The Cross and Prayer Defeats the Enemy

Exodus 17:11, Moses held up his hands. Here Moses goes to the top of the hill with his rod in hand and raises his arms as in surrender (to YHVH, not to the enemy). As long as his arms are raised, the Israelites under Joshua prevail. Finally Moses’ arms become weary and the arms hang down supported by rocks, so that with his rod in his hands now resembles Yeshua on the cross. Meanwhile, Joshua (Heb. Yehoshua or Yeshua) leads the Israelites to victory over the Amalekites. This is a spiritual picture of the saint surrendering to Yeshua at the cross who then leads us to victory over our enemies. In the end times, Yeshua is returning to this earth on a war stallion to judge the wicked and once and for all to defeat his enemies who have tried to king (Amalek means “I am king”) over his people.

This is also a picture of prayer and intercession. Battles are not won so much by men and weapons as they are through prayer. As with Moses, spiritual battle through prayer can become fatiguing and wearisome, yet the spiritual warrior must press onward beseeching heaven in mountain moving faith if the battle against the enemies will be won. Often the weary spiritual warrior must seek the aid of other spiritual soldiers to assist and support him in his spiritual endeavors.


3 thoughts on “The Cross and Prayer Defeats the Enemy

  1. I agree with the “intercession” picture you’ve pointed out. I also think there are a number of other “symbols” at play here. The top of the hill signifies God’s Kingdom since He dwells in lofty places. The staff is a symbol of God’s authority. The rock Moses rests on is Yeshua, The fact that Aaron and Hur hold up Moses’ arms to strengthen Him also points to Yeshua, since Aaron represents Him as High Priest and Hur represents Him as born from the Tribe of Judah.

  2. Shalom natan. Thank you, ive never looked at this passage in that light. Your spiritual insight is a blessing to me.

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