Heaven’s Curtain Pulled Back

Luke 13:12, Woman…spirit of infirmity. Sometimes Yeshua healed people who neither asked for it, nor evidenced faith to be healed simply that the glory of YHVH might be manifested.

From time to time, we hear of miraculous healings and divine interventions that saved people’s lives occurring for no apparent reason.

It seems that occasionally YHVH likes to stir the spiritual pot of human affairs just to draw men’s attention to him. He pulls back the curtain between heaven and earth a bit to reveal himself to humans. This not only brings glory to his name, but serves to raise men’s hopes a bit by pointing them to the fact that there is an Elohim who is sovereignly and who is orchestrating things behind the scenes and who cares about humans.


4 thoughts on “Heaven’s Curtain Pulled Back

  1. Shabbat Shalom!
    I’ve been Healed without asking! Also, I have seen YAH’s Glory! Now, my husband is gone to be with Yeshua, I know where he is and one day me too!

  2. Sometimes we need to partner with Him…to do what we need to do in the natural (and if we don’t know we’d better find out) and let Him do what He does in the supernatural! He already created our bodies to heal and let’s not forget that He took our infirmities as well as our iniquities….

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