The Christmas Tree in Jeremiah 10

The use of trees or wooden poles as an object of worship in the ancient world was universal as a fertility or phallic symbol.  In many places, the Bible strongly condemns involvement with this pagan custom.  Obviously the tree of Jeremiah 10:1–5 is not a Christmas tree, since Christmas as we know it didn’t enter into Christianity until about the late fifth century AD. However, the pagan implications of the Christmas tree are clear as evidenced by history, which is why it was outlawed by the Puritans and many other religious groups in America in the 1700s. It was not until the 1850s with many Germans migrating to America with their Christmas tree tradition that Christmas became popularized again in this country.

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The Scriptures advise us to abstain from all appearances of evil (1 Thess 5:22). At the very least, because of its pagan connotation, a Christmas tree is an appearance of evil. Furthermore, where in the Bible do we find any examples of YHVH’s people reclaiming a pagan tradition, sanitizing it, and then practicing it? This occurred only when Israel was in a state of apostasy or was attempting to syncretize the religion of the Bible with the pagan practices of the surrounding nations.

True, many things in our daily lives have been tainted by paganism. If we were to toss out everything that fits that category, we probably wouldn’t be able to say anything, wear anything, eat anything, or do anything. Some of us would even have to change our names! What we are to throw out are those things that the Bible forbids, anything that is indigenously pagan, or anything that leads us away from YHVH and his Word.

Often our view of the Scriptures is filtered through our emotions. We all struggle with this spiritual disease. When we’re extremely partial to a belief or an idea, we have a hard time conforming our lives to those biblical scriptures that disagree with us. Thus, we have a spiritual blind spot. For many, Christmas has become a spiritual blind spot because it is so ingrained in our families and the culture. It is perhaps the hardest thing for people to let go of because of family and emotional ties. Each of us has to make the choice: do we love the praises of family or the praises of Elohim more (John 12:43)?

Jeremiah 10:1–5 is the perfect description of what has come to be known as a Christmas tree. The Word of Elohim says don’t do it. This is fact. I didn’t make it up, I just read it and believe it. Further, Jeremiah 10 isn’t a stand alone scripture. When this passage is placed against the backdrop of the heathen practices of the Gentile cultures around ancient Israel, and against the Bible’s repeated prohibitions against (a) Israel’s adopting pagan religious practices of any kind, and (b) more specifically, not bringing into Israel the worship of the pagan fertility symbols of which the tree was a central object, YHVH’s prohibition against the Jeremiah 10 tree was much wider and broader implications. Basically, YHVH says “don’t do it,” and for the serious follower of Yeshua, that should settle the issue. YHVH is searching for a people to be his own who have of a contrite heart and who tremble before (i.e., obey) his word (Isa 66:2).

As opposed to Christmas, Elohim has given us seven biblical feasts that we can do that will bring glory and honor to him. Let’s practice and rejoice in what he has given us.

For the record, I don’t view the celebration of Christmas or putting up a Christmas tree as a cardinal sin. Christmas is the one time of the year the world chooses to focus on Yeshua. Halleluyah! May it cause many people to turn to him. Remember what Paul said about Yeshua being lifted up even under questionable circumstances?

Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will: The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds: but the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel. What then? Notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice. (Phil 1:15–18)

Most well-informed individuals know that Yeshua wasn’t born in December, and that the pagans had festivals at the winter solstice to celebrate the rebirth of their pagan sun gods.

I for one don’t lament Christmas (I do lament the pagan practices associated with the celebration of Yeshua’s birth, though). I just don’t practice it, although I certainly affirm and rejoice in our Savior’s birth. Actually he was born in the fall about the time of the biblical festival of the Feast of  Tabernacles (or Sukkot in Hebrew). There is ample biblical proof to confirm this, but this will be for another discussion.


