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Growling Grizzly Bear

With all this flat earth talk, consider these points:

Why are we getting sidetracked about the shape of the earth when the lost sheep of Israel need to be gathered in as Yeshua commanded us to do?

Why are people so passionate about the shape of the earth enough to bombard my blog and YouTube channel with all kinds of emotionalism, when we can hardly get anyone excited about Yeshua and the gospel message?

Of the hundreds of topics I have covered on my YouTube channel and on this blog, no subject has generated so much rancor. Why? What’s the deal?

Yeshua rebuked the church at Ephesus (Rev 2) for losing their first love (i.e. for Yeshua), although they were faithful in the works of Torah-obedience. Yeshua also rebuked the Laodiceans for being lukewarm. How is it that people can get so worked up over the shape of the earth, but can’t get excited about winning the lost, preaching the gospel, making disciples for Yeshua, and generally doing the great commission? What’s this all about? Something is wrong with this picture!

It’s this: People are passionate for the wrong things because of their lukewarmness and because they don’t really love Yeshua as they should. Their priorities are all wrong. When someone points out their sin, they shoot the messenger! Many have come under a strong delusion. They have turned from a passion for the gospel and and are now focussing beady eyes on silly side issues that in little if any way expand the kingdom of Elohim except in their mad delusions!

Paul took the Galatians to task for turning to ANOTHER GOSPEL. He even double cursed them for it and referred to them as fools (literally unwise or unintelligible)! He called them bewitched (coming under the evil spell of someone or something). I didn’t curse flat earth believers though I referred to the foolishness and stupidity of such a belief. I wonder how some flat earthers would have responded to Paul’s “abusive” language had they been on the receiving end of his rebuke for getting sidetracked away from the basic gospel message?

Instead of focusing on the shape of the earth, we should be focusing on preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, setting the captives free, feeding the hungry, visiting those in prison, and resurrecting the dead both spiritually and literally. Yeshua said these signs and wonders would follow those who preach the gospel—not those who preach that the earth is flat or spherical. How many of you flat earthers have ever done these things? If not, why not? It’s your reasonable service as commanded by the one who bought you with his blood. How many of you spherical earth people have done these things? Time to take hard look in the mirror and try some deep and heartfelt introspection on the fruits of your lives!

There is supernatural dunamis power in the preaching of the gospel message to save the lost. Why are we not focusing on this and instead getting all worked up over whether the earth is flat or round? Do you really think that if you preach about the shape of the earth that YHVH’s signs and wonders will follow you? Get real!

The Messianic/Hebrew Roots Movement is sick!!!! It is powerless!!! The Charismatic and Pentecostal churches I spent a few years in back in the 1990s had more miraculous power than most Hebrew Roots people and congregations! What’s wrong here? We have the Torah, which is great, but we don’t have the power! Where’s the beef?

I’m a watchman. I’ve travelled and been around America and talked with hundreds of national leaders and pastors in this movement over the past 18 or so years. They all tell me the same thing: We’re missing something.

This is what we’re missing: We’ve stopped loving Yeshua and stopped doing the great commission. Instead, we’re worshipping at the altar of intellectualism. This is idolatry. We’d sooner discuss flat earth than healing the sick and preaching the gospel and reaching out to lost. Shame on us! The devil has conned us big time. We have bought into a form of neo-gnosticism. We’re so proud of ourselves because we think that we have some exclusive, hidden revelation that the next guy doesn’t have, which makes us special and superior to the uninitiated on the outside. What onerous pride!

Someone wrote and told me that the flat earth was a divine revelation. Sorry. Wrong! It’s an idolatrous delusion to get you away from doing the great commission.

We’ve turned away from Yeshua and are turning to winds of doctrine, fairy tales and legalistic works as our main raison d’être. How pathetic! Do you think Yeshua is impressed much less pleased? No! He’s about to spew us out of his mouth unless we repent.

Three years back, I did a couple of how-to videos on evangelism—on how to reach out to the lost. I gave helpful tips from my years as an urban missionary evangelist. Want to know something? Those videos are near the bottom of the list as the least watched videos on the Hoshana Rabbah YouTube channel out of about 250 videos! This speak volumes about how sick the Hebrew Roots Movement is!

Personally, I don’t care if everyone unsubscribes from my YouTube Channel, and this blog ceases having readers, and if everyone quits the congregation I pastor. Sorry, I can’t be bought! I don’t take any money for what I do, and so I’m not preaching with dollar signs in my eyes. I cut and prune trees for a living, and have been doing so for the last 40 years. If they’re sick, I dig and dung them and bring them back to health. Otherwise I take my chainsaw and cut them down and run them through my brush chipper and grind out the stump. This is a no-nonsesne business. I hang from tall trees by ropes working with chainsaws inches from my face. The size trees we have in Oregon make the trees you have look like toothpicks. No fear here! It’s what I do. I take the same approach when preaching biblical truth. I’m a rough guy—not your typical Ahabized church system, panty-waist pastor/Bible teacher. We’re living in tough times, and it’s going to take tough people to confront a hard-hearted, stiff-necked, rebellious, sottish generation who can’t see past their own pride. This is what it will take to prepare the way for Yeshua’s soon coming. If you guys don’t like this approach, then switch the channel. Don’t spew your venom out against me. I’ll simply delete your comment and ban you from my blog and channel with the push a button.

