Beware of False Prophets and Biblical Gurus—Accountability of “Prophets”

How many YouTube, internet and podcast “prophets” are out there claiming to hear form Elohim, and are making all sorts of prophetic proclamations as they build their empires of fame and fortune supposedly in the name of Elohim? Caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware!

Many people who claim to be prophets have a hard time being accountable to anyone. After all, they’re sure that they have heard from Elohim, so who is anyone to question them? In their mind, to question them is to question Elohim. Lack of accountability of prophets to other prophets or spiritual elders is contrary to what the Bible teaches (1 Cor 14:29). Yet such accountability is a rare occurrence in most churches where the gifts of prophecy operate.

Such a demeanor of self-delusion among “prophets” who refuse to be unaccountable to anyone can become a major stronghold of pride on the part of these individuals

If they claim to be speaking for Elohim when they are not, they are running the risk of blaspheming Elohim by speaking lies in his name. In this case, in reality, they’re speaking from the dictates of their own evil hearts,  and not by the Spirit of Elohim, which is something that Elohim hates and condemns (Jer 23:16–22; Ezek 13:2–7).

Such “prophets” are under the influencing control of their carnal nature instead of the Spirit of  Elohim lack, and they lack self-control, humility and meekness. Moreover, those who are driven by their own passions of impetuosity, pride, anger and accusativeness are especially vulnerable to false prophetic proclamations. They are operating not from a sound (or moderate and self-controlled) mind that is under the control of the Spirit of Elohim, but from an unsound mind (2 Tim 1:7). Such people are even open to demonic spirits because they are controlled by a spirit of pride and hypocrisy. They hate accountability from other people because the light of truth shining through others onto them might expose them for who they really are and not who they suppose themselves to be—prophets speaking the oracles of Elohim.

Furthermore, when these “prophets” have psychological disorders (e.g. they are “bi-polar,” manic-depressive, or have an obsessive-compulsive disorder) or they are under the influence of either medically prescribed psychotropic drugs or non-prescribed “legal” pyscho active drugs (like cannabis) and this is combined with some knowledge of the Scriptures and a passion for the Bible great delusion can come forth all ostensibly in the name of YHVH Elohim. In reality, these “prophets” proclaiming a toxic mix of truth error. Beware!

Add to this the alluring opportunities modern technology presents these “prophets” for stardom due to easy access to social and digital media platforms and outlets like Facebook and YouTube, the possibilities for spreading their false prophetic delusion far and wide to others is great. Anyone—literally anyone—can look good on a digital platform, and can gain sycophantic and fawning followers (just look at the sins that have been uncovered on many of the current and past crop of televangelists), but do we really know their true character or who they really? That’s why the Bible admonishes us to know those who labor among us (1 Thess 5:12), and why YHVH has given us the gift of the discernment of spirits (1 Cor 12:10).


4 thoughts on “Beware of False Prophets and Biblical Gurus—Accountability of “Prophets”

  1. And the sad thing is that they can only have influence over the weak (and it’s incredible to realize how many people are weak), who lack true knowledge of YHWH and His Word, and discernment of the Spirit of Truth. That’s why weak people need to be taught to truly know Him and His Word, pray for discernment of His voice and the truth, and to NOT DEPEND UPON MEN to teach them.

    • Amen! The goal of our ministry has always been to raise people up to be able to stand on their own—to wean them off of the nipple of churchianity. It’s not the road to riches, but it’s the road to righteousness and to expanding YHVH’s kingdom for his glory. When you keep people dependent on a men, they will feel more obligated to give financially, which keeps the kingdoms of men going. It’s a sick codependence that keeps people from maturing spiritually!

  2. Speaking of self-appointed teachers, preachers or prophets…I don’t recall the exact person who said this, but recently heard someone say, “Just because you want to, have a desire to, or feel Elohim has called you to teach, preach, or prophesy, doesn’t mean you should.” If whatever you want to do isn’t in alignment with the Word it isn’t or never will be the right thing to do.

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