2 thoughts on “New Video: Keys to Understanding Bible Prophecy

  1. Shalom brother. Interesting what you say about the Father talking to us directly. As you so rightly say, it doesn’t have to be through shepherds like yourself. In fact He says in Ezekiel 34 that they have led His sheep astray and He will speak to us directly. Psalm 23 has a whole different meaning: He is my ( personal) shepherd, he knows what I want. He knows the paths I need to walk and the green pastures I need to lie in. He knows how to get me personally out of the stormy seas of my life into the still waters of His harbour. No pastor or leader can do that for me. The sooner we learn that the better eh? Great message!

    • Right on. I agree. Power to the sheeple of YHVH!

      However, YHVH raises up true shepherds after his own heart to help lead his people to him (Ezek 34). YHVH has always had righteous servant-leaders that he has used for this purpose from the time of the patriarchs, to Moses, to the priests and Levites, to the righteous judges and kings of Israel all the way down to the five-fold ministry until today.Those who rebel against and resist this true and godly form of leadership are rebels like Korah and are, in reality, rebelling against YHVH himself. So says the Bible. Amein.

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