Are We Experiencing a Leftist Revolution in America?

Are we currently witnessing a leftist revolution to take over America? If so, is this part of YHVH’s judgment against the United States for turning away from him spiritually? If so, what must we as the body of Yeshua do to prepare for the events to unfold and the new America that will emerge subsequent to this revolution?

I don’t use the term revolution flippantly. As an ardent student of history for 50 years, I have studied, in depth, several revolutions where societal minorities eventually gained power and influence and up-ended a nations social structure fundamentally changing them forever. This especially includes the American, French, Soviet, Fascist-Nazi, Chinese and Cuban revolutions.

There are revolutions that have had moral, Christian principles, more or less, driving them like the American Revolution. Then there are those revolutions that have been motivated by hatred of biblical values like the other revolutions mentioned. If a revolution is presently happening in America, its provocateurs are certainly not being motivated by a love for Elohim or the Bible—quite the contrary!

In the past, revolutions have been driven forward by small bands of rabble rousing agents of strife. Now they’re called community organizers. These thugs work overtime to stir up conflict between people, causing division and animus between various segments of society, and then use the conflict to their advantage to further the goals of their revolution.

The promulgation of propaganda plays a major role in revolutions. Many, if not most, of our major media outlets are pumping out much fake news, propaganda, innuendo, assumptions, biased opinions or even attempting to create news and calling it news in an attempt to sway public opinion toward the left. I can tell you as a former journalist (I studied journalism in high school and at two universities and was a reporter-writer for six newspapers including Oregon’s largest daily for a brief time), what passes for news today is, to a large degree, anything but fair, balanced and unbiased journalism as we were taught in J-school in my day.

Add to this the bands of masked street thug agitators (remember Hitler’s SA and Brown Shirts, the Bolsheviks, and let’s not forget about the French Revolution’s Committee for Public Safety that helped to enforce that revolution’s Reign of Terror where tens of thousands were murdered?) inciting riots and promoting violence, which is prevalent in all revolutions. Furthermore, who can not see the left pulling out all the stops to discredit and then to topple the presidency of of the US? How about the stifling of free speech (anything that doesn’t agree with the left is called hate speech) including the rewriting of history (toppling of statues—the modern day version of book burning). I could go on.

In all the revolutions mentioned above, a small minority of idealogues backed by their street thug enforcers with the help of the propagandists were successful in slowly and subversively turning the ship of state in their direction and then  commandeering it entirely. This is a matter of historical record. The nations the leftists have taken over have never been the same since. With the exception of the American Revolution, every one has been driving by a satanic spirit of Antichrist and has been the enemy of the church.

In the article I wrote about ten years ago entitled, “Is America in End-Times Bible Prophecy?” (, I predicted, based on my study of Bible prophecy, that a revolution would happen in America (and other western, formally Christian, nations) prior to the second coming of the Messiah. These events would be a result of our turning our back on Elohim and his Word—the Bible. This would be the Almighty spanking us spiritually to bring us back to him. I even foresaw the hand of Edom—the Islamists—role in this. Moreover, a couple years ago, I made a video saying that the Islamization of America and the West is Elohim’s judgment against the apostate church. Not only is Islam at the forefront of the move to revolutionize America (and the West), but the left has joined forces with Edom against anything that remains of Christianity in our nation. My predictions seemed far-fetched ten years ago, but not so now.

About four years ago, I made a video that predicted that the remnant church in America would be driven underground because of persecution. (I’ll put a link to it below.) That may have seemed like a far-fetched idea then, but not so much now.

America and the west is so asleep—if not dead spiritually (and this includes the church)—that only the greatest of persecutions will shock it out of its death sleep. Is it beginning to happen in front of our eyes? I’m wondering.

The great and innumerable multitude of Revelations 7:14 that comes out of the Great Tribulation has to come from somewhere! Am I saying that American and the West will have a major spiritual revival? Not exactly, but there will be those who will awaken spiritually out of it as a result. Perhaps this is the trial by fire that Yeshua refers to that the lukewarm believers of Laodicea have to go through to help awaken them spiritually (Rev 3:18).

If what I’m suggesting is true, this begs the question: So what’s next? What must we do to prepare?

You tell me. This watchman has been standing shouting on the wall for years to prepare in every way possible. What more is there to say?

This I know. As Winston Churchill said at the beginning of Britain’s war against Germany in his first speech to parliament in June, 1940 in his famous, “This was their finest hour” speech, will this be our finest hour?

Part of me wants to take my family and flee to Alaska and camp out when the you-know-what hits the fan. That’s the flesh in me. The spirit man in me realizes that faith must rise up. To live is Messiah; to die is gain, as Paul said. We must not love our lives unto death, as Yeshua said in Revelation 12. The gospel message is the thing the forces of Satan hate the most, and it’s our greatest weapon. Now is the time to get armed and dangerous for Yeshua! Now is the time to begin to pray for emboldened faith and to prepare our hearts and minds to be preachers of the gospel. You say “No I can’t.” I say, “Yes you can through Yeshua who will strengthen you and through whom all things are possible—the One who takes our weaknesses and turns them into strengths.” Your survival will depend on it! So now is the time for us all to gird up our loins and focus on Yeshua like never before and on becoming a dangerous and radical disciple—something we should have been doing all along anyway.


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  1. Thank you for NOT writing about the eclipse:<) This is such a good message… and relevant and eye opening…….for anyone who is willing to open eyes. I had to laugh and the…not laugh….at the camping in Alaska thing. This is my first year here and it's only August and I am already freezing at the 40 degree temps……..this city girl isn't much of a camper much less in this climate!!! Shabbat Shalom!

