8 thoughts on “New Video: The Bible Vs. Marijuana—Genesis 1:29-31 Explained

  1. Thank you Natan for doing this message. I would classify myself as an expert in cannabis and its many medicinal uses. I have suffered from Chron’s disease for 33 years. In that time I have required 3 small intestine resections and a stem cell transplant in 2010. I started using cannabis as medicine during the stem cell transplant to ease the effects of the chemo. Keep in mind I was not a cannabis user before this time. I was blown away by how effective this plant was in relieving the many side effects that come from chemotherapy. At that point I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about this amazing plant.

    There are literally thousands of different strains of cannabis and each strain has a different terpene and cannabiniod fingerprint. This ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids determines what the plants medicinal function will be. The two work horses of the cannabinoids world are THC, and CBD. THC is the one that gets the most press because it is the one with all of the psychoactive side effects. CBD and the rest do not have any psychoactive properties. For the medicine to be most effective for most conditions their must be traces of all of the cannabinoids present which creates what is called “the entourage effect”. I ingest a very low THC and very High CBD strain before bed to keep my intestinal inflammation under wraps and it works better than any big pharmaceutical drug I tried over my 33 year history with this debilitating disease. I also maintain a very healthy diet but that is for another conversation.

    There are many forms of using the medicine depending on your condition. You can either ingest, vaporize, smoke, use as a topical balm, an anal supository, or use as aroma therapy. How you choose to administer the medicine is mostly determined on your condition.

    Next I would like to write about comparing cannabis and drinking alchohol. Cannabis’ like alcohol’s intoxicating effects are determined by how much you consume. A cannabis strain containing high levels of THC used in very small doses has almost the exact same effect as having a couple beers or glasses of wine. It will relax you and help you get grounded and connected to your surroundings wether people or Yah’s creation. Before there was much known about CBD and the other cannabinoids I only had the high THC strains available. They were effective medicine, less effective than high CBD for my condition, but still effective. I would take the least amount possible because I did not enjoy the psychoactive side effects. It took me a bit of trail and error to determine how much of a particular strain I could take and still get the medical benifits without the major high. This is how I know that like alcohol, cannabis can be very thereputic for all people in small doses if one chooses to do so. And like alcohol, cannabis used in excess can have serious life consequences for anyone trying to walk this narrow life giving path of Messiah and health complications as well, especially for those with I immature brains, those under 21.

    In conclusion, cannabis is in my opinion the most useful plant on the face of the earth apart from the tree of life. It can treat cancer and 100’s of other medical conditions, its seeds can be used for a very high protein good fat food, it can clean the air better that a rain forest, clean the soil, make over 3000 different environmentally safe products from rope to fiber used to make cars. It truly is a miracle plant but one that requires us to use it responsibly. No wonder it is the one plant that the NWO doesn’t want us to have.

    • Thank you for your excellent input. Very informative.

      Since giving my cannabis teaching to our local congregation last week, I talked to a gospel believing, Torah-teacher friend of mine who is also a medical doctor. He corroborated what you’re saying with the addition that he strongly rejects the idea of smoking cannabis, since it leads to lung cancer because of the tar (as is the case with smoking anything). If inhaled, cannabis should be done so through steam vapors, not smoke.

      My doctor friend also suggested that I watch a series of three video documentaries done by CNN in conjunction by an MD neurosurgeon called “Weed” parts 1, 2 and 3 done between 2013 and 2015. He said the info contained therein was very accurate. I just watched them and found them to be most enlightening pertaining to the medical uses of cannabis minus the psychoactive aspects. You can find these videos on YouTube.

      • I agree with him on not smoking cannabis. Why smoke something when you can vaporize it and get the same if not better medicinal effect. Vaporizing would be the preferred method of use for someone who requires fast relief from pain, nausea, etc. when you think about all of the amazing benefits just this one plant could provide humanity it still pales in comparison to benefits of being called a son of Elohim. All of creation growns for the return of the sons of Elohim Imagine how wonderful and marvolous this planet will be when He comes on the clouds and teaches us The fullness of His Torah.

        I watched the series you suggested and often recommend it to others. Thank you for recommending it though. shalom brother Natan and I thank YHWH for your service to the body of Messiah.

  2. Couple of other thoughts.

    First, I think it would be beneficial if you explained in the very beginning that you are in favor of the medicinal side of cannabis and its ability to treat debilitating illnesses. I watch the entire video thinking you were against this use.

    Second, the word used for food in Hebrew in Gen 1:29 is oklah which has this definition in strongest-Feminine of H401; food: – consume, devour, eat, food, meat.
    Notice that it can also be defined as consumption. So one could argue that Gen 1:29 reads that Abba YHWH gave us all of the seed bearing plants for our consumption. Makes it a little less black and white.

    Shabbat shalom!

  3. I want to also thank you for the information. Todah to everyone and Elohim for giving the insight to you all. It is important to understand the medical uses of the plant and to evaluate your usage from there. Many feel that the use of the “street” unrefined product is acceptable because of Gen. 1:29, however, the additives, pesticides and breeding to cause high levels of THC render it toxic. The fact is that you can endanger your mental well being by abusing this also. A believer would need to ask themselves if they are still “escaping” or abusing this substance. If needed, it is helpful, but we need to change our mindset about this just like we have about other facets of our lives. I will watch the videos suggested and pass on the information. Thank you again Brother Natan and participants!…

    • Well said.

      The cannabis today often has been hybridized to have ten to 30 times the THC (the psychoactive causing chemical in cannabis) then the cannabis of the 1960s and 70s. Marijuana is much additive and dangerous than it used to be. Many strains of cannabis have low THC and high CBD, which is the healing chemical in cannabis. It’s the latter type that we need to focus on.

  4. Hi Natan. Thank you so much for your message. I’ve never done weed but I always wanted to, and used to feel like I missed out during high school and collage. And even after becoming a Christian I thought it was ok. Not a big deal. But now, and even before now, I realize it is a big deal.

    But the alcohol side of it is a different story. Drinking beer was never a big deal though. As a Christian I’d occasionally get drunk at a wedding or something. And after I started taking the commands of Yah more seriously I put that on the shelf because I wasn’t sure. But I started drinking again. Never more than two beers, like you. Once or twice a month.
    Listening to your message sparked a conversation between the wife and I. How high is high?

    People drink to get high. Even if it’s one beer, they are getting high, even a little bit. If it’s just one, you start to feel relaxed, and physically sluggish and heavy.
    You can’t drink without getting high. My question is does that make me a drunkard? Our brother Steven Anderson would say YES!

    • Look, the Torah commands YHVH’s people to drink wine and strong drink at the feasts (Deut 14:26). Obviously YHVH didn’t have a problem with a couple of beers, wine or even stronger drink. On the other hand, drunkards won’t inherit the kingdom of Elohim (1 Cor 6:9–10). A drunkard is one who drinks to get intoxicated (or to get “high”). The key concept here is moderation. In the case of alcohol, I would say extreme moderation. We are to abstain from all appearances of evil (1 Thess 5:22). We don’t want to even get close to the limit. How does this glorify Yeshua anyway?

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