When It Comes to Prophecy Teachers: Caution, Danger, Warning!

Many if not most Bible prophecy pundits or teachers on the internet are reckless and cavalier in their interpretations of end-times Bible prophecy. They play fast and loose with the Scriptures to come up with eartickling prophetic scenarios that are designed to wow and amaze their audiences!

The methods of biblical interpretation of many of these prophecy teachers are questionable, flawed and are often illogical upon closer analysis. In many cases, they, with self-assertive, over-confidence add two and two and get five, and with bold, and at the same time, boldly, yet recklessly assure their listeners that it is the truth—and, oh, by the way, they quietly slip into their spiel, “buy my video or book on the subject.”

Their ostensible authoritativeness is often bolstered by glib and articulate presentations, high quality videography, top-of-the-line websites, and professionally-designed graphics for book covers and dvd jackets all of which helps to legitimize (in people’s minds, at least) what they’re saying. Despite all this, often their prophetic pronouncements still don’t line up with the whole truth of the Bible.

I’m reminded of the saying, “If you can’t convince your audience with the truth and the facts, then wow, amaze and baffle them with lots of horse puckey.” Most people, sadly, aren’t critical thinkers, but are too trusting and gullible.

The reckless confidence of these guys and gals is often an alluring, but false facade for their own lack of a knowledge of the whole counsel of the Word of Elohim. Many of these teachers are neophytes when it comes to the study and teaching of the Bible. They’ve only been at it for a few years—not for decades, which is what it takes to come to a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of Scripture.

Furthermore, be wary of anyone is claiming to unlock the mysteries of Bible prophecy and has merchandise to peddle out of it!  Many of them are modern snake-oil salesmen.

Yes, we need to study end times Bible prophecy. It’s in the Bible for our admonition and edification, but let’s be cautious about being overly dogmatic about most of it, and certainly, let’s be extremely careful about cobbling together disparate and unrelated biblical passages and then cramming them to fit and painting them to match and ending up with end times scenarios that are in error, thus leading people astray by false teachings as they enrich themselves financially.

Over the decades, I have seen too much of this going on and many prophecy teachers have been proven to look like money-grubbing fools to the rational, biblically astute and Spirit-led person. There is nothing new under the sun, and around the corner is a whole new batch of poor, gullible suckers waiting to be deceived!

Be on guard!


9 thoughts on “When It Comes to Prophecy Teachers: Caution, Danger, Warning!

  1. True, that! Such little wisdom and discernment by many who have been “walking in the faith” for many years! Hook-line-and sinker, they are taken in. Why? Simple. They have not received a love of the truth so as to be saved! In due time, if they do not awaken from their slumber, they will be given a spirit of delusion from YHWH, and then it will be too late.

    “They perish because they did not accept the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God sends them a delusional force, to lead them to believe what is false, so that they may be judged—all those who did not believe the truth but delighted in wickedness.” [2Th 2:11-12]

    “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” [Heb10:31]

    Blessings, Natan.

  2. So True Natan…there is just so much garbage out there ..we have to be so careful..that is why he calls us to himself….to pray, fast ..wait on him and he will teach us & lead us in all truth….there is lots of Babel, babel, babel out there…as u say selling & peddling their snake oil…be still & know that he is Elohim.

    • Some of these prophecy teachers claim to follow Torah. This is all the more reason to be wary and discerning. Because they fly the Torah flag doesn’t mean they’re legit. Don’t allow that to cause you to let your guard down! Some of these guys are really good and slick. Beware of grievous wolves in sheep’s clothing. There are as many liars, swindlers, crooks, adulterers, hypocrites and ego-maniacs in the Hebrew Roots/Messianic Movement as anywhere else. Humans are humans no matter where you go.

  3. Shalom to All
    yes agreed.

    On another area that may have some crosslinks.

    Have any of you come across any Smittah Year teachings which are about biblical Sabbaths for the Land? Elohim said that exiling rebellious Judah to Babylon would allow the land to have its Sabbaths now that He had removed them.

    Be blessed

  4. What about all these “prophecy” teachers who are saying to get ready to leave America before she falls and move to Israel? I thought God was going to gather His people? What are the poor and invalid or hospitalized supposed to do and do what when they get to Israel?

    • Exactly. That’s why I’m not buying their line! Theirs is the works of men, not the work of the Spirit. Their idea is not a bad one; their timing, however, is way off. Too many self-appointed “prophets” listening to and repeating each other instead of studying the word of Elohim to see what it really says. Oh, by the way, a lot of they folks have a few products to peddle as well to make a buck along the way. Shame on them!

  5. “The visions your prophets saw for you were futile,just a whitewash.
    They did not expose your guilt,so as to reverse your fortunes-
    no,the visions they saw for you were alluring,but futile.”

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