Be Not a Mocker or a Scorner—Curses Result!

Proverbs 9:7, Scoffer. Heb. luwts meaning “to scorn, to deride, to mock, talk arrogantly; to be inflated.” (See also Ps 1:1; Prov 9:8; 13:1; 14:6; 15:12; 19:25, 29; 21:11, 24; 22:10; 24:9; 29:20.) One’s propensity to scorn or to mock others is born out of a spirit of pride and self-inflation or self-importance (Prov 21:24; Ps 119:51). It’s about building up oneself in one’s own eyes at the expense of other. This is done through engaging in the destructive habit of mocking, ridiculing, scorning, criticizing others or by, in one way or another, putting or tearing others down.

Scoffers are contentious people (Prov 22:10) because they’re always attempting to exalt themselves at others’ expense. This leads to argumentativeness—the “I’m right, you’re wrong” syndrome, which is the scoffer’s trademark. This engenders strife, reproach and contention in relationships. They blame others and refuse to take personal responsibility for their own sinful actions. For this reason, they seldom admit guilt, culpability, and you seldom hear the words “I’m sorry” come from their lips.

The Bible says that who scorns or mocks another person is a fool. Because of this their own sin of pride and self-importance causes them to mock sin (Prov 14:9).

Because of their failure to recognize their own pride, a scorner brings Elohim’s disfavor, curse and judgment upon themselves and those in their own house (Prov 3:33–34; 19:29). Eventually a scoffer brings about their own demise or is brought to an end or consumed (Isa 29:20).

Because of pride, the scorner will not find wisdom (Prov 14:6). This is because they’re blinded to receiving wisdom because of their own ego, that is, by their own pride and sense of self-importance and by the beam in their own eye. Wisdom comes as a result of receiving correction and then repenting of sin, which is something that a mocker isn’t able to receive because of pride (Prov 15:12).

The more one gives oneself over to a spirit of mocking and scorning others, the more they strengthen their bands of enslavement to this evil spirit, and the more they bring YHVH’s judgment upon themselves (Isa 28:22).


2 thoughts on “Be Not a Mocker or a Scorner—Curses Result!

  1. Hi Nathan. I have enjoyed your Work for many years.
    I recently stumbled upon this from a book called, “Jesus the Pharasee”.
    I wanted to get your take on this since you seem to excel in these type of doctrinal matters. I respect your opinion and that is why I ask you to look this over and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance.:

    [edit out——way too long for this blog]

    • Hello Darrin,

      I had to edit your comment down because of its length. It was a bit long for the comments section of this blog. Could you give us the quick gist of what this Jewish sage is saying—the main key points, and then we can comment on that. Thank you.

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