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  1. I am actually dreading this “holiday” because to my husband and his family Christmas is a VERY big deal, and he refuses to do away with it. He knows, I do not want to put a tree in my house, but he insists upon having one. He says that this is the one holiday that he will not let go of. To me, having a Christmas tree in my house will be desecrating my home, and I am not ok with that. My husband does not see it this way, he is too attached to this tradition because of all of the nostalgia and the importance of it to his family. I understand this attachment because Christmas was a nostalgic day for me as well before I learned the Truth about this day last year and my eyes were opened. What do I do when this day comes and my husband insists upon putting a tree in our house? Am I suppose to go to war with him over this? I am afraid that it will cause even more tension in my marriage, and it is already tense enough because of my Sabbath Day beliefs. I value my marriage and I do not want to destroy it. My husband has been tolerant to a certain extent of my implementations of Yah’s feast days, but if I try to eliminate Christmas I am afraid that he will no longer be tolerant or willing to participate in Yah’s feast days, or does it even matter because his heart is not in it? What should I do? I know that Peter teaches that wives must still respect their husbands, even if they do not obey the Word so that they may be won over by their example. (1 Peter 3:1) But does that mean we should tolerate idol/pagan worship in our home? Should I just sit back and be quiet as he teaches my children that this is ok? How can two walk together unless they be in agreement? It is certainly true when Yeshua said “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matt. 10:34-39) I am willing to take up my cross, but does this mean that I should do this even if it destroys my marriage? As much as I love my husband, I do not love him more than Yeshua. I just want to do the right thing. Any advice that can be found in the Word of Elohim that I may be unaware of would be extremely helpful to me on this subject. Thank you brothers and sisters who are willing to help me.

    • Wendy,

      I am almost in the exact same situation with my wife.. She loves Christmas and Easter and all the nostalgia and the fond family memories. And she wants our daughter to have those memories.

      I told my wife several years ago i do not want to celebrate chistmas anymore. It lead to a huge fight..

      I stopped putting up Christmas lights and the tree last year. she did it on her own.. I felt really bad because it was a bit of struggle for her. Out of feeling bad for her and not wanting our marriage to completely go down the drain I did do Christmas morning with her & our 11 year old daughter.. Hating every minute of it..

      Easter has been easier to not have to do.. They go do an Easter egg hunt at church and I told her I am not going.. no way am I celebrating Easter.. she has not been happy about but she just took our daughter and left.

      I have explained to her in as loving way as possible why I don’t want to do those pagan holidays anymore.

      Each year I think she is beginning to see it.. but, she does not want to let them go.

      My advice that seems to be working so far is don’t expect your husband to make the change instantly. but stand your ground as best you can in a loving often as possible and maybe maybe here and there you give in once in while to keep your marriage.. You are showing him that even though you know participating in these pagan holidays is against God you don’t want this to lead to the break up of your marriage.

      I have been thru many Sabbath battles with my wife. Almost weekly.. and they were very bad fights.. almost each battle climaxing with my wife saying I am not living like this I am done and leaving.

      One time my wife begged me to go out to eat with her on a Sabbath ..

      I said I am sorry but I can not..

      Her crying/begging then led to a huge blow up.

      She said she can not and will not live like this.

      She said she will leave..

      I said I am sorry you feel you need to leave me over not going to dinner on a day that I know Yahshua has set apart a day for me and us not to work nor to put anyone to work..

      But if that is what you feel you need to do then I understand.

      I told her if you want to spend time with me, why can’t we eat together at home I already had food ready for the Sabbath.

      We can go out to eat any other day of the week..

      She said no.. and this relationship is over.

      That was about 2 years ago.

      As of today we are still together.. and she is starting to except that I do not work every Sabbath nor do I go do the shopping the she loves to do nor go out to eat on the Sabbath.. She is still not keeping it, but she has made the step of accepting me keeping it.

      I pray, hope and believe that she will make another baby step along the way and another and another..

      But, I am willing to accept that she may not and still may leave me..

      I have told her that I know in making this choice that I probably will loose her.. and lead to the break up of our family.. I told that is not what I want at all.

      but I told her I do not answer to her.. I told her that I will not knowing commit this sin anymore.. ever..

      And If I loose my wife and family over obeying Yahshua, then so be it..

      Maybe this will help .. maybe not..

      at least know that you are not alone.. I know what you are going thru..

      and it is very, very stressful to say the least.

      feel free to ask me anything and I will do my best to help..

      • Thank you. Yes it does help. I will pray for you and your marriage, and that Elohim will continue to test the heart of your wife and that her eyes may be opened to see the Truth. It is stories like ours that truly reveal just how far from Elohim this world truly is, and they are also a testament to the sword of Yahshua. As for me, I will serve Elohim and I will worship Him alone, and may the Will of my Father be done in my life, and in yours, as it is in Heaven.

      • I pray that Father continues to test the heart of my husband, and I do see His work in small ways as time goes on. I also pray that Elohim keeps me on the narrow path and continues to make me a better disciple of Yahshua, and that He may give me the strength to not compromise when it comes to obeying His laws, and to help me to always put Him first in every aspect of my life.