  2. I like your article and share the same views on this developing problem here in America. As an American of color (dark skin) who has been on this earth for 52 years I know all to well of the racism/hatred of people who look like me. I and others have chosen to not give into this bullying by some who have this hatred in their hearts on both sides (white & black) Americans. The media, political and the bottom feeders in this country have been trying to divide us for many years with all this pandering talk of Jim Crow etc… We as believers need to speak out and fight if necessary to defend our place in this nation too w/o violence. Unfortunately we are divided especially those of us in the Messianic Hebrew communities. You would think we could at least come together for the sake of Yehovah/Yeshua; yes we might not all agree on some issues but we are suppose to be brothers and sisters in the Messiah. I am taking a stand against this evil will you join me? We know how the story ends, they apparently do not; what a shame! Shalom and Blessings to you my brother Natan I will be in touch soon. Have a blessed Sabbath day.

    • Hi Sharon. Most people who say that they are going to stand up and want others to join them, have violence and evil intended. YOU obviously do not. When YOU say “Will you join me?” what does that look like from your perspective? Certain stands seem to only make it worse………….what do you see the stand appearing as? In these times, it is hard to know……………..

  3. Tares: the church apart! It’s all about the principle of the seed, only 2 seeds from the beginning-the seed of the woman (Messiah and the seed of the enemy…the 2 trees-tree of Life, tree of the knowledge (you have to know where the ledge is!) of good and we know good and evil over and over again. The principle of the sower…the enemy planting the tares in the field(the world) He must separate the wheat from the tares! Truth (Messiah) will “tare” tear the church apart..remember to be holy means to be separate. Pray we remain faithful to the very end…and remember 1Cor 12. Whatever comes, Maranatha!

  4. Yes Nathan, watch and beware! When you see those rainbow flags peering their colorful,ugly heads over them hills, know that the time has drawn nigh..because they are comin’ for ya/us! Pack and get ready to leave then because they will then withdraw. (but then they will be coming back) Pray therefore and watch that it is not in the winter or on the Sabbath when you/we will have to leave! And woe unto those mothers who are giving suck in those days! They are comin’ for ya/us Nathan! They ARE comin’. Every last one of um’. The gay-lesbian transformers and their socialist,leftist-humanistic politicians! And all those women wanting equal rights (like those women in France before the Revolution)! They are comin’! With clubs, guns, knives and their commy, pot-smokin’, marijuana and abortion legalizing media disease! Every last one of um’. Mark my words! Yer right Nathan ! You are Right my friend !!!

    • Yeshua’s prophecy about fleeing was fulfilled when the Roman armies surrounded Jerusalem in AD 70. I’m not aware that this prophecy has a double, end times fulfillment.

      I we flee when YHVH hasn’t not told me to flee, then I’m in the flesh and vice versa. Must hear and obey him whether to stay or flee. If he says to flee, flee to where? The NWO order leftists control the planet to one degree or another. Babylon the Great is global.

      If the elect are to flee, it will have to be by the hand of Elohim to a place he has prepared. At this time, I’m not aware of such a place.

      In the mean time, watch, pray, occupy and stand firm in faith loving not our lives unto death.

      • I don’t think they are going to kill us. I believe they are just going to try and publicly humiliate us by forcing us to dress in drag, share restrooms with transexuals, and recite leftist-commy beatnik poetry in public. But of coarse the real saints won’t succumb to this blasphemy and will move to Sweden, Canada or Israel where human dignity has always been known to be respected and practiced.There probably won’t be any “hills of Judea” to flee to here in the U.S. Those are at least my thoughts on the matter.

  5. Natan, I shared your blog on my blog. I appreciate what you are saying so much. The first post of yours that I saw was The Rise of Secular Humanism: The Devil’s Religion. Thank you for that post. It was exactly what I was looking for yesterday. This past week, I was pretty much asked to leave a conspiracy forum that I had been frequently because I was speaking Biblical Truth and talking about the coming Judgment of America and the Persecution of the Church. They didn’t like it and the mods ganged up on me and threatened me. They said some pretty ugly things about me and my character. I made a thread about “The Satanic Conspiracy to Silence Christians”(which is also something I would love to read your thoughts on) after I was attacked by two members who hate The Lord because of my policy position on Salvation and eternity. They got very angry with me, but as I told them, I was conditioned from the time that I was 5 years old in school not to speak out about My Lords and My God. They use social pressure and ostracization-such as the conspiracy outpost used on me this past week. If you talk too much or too vociferously about The Lord and a Biblical Worldview-particularly about the coming Judgment on America(The Daughter of Babylon)-and the coming persecution of the church which will be spearheaded by the homosexual and transgendered movements-this is already underway such as Sweet Cakes by Melissa and Baronelle Stutzman-they will want to silence us.

    I hope to see more of your work, Natan. Thank you for your thought provoking read in this story and I agree with you-they will want to kill us. It’s actually murder that’s in their hearts. It’s not us, It’s Lord Jesus and Father that they want to murder. It’s just that they won’t be able to get to the Lords, so they will substitute us for the Lords and murder us. This girl knows it.

    I wish we could go to Alaska too. God be with you, Brother. Messiah love you and The Lord protect you and your family.

    • Thank you for visiting us. Glad to make your acquaintance. I read your blog. Keep preaching the truth in love. May YHVH Elohim raise up many more John the Baptists like us who are voices in the wilderness calling people to wake up from their sleep to repent and turn to the Almighty Creator and his word, the Bible.

      The darkness hates the light–always has and always will. It can’t help itself. We have to just keep doing what we’ve been called to do whether the world likes it or not. We must keep our eyes on Yeshua and his word and just keep moving forward no matter what. So rise up O mighty man of valor and onward and upward as a soldier in Yeshua’s kingdom!

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