Gen 23:1–25:18 Chayei Sarah (A Gospel Oriented Torah Study)

This is a gospel-oriented Torah study guide. Our goal is to connect the good news of Yeshua the Messiah (the gospel message) to its Hebraic, pro-Torah roots or foundations. The information given here is more than head knowledge. Understanding and wisdom (the right application of knowledge that is based on truth) is taught thus making biblical truth practical, relevant and applicable to your daily life. The truths of the Bible not only have the power to transform your life here and now for the better, but eventually to take you past the veil of death and into eternity.

This Torah study is subdivided in sections by topic in a magazine format thus making it easy to watch at several sittings.

May you be blessed as you watch this video.

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1 thought on “Gen 23:1–25:18 Chayei Sarah (A Gospel Oriented Torah Study)

  1. Wow…what a beautiful picture of the end from the very beginning, if I may say it like that. I am so grateful to have pictures of ordinary people and their lives as examples for us to follow. When testing comes, even unto death, will we respond as our faithful forefathers and Yeshua did? For me, a deeper understanding of Torah is putting things in greater perspective. Our mountains are really molehills, and as our eyes are for Him only, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, the rest becomes a blurrrrrr. Continued blessings from YHVH Natan for you and your family!

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