      • May I give a suggestion to those who have spouses who still hold to the Christmas tradition? Celebrate it with them, minus the paganism (Christmas tree, lights, Santa, wreaths, gifts, etc.). Just focus on the birth of the Yeshua and honor that. Look, we can honor Yeshua anytime of the year, and there’s no harm in that, even on Dec 25. This will bless your loved ones and will show them that you love them. There’s no harm in this. Just don’t do the pagan stuff and keep it biblically focused. You’re using honey instead of vinegar to catch flies might have some wonderful results in leading them to the higher ground of biblical truth.

      • I am reading these comments now. I am going through this right now and have lost my husband and my two children. It’s so heartbreaking and the road seems so long but obeying Yeshua is because we love Him first. Are you ok to share if your wife was able to accept this? I see this post was from 2016. It is difficult especially coming to the truth after marriage and children. May Yeshua bless you and your family.

    • thank you Wendy,

      I think we both know that we go thru some difficult areas in our lives for a lot of reasons and one of those is so that when someone else goes thru what we have we can be a help an encouragement to them.

      Your responses have been an encouragement and help for me as well.

      I also prayed for your husband and your situation. That he too would come to the truth on these matters. and that you would stay strong in your obedience to our Messiah.

  2. This is indeed a tough one…I was a caregiver to both parents (stroke victims/dementia) and every year I tried so hard to make the holidays special for them….but to them it was just another day at this point in their lives..when I met and married my second husband, I thought now this holiday will really be special (at least for he and I) When it came I did the usual holiday dinner thing but it was a big flat zero…i stood at the kitchen sink doing the dishes and just weeping…when my husband saw me he asked why I was crying and i said “Xmas!” He told me it was pagan…later when I learned the truth, I saw myself as one of the women in front of the temple “weeping for Tammuz!” Now we just ignore it altogether, though we live near a mall and watch all these people spending money they don’t have to spend on gifts that will be returned the next day! What madness…I know the sights, sounds, smells etc surrounding this day appear beautiful…if it wasn’t they wouldn’t do it…but when you come to the Truth, nothing else matters….I sympathize with you and know what you are going through because my sister-in-law is in the same position…in the meantime-and they don’t call it the MEAN time for nothing…do what you can to keep the peace w/o going against the Truth…maybe after a few times of your hubby doing all the work he will tire of it-I don’t know..but if you are consistent in your faith you will continue to be an example to him/them and at least they will see that you stand up for your convictions…all the while pray like crazy for them to see the Truth in the gospel record of the correct birthday and way to worship Him…my thoughts and prayers are with you. Be Blessed. P.S A woman is to submit to her husband WHO LOVES HER AS YESHUA LOVED THE BODY OF BELIEVERS AND WAS WILLING TO DIE FOR HER! hope this helps…

  3. I have had two vehicles in the past 10 or 12 years and on the back window of first my pickup and then later my station wagon which I traded the truck in for was written the bible verse Jeremiah 10: 1_8 at one time I was going to remove it but then I reasoned If I do that I am a coward and I didn’t want to be a coward so I kept it there for all the world to see and sister you would not believe the blessings I have received because of it.

    Consider this up until maybe 3 years ago you would see Christian symbols and bumper stickers you know the cross, the fish, and the like all over the place but I have noticed because I’ve been taking a silent survey that those kinds of car decoration are disappearing in large numbers and I think I’ve figured it out.

    My hunch is that since Isis and other threats are so predominant in the news and around the world people are scared that they will be targeted.But I walk to a different beat I decided to stand up for Yahshua no matter what the consequences may be.
    Sister I have been a believer for about 15 years and every time Christmas rolls around I go from what used to be my favorite season to a season of depression and being totally alien and misunderstood by my family and friends and just a general feeling of being awkward and knowing that your the elephant in the room. we all have to give things up you know and if you lose a friend or two well they probably were not friends to begin with.
    But I feel for you in your situation because we are talking about a marriage here. Here’s my best advice for now. You are right that a wife should listen to her husband but by your example and fortitude and prayer you can ask the Father through his son Yahshua Ha Messiach through the the Roach Ha Kodesh because don’t forget after the resurrection we can communicate with Messiah through the vale in the holy of holy’s face to face and this does not fail to those who believe that they get what they ask for.
    In your case ask the Father to turn your husband’s heart around to his truth and be patient and if he wants to put up the tree you can resign your self from it by telling the Father that you would not be participating in any pagan rituals but it’s not your decision since your husband is over you. You are under your husbands roof, Be patient.May Yahway Richly Bless You!

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