Your Torah Lifestyle Is a Witnessing Tool

Torah is your light to the nations!

Torah is your light to the nations!

Deuteronomy 4:6, Keep. Keeping Torah (YHVH’s instructions in righteousness) was the means for YHVH’s chosen people to be salt and light to the surrounding nations. Torah is literally a “witnessing tool.” What kind of righteous witness are you (via your Torah lifestyle) to those around you who are lost in spiritual darkness?

Wisdom [Heb. chokmah] and understanding [Heb. biynah]. Chokmah means “intelligence, skill (in war); wisdom (in administration); shrewdness, wisdom; prudence (in religious affairs); wisdom (ethical and religious). It derives from the verb chakam meaning “to be wise, to be or become wise, act wisely; to make wise, teach wisdom, instruct; to show oneself wise, deceive, show one’s wisdom.” According to the TWOT, chokmah and it’s root verb represents a manner of thinking and attitude concerning life’s experiences including matters of general interest and basic morality. These concerns relate to prudence in secular affairs, skills in the arts, moral sensitivity, and experience in the ways of YHVH. In the Tanakh, chokmah is used in relationship to the whole gamut of human experiences whether it be technical artisan skills, military tactics or political and administrative leadership. It is expressed in shrewdness as opposed to foolishness or silliness. Prudence is another aspect of chokmah as it relates to how one speaks, uses his time carefully and in the practical affairs of life. The Bible reveals that Elohim is the source of all wisdom, and wisdom is not to be found in human speculation. Elohim alone provides wisdom for man’s guidance, so that he can live the best possible moral and ethical life (Ibid.).

Biynah means “discernment or insight” or “the ability to understand something, comprehension, the power of abstract thought, an individual’s perception or judgment of a situation.” According to the TWOT, biynah refers to knowledge that is superior to the mere gathering of data. It is necessary to know how to use the knowledge one possesses. This is where perception or judgment comes into play. One must properly interpret the data and make wise and discerning decisions as to how to act.

Torah is your wisdom in the sight of the nations. Consider the following:

  • Your life may be the only Bible some people read.
  • Torah is light. Light quietly does, it is silent. It doesn’t talk about doing, it does! YHVH is looking for doers, not talkers.
  • What kind of reputation do you have in the community?
  • People may not be turning to the light of Torah as a result of your example YET, but when times get tough in this country (“when you are in tribulation … in the latter days, Deut 4:30), they may well turn to you for the answers because they remembered that there was something different about you—something pure, pristine and holy. That’s when they’ll be looking for answers.
  • Torah makes us a great people. YHVH measures greatness differently than the world does. Are you great by the world’s standards or YHVH’s standards?
  • How does YHVH measure greatness? Love, faith, truth, obedience, servanthood, giving, selflessness, self-sacrifice.
  • Comparatively speaking, how does the world measure greatness? Money, power, fame, possessions, intellect, physical appearance, good sounding words.
  • Which type of greatness will last into eternity?

Never forget this: Yeshua the Messiah is the spiritual light of the world that came from heaven to guide men through the spiritual darkness of this world and lead them to his Father in heaven. He is not only the Light, but the Word of Elohim made flesh. In other words, he is the Living Torah Word of Elohim. He was the exemplification and personification of the Written Torah. Only through him living in us through is Set-Apart Spirit can we properly obey YHVH’s Torah commandments. This we will do by his power in us and out of a loving relationship with him. The Testimony of Yeshua makes these truths very clear for those who have eyes to see and hearts to comprehend!


3 thoughts on “Your Torah Lifestyle Is a Witnessing Tool

  1. Yes yes yes!!! Halleluyah!! What a confirmation:

    “Torah is light. Light quietly does, it is silent. It doesn’t talk about doing, it does! YHVH is looking for doers, not talkers.”

    After so many years of being told to “Go into the nations and bring the gospel” I realized through His Word I am actually IN the nations! I don’t need to go anywhere but live His Truth & Torah right here where I am in the nations. And from here He will gather us as we obey Him. Deut 30:1 – 3

    Our obedience as salt and light is the arrow pointing to the King. How faithful the Father is to confirm this Truth.

    Can you imagine His people, awakening Israel scattered all over the world, walking in Truth as salt and light… Witnessing in the nations about the coming King? Much love in Messiah

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with what Naomi has written above on 08/16/2016. I can relate to ” Go into the nations & bring the gospel ” to them….many ministries travel o’seas to do just that! They think they have to travel outside their own country.

    Unfortunately they are not being true salt & light because they do not understand Torah..( from Hebraic perspective.) .& still hold onto their pagan dates ( Christmas & Easter etc…

    It is personal confirmation to myself also. : re Torah is light ,light quietly does it is silent
    It doesn’t talk about doing it does..
    We are his little bright lights that will pierce the darkness , only thru obedience to our master saviour King.

  3. well living a torah life-style would be a witnessing point, if it wasn’t for the fact that most of the Christian church says ‘well that doesn’t actually matter any more; we don’t have to do those things now. Imagine someone saying ‘I am interested in Messiah because of the way you live; can I come along to church to learn more?’ Yes, you say – but there they learn that your life-style is looked upon with derision, or at best, ignored because it is considered ‘irrelevant’. Would that encourage your interested party? Not really. Some might turn away when they see that the rest are not as you are; some might embrace the ‘freedom from the law’ gospel and get kind of half converted – ie converted to the Christian culture, but not to Messiah

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