New Video: Why Use the Hebrew Names of Elohim?

Why use the Hebrew names for Elohim? Short answer: Because the Bible, the Word of Elohim tells us to do so. Men in their “wisdom” always have “better ideas” about things than to follow the simple commands of Elohim. Both the mainstream church and mainstream Judaism are guilty of adhering to doctrines and traditions of men by which the Word of Elohim has been made of none-effect. The is definitely true with regard to their non-use of the biblical Hebrew names of Elohim.

This video addresses the following issues: What’s the big deal with the Hebrew names of Elohim as found in the Bible? Should we be using them? What’s wrong with the pagan name substitutes for Elohim that are found in our English Bibles? How is the resurgence of the use of the Hebrew names among Bible believers worldwide a fulfillment of biblical prophecy? What do the Scriptures say about the importance of using the Hebrew names for Elohim? This video answers these questions and much more.


1 thought on “New Video: Why Use the Hebrew Names of Elohim?

  1. Thank you Natan for this extensive (for me) teaching on the names of Elohim. I have a confession to make. This is an area I have struggled in from the beginning. I HEAR you and others, and I imitate you; but have been without a full understanding. Like so many other things we are learning in our new Hebraic walk, it makes me angry people have been duped and lured away from the truth over the years and believed the lies for so long. NOW we are trying to walk in it, and the general public doesn’t recognize it, or the biblical names when we are out on the streets, and wonder what in the world we’re talking about. It causes confusion in them and me. I have tried to use both, but after listening to your teaching here, am convicted not to mix it up. I have pondered this for so long. Now, thoughts of revival popping in my head as in the days of Ezra when they read the Torah to the people in the city square and they heard the truth. Maybe??? I’ve had an itch to go downtown and do just that, but now with new eyes. I look forward to more communications with you on this and other topics. Thank you for the new and the old manna; 2015 post…Blessings, blessings, blessings!

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