex that often. Too busy with life!!!! Besides, you get to a certain age, and you realize that there are many more important things in life than the fleeting pleasures of momentary sex thrills. When you’re 18 or 20 years old, that may not be true, but that age goes by quickly, as well, and soon you become too busy with life.

      Our sex-crazed society is so empty of Elohim and so full of selfish self-gratifications because either ambivalence toward or outright hatred of Elohim, that Baal or sex worship is about all that many can think about to fill their empty lives. Not so with me! I won’t fall into that trap.

  2. Just had this experience from the female side. I rarely watch T.V a bit of news and some very carefully checked programs.

    My husband and I are reading the Torah portions together for the first time and Xerxes or Ataxerxes is a name we both had difficulty pronouncing and my husband recorded a movie with the name in it about the Spartans as he thought it would be a good historical adjunct and proudly showed me the title and we thought…. wow.

    So press the button to play and within 30 seconds & it became a beefcake warrior movie, with more muscle than the man from Brussels………..It goes both ways. Bikinis or 6 packs, bulging biceps……..but it is more than the flesh exposure in all this. ( we turned it off ……perhaps it got better and this was the “thrilling opening part”)

    There are many cultures and countries where indigenous peoples wear very little but it is the social norms of behaviour that restrain and control sexual activity.

    That seems to be what we have lost in our western post christian? culture.

    I wonder if the itsy bitsy eeny meeny polka dot bikini is the result of that turning away from God by some and then becoming another stumbling stone to cause the turning away by others…. the enlightenment had been moving for some time prior to the bikini.

    BTW the bikini was so degrading to general christian western thinking that when it was first ‘invented’ regular models would not wear it and they had to employ prostitutes to “model” it.
    And, yes, I used to wear them because it was ‘normal’ in the culture I was brought up in. I actually never thought of them as sexual and it was desirable for the suntan when I was a teenager.

    I will be going to the beach again now I am old but still fit.

    When God got a hold of me, my heart and understanding were changed. I am more aware of my impact physically on others in my clothing and try to dress to be feminine but not expose myself. There is elegance in elegance and that is timeless.

    Originally I bought the longest board shorts and a rashy and found I couldn’t swim as the material clung to my legs. I didn’t want to wear one piece as the bottom just clings to your private parts. So God came up with a substitute. Bikinis bottoms with a skirt and the rashy.

    Remember it is not just the skin but the heart staring at it, from the stance of desire of the flesh too that needs to be taken into consideration. Consider your brother and sisters and be kind to their weakness by not being a walking temptation in the blatant ways that our culture uses to stimulate desire and you are loving your brother.

    Show your children especially ….. so in their naivety they don’t get eaten up as the bait Satan wants them to be. To stain there beautiful innocent lives.

    Remember, whether you are ‘Beautiful or ugly, fat or skinny’ for those still trapped entirely by their flesh & those not putting on the armour of God daily by choosing righteousness, it will not matter much whatever you do….
    Blessings to all.

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