From Prisoner to Captain of the Ship in One Voyage!

With Elohim, all things are possible if we keep our eyes on Elohim and are led of his Spirit! Even a shipwreck can be a blessing and help expand the kingdom of Elohim…

Acts 27:1–44, Sail to Italy. When one is in the perfect will of Elohim, things work out if we hear and obey the Word and Spirit of Elohim. 

At the beginning of the voyage, in the eyes of the secular leaders onboard the ship, Paul was merely another typical prisoner. By the end of the trip, he was now, in fact, advising the leaders and the de facto captain of the ship.

This is because Paul feared, heard and obeyed the Spirit of Elohim, was neither timid nor ashamed to share his faith and what the Spirit had revealed to him with those leaders. This earned Paul and, by default, Elohim respect and credibility in the eyes of the secular leaders putting Paul and Elohim in charge of the situation. In this way, the reality and Presence of Elohim was witnessed to the world around Paul, and Elohim was glorified.

From Paul’s example, we learn how to turn a difficult situation in a secular setting and use it as a witnessing tool for YHVH’s glory. Because Paul heard and obeyed the Spirit, he and the others were spared death.


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