Yeshua, the Book of Enoch and the Nephilim

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Matthew 16:13, Caesarea Philippi. This Roman city (also known as Caesarea Paneas) was located at the southwest base of Mount Hermon. It was here that the ancients built temples to various deities. The heathens typically built altars and temples on high places, which they considered to be gateways or portals to heaven, and Mount Hermon was the highest high place in the entire region with an elevation of 9,232 feet above sea level. At this place, the Greeks worshipped their god Pan. In the same area at the base of Hermon, the Canaanites worshipped Baalgad (Josh 13:5;  cp. Josh 11:17).

It is interesting to note that according to the modern Book of Enoch, which touts to be the one referred to in the Bible, purportedly 200 fallen angels descended upon Mount Hermon and there made a pact to seduce the beautiful daughters of men the result of which, allegedly, were the nephilim or giants (Enoch 7:1–11), thus corrupting the genetics of the human race. These hybrids  were destroyed in flood. These demons apparently taught their offspring sorcery and incantations (v. 10).

It is at Caesarea Philippi that Yeshua proclaimed his messiahship, as a prophetic warfare declaration or form of spiritual warfare against Satan and his demons at the very spot the heathen demon worshippers venerated as their highest high place.

Moreover, some biblical scholars believe that Yeshua’s transfiguration occurred on Mount Hermon, since the account of this event occurs immediately afterwards in Matt 17.

The tribe of Dan settled at the foot of Mount Hermon in the area of Tel Dan where they erected a pagan temple dedicated to golden calf worship. Jacob in his final prophecy to his sons connects Dan to a serpent. Additionally, Moses prophesies that Dan would be a lions whelp or offspring who would inhabit Bashan, which is an area to Mount Hermon in the north (Deut 33:22). Some Bible researchers speculate that when these two prophecies are combined, it is revealed that Dan will be the serpents seed and from him will come the false, demon-inspired antichrist who claims to be the lion of Judah. Perhaps this is why the tribe of Dan isn’t mentioned in Rev 7, since this tribe as defected to Satan.


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  1. This is a picture of the deity (pagan god-pan ) ..I think 1/2 man 1/2 goat..maybe? Correct me if I am wrong. Caesarea Philippi ….? was this where Yeshua spoke the words …& upon this rock I will build my congregation ( ECCLESIA) & the gates of hell
    Will not prevail against it…in effect saying what he builds is of the father, & set apart : not that pagan filth & debasement. ….I have watched a good video with Ray Vanderlan taking biblical scholars thru the area…showing where C.P. WAS LOCATED..

  2. As I thought Mt. Hermon is the same Mt Sinai. Enoch once said that the almighty will thread His feet in Mt. Hermon and will give the book of righteousness to a man for his mankind. And a thousand years or two thousand years after the flood MOses walk at the foot of Mt. Sinai which is in Medes/ Arabia to look after his sheep and He saw the burning bush which was recently disclosed by the family who saw the real SINAI close to ARAMCO as explained by […] Michael Rood, that the whole mountain turned Black GraNIte when the Almighty descended on the exact spot to meet MOses. In our days, biblically it is said that there is a book of Life, and Enoch talks about only one book as standard for mans salvation.And the Jews called them the TOrah or Christians accepts the 10 commandments as well…and recenty it is said that the TOrah has some scientific calculations of the solar systems and lately publish by Richard Shaw showing the Torah Codes disclosing significant highlights on peoples lives even histories.

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