New Videos: Grumbling & Tzitziot

The biblical children of Israel were a bunch of complainers. This sin kept them out of YHVH’s Promised Land. Are we any different today? Better think twice! YHVH doesn’t like hard-hearted, ungrateful grumblers. This video discusses lessons that can be learned from this piece of biblical history, so that you’ll have a more blessed and rewarding life now and in the hereafter.

This video explains how to walk out the biblical law of wearing fringes on one’s garments using show-and-tell examples of various types of clothing and ways to wear fringes or tzitzit.


1 thought on “New Videos: Grumbling & Tzitziot

  1. Thank you so much for this practical lesson! What a blessing. Isaiah 11:12 talks about ‘the four corners of the earth’…. The earth is technically a sphere yet there are four corners that is referred to. Our jeans / dresses also doesn’t technically have four corners…. Like the earth. But as temples of the Most High we do have ‘four corners’ 🙂

    The tzitzit as a sign of consecration – like a wedding band – not everybody’s wedding rings are identical? So I also believe that YHVH has given us room to obey this mitzvot according to our relationship and love for Him.

    There truly is freedom in the obedience of the Torah through the Spirit of YHVH!

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