I care only about the truth and about following Yeshua my Messiah. They crucified Yeshua, cut off John’s head, sawed Isaiah in two, crucified Peter upside down, threw Jeremiah in a well and the put Paul in prison for years on top of his beatings, stonings and whippings. I don’t care what comes as long as I can keep preaching the gospel. Those of you who don’t like me for this, then bring it on and MAKE MY DAY!

Yes, I love you all, or else I wouldn’t be doing what I do for free. It’s called tough love. Not the panty-waist, touchy-feely approach most folks are used to.

If someone is asleep in a burning house, is it love to just stand on the street curb and say, “I love you?” or is it love to beat  down the door with an ax and rush in through the flames and rescue them? Get the point?

For the next week, I’m going on vacation with my wife to Alaska. A tough place, Alaska is. I won’t be able to comment or to monitor your comments on this blog. So pllay nice on this blog while I’m away. No mean or nasty stuff. No attacks. I don’t want to have to delete people’s comments when I get back in town.

When I was in Alaska last year, I got me a brown bear claw, which I wear on a neckless 24/7 along with some Alaska jade. In August, my fishing buddy is going to Alaska to shoot a grizzly bear. (Grizzlies are like varmints in Alaska and the government issues hunting tags for them.) He’s bringing me back the claws, which are about three or four times larger than the brown bear claw around my neck. I intend to put one on my neckless and the rest will go on my Crocodile Dundee hat. Guys, I’m gearing up, not gearing down for the spiritual fight!

Jude, the brother of Yeshua, told us to contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints. He closed out his short epistle by saying that the spiritual delusions would get so bad that we’d actually have to be pulling people out of the fires (of hell), and to be careful unless we get burned ourselves.

I’m in this battle for the long haul as a born-again, Spirit-filled warrior for Yeshua, and I ain’t turning back until I’ve laid hold of my prize at Yeshua’s feet at the resurrection! I hope you’re with me…or more accurately, with Yeshua in this!

Shalom y’all! I shall return…


6 thoughts on “Make my day!

  1. Thanks for the Article!

    Our Greatest Blessing and Biggest Curse as Mankind is Free Choice, No man can earn salvation on behalf of his brother or sister, we can only Wisely & Lovely share our beliefs and show our fruits by the way we walk what we believe and preach / teach in Love and in Justice. Each man is accountable before his or her Creator on their own. this walk is yours and yours alone. Tread wisely!

    Peace and Love to all.

  2. Thank you, such an encouraging message. Spot on!!
    Pray for your time with your wife in Alaska.

  3. So right on! ! I guess I missed the flat earth??Go figure? Bringing in His sheep is what we should be doing! A call is out for the lost! I use to be a street evangelist, well my feet don’t carry me too far anymore but no need to stop even if I am in The Hebrew Roots Movement! Sitting in the Park quoting Scriptures gets people attention.
    Thanks for shaking me up again!! Here I go!

    You hit the nail right on!!
    Toda Raba

  4. Amen and Amen!

    The ENTIRE Bible is about 1) how MAN fell from grace, 2) God’s plan to restore MAN’s fallen state, 3) God’s covenant with Abraham to restore MAN via God’s Messiah and righteousness through faith, and 4) how Jesus Christ came (1st advent) to begin to restore MAN and how He will come again (2nd advent) to complete the restoration of MAN and Earth and establish God’s kingdom on earth!

    NOTHING ELSE is remotely relevant to the message that Jesus (Yeshua) came to fulfill the Messianic role and will come again to complete it!

  5. If you had not attacked the messengers and stuck to repudiating F E facts, I would not feel the need to respond to your YouTube video “Flat Earth Foolishness”.

    I happen to be Messianic and am just trying to prove to myself that the words of he Bible can be true. I can’t imagine the possibility of the story in Joshua (the sun and the moon stood still) being possible if the earth weren’t immovable as written in the scriptures.

    Although this does not have a direct link to the message of salvation it does pertain to my belief that the Bible is the infallible Word of YHWH.

    The F E movement is meat for those who know and can bring others to ponder the existence of G-d.

    Ba Shem Yeshua Ha Mashiach

  6. The disciples had an understanding of scripture that we are only starting to wake up to. Their platform was rooted in the Hebrew language, mind and culture. They grew up with it! The topics in scripture cannot be seperated from one another, just like I cannot disconnect the trunk of a tree from it’s leaves. It’s all part of a whole. We are ALL learning. Yeshua did for MANY years before He started His ministry. The disciples were students of Messiah, grew up with the Hebrew language that we are only STARTING to understand and might still take time to thoroughly understand.

    Creation is the macro temple of YHVH – Biblical cosmology cannot be ignored. Any bible program will testify of this as well. And any student of scripture will acknowledge this truth. This was the platform of the disciples, our Messiah, the prophets etc. I rejoice when I see followers of Messiah believing every word of scripture. Wow! How beautiful to see them becoming like little children and believing the sun stood still and the moon stayed!! Maybe this is a piece of scripture that will help us to one of these days see the dead raised, the blind see and the deaf hear? This piece of scripture was in the hearts of the disciples – they believed it! How can we expect to believe /see the one truth and reject the other?

    Studying Biblical cosmology is great when studying the temple! It’s beautiful and reflects the glory of our King and becomes a beautiful testimony to Messiah when introducing Him to others.

    Did you know that the night sky was seen as a “tent/canopy” to ancient Hebrews? It reflected how YHVH covered them – how His presence are everywhere, you cannot outrun Him 🙂 The whole earth truly declares the Glory of YHVH! He truly is Elohim, in the heavens above and the earth beneath. Joshua 2:11 Much Shalom in Messiah

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