What is the “cup of salvation?”

Psalms 116:13, Cup of Salvation [Yeshua]. This is the only place this phrase occurs in the Scriptures, and it’s prophetic significance should not to be overlooked.

The Hebrew word cup [kos] often relates to Elohim’s judgment as he pours out his wrath upon rebellious people (e.g. Jer 25:15). Yeshua encountered this cup at Gethsemane (Matt 26:39).

There is also a cup of blessing, which men can drink from if they choose to do so. This is the cup of YHVH’s blessing and forgiveness through Yeshua that he offers to men. This is the subject of this passage. Interestingly, the third cup of the Passover seder is called the cup of redemption (or salvation). This is the communion cup that Yeshua offered his disciples at the last supper. It was this cup that represented the blood of the Savior and that was taken along with the unleavened bread representing Yeshua’s body. This same cup of salvation pictures the saint’s blessed relationship with Yeshua, and is a picture of the new covenant, which, in reality, is the saint’s entering into a state of marriage betrothal to Yeshua their heavenly Bridegroom.


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