Confronting the Homosexualization of Our Society

Culture Wars Series — The Battle for the Soul of America

Today I looked at the headlines of a number of major Internet news sources (as I do every day). These included both conservative and liberal news outlets as well the major mainstream media outlets along with some smaller, yet respectable news networks. I was amazed at how many headlined stories relating to “gay” issues I found. Some news sites actually had several stories on their front pages on the subject. This phenomenon is no longer a unique occurrence.

The fact is that even though homosexuals make up a tiny minority of the population, they get a disproportionate amount of news coverage. Whether the “gay” agenda is being pushed on the majority of Americans who are heterosexual or not by a vocal and powerful minority isn’t the issue. Rather, it’s that “gay rights” is a front and center issue in America’s culture war pitting the clash of traditional Christian values with the post-Christian, more morally loose, modern generation.

It’s obvious to see that government at all levels along with the public educational system, the major media and the entertainment industry are actively forcing homosexuality as a normative and acceptable behavior on the American people. Those trumpeting the homosexual cause have as their weapons punitive so-called antidiscriminatory laws, the threat of lawsuits as well as boycotts and other means of exerting social pressure. In their cross hairs are any who oppose them including organizations, businesses, churches, schools, or individuals who dare oppose them. Already, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have caved in to the pressure. The traditional family is being redefined by homosexual activists, as well as the concepts of “male” and “female.” Restrooms and locker rooms are now the new battlefield for those wanting to erase the lines between the sexes.  Regardless of one’s stand on homosexuality, we have to deal with it. Ignoring this issue isn’t an option!

With the current lay of the cultural landscape in mind, I would now like to express my views on the subject of homosexuality from a loving, yet solid biblical position.

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

It was the opinion of the early apostles at the first Jerusalem council to establish minimal requirements for those being given the right hand of church fellowship. Those who failed to meet those basic standards were excluded from participation in church life. This was the case with those living in all sexual sin including homosexuality (Acts 15:20).

Exclusion may not be a popular notion in our day where “inclusiveness” as part of the political and social atmosphere demands — even at times under the threat of punitive legal action — that Bible believers not only love the sinner, but unquestioningly accept the sin as well whether they want to or not.

Such isn’t the biblical norm. The Bible calls homosexuality a perversion and an abomination (Lev 18:22–23). YHVH’s people aren’t to involve themselves in the perverse practices of the nations such as homosexuality (Lev 18:24). Sexual perversion of any kind defiles a nation (Lev 18:24–25) and brings YHVH’s judgments against it (Lev 18:25, 28; Rom 1:18–27). Such people are to be cut off from the nation of Israel (Lev 18:29), and from entrance into the kingdom of Elohim (1 Cor  6:9–10). In modern times, cut off simply means exclusion from church fellowship, which is exactly how the Jerusalem council ruled.

Homosexuals in the Church?

There is hope for homosexuals even as there is for anyone caught up in any sexual sin. Even though the  apostolic writer clearly states that such individuals won’t inherit the kingdom of Elohim (1 Cor 6:9–10), the writer is quick to add that some of the saints were formerly involved in such practices (verse 11), but because they turned away from their sin they were received into the fellowship of the saints.

Paul doesn’t explain how in the intervening time a homosexual, for example, went from being excluded from church fellowship to be included except that he went through a spiritual conversion process to become a disciple of Yeshua and had forsaken his sin (1 Cor 6:11). Likely, the scenario went something like this. A person who was a homosexual heard the gospel message and wanted to join the  fellowship of other believers, but hadn’t yet forsaken the sin of homosexuality. Perhaps he didn’t even know it was a sin. It was at this time that the church leaders lovingly, yet firmly would inform him of the basic standards for entrance into the fellowship. Since Yeshua and the apostles actively reached out to sinners, it would follow that the church leaders would have done the same with the homosexual, but outside of the context of the church. If this were not the case, how could Paul, while upholding the ruling of the Jerusalem council to exclude those involved in sexual sin from fellowship, yet at the same time have stated that some of the Corinthian believers were formerly involved in homosexuality (1 Cor 6:8–9, 11)?

Is Homosexuality Genetic? 

One can’t at the same time believe that homosexuality is a genetic predisposition and believe what the Bible says about homosexuality being a sinful abomination worthy of Elohim’s judgment. This is because Elohim in his Torah calls homosexuality a sin, and if homosexuality were genetic this would mean that Elohim created humans incapable of not sinning. This would not only makes Elohim the author of sin, but also a tyrant in that he made it all but impossible for some humans not to sin, yet at the same time he condemns and punishes them for it. Such isn’t the God of the Bible, for all that he made was good, not sinful. This tyrant is the devil. Those who believe they are following such a God have actually been duped to believe the devil’s lie and are following him. In reality, men fell into sin when they chose to listen to the devil’s lies and to rebel against Elohim’s laws including those prohibiting homosexuality.

Human Sexuality

Humans are sexual beings. Sex (like just about anything else) can be used properly or improperly, righteously or unrighteously as the defined by the Bible. The Bible is clear. Sexuality is to occur only between a husband and wife within the confines of marriage. Sex outside of those parameters is sin (Heb 13:4). When one chooses to reject the biblical standard for sexual expression, the door is opened for all kinds of aberrant and deviant sexual practices of which homosexuality is but one.

Logic and science tells us that the primary purpose for sex is for human procreation. Sex for intimacy and recreation is secondary to its main purpose. Obviously, homosexuality can’t fulfill sex’s primary purpose, therefore, it is incongruent with the Creator’s primary purpose for sex.

Most men have a strong sexual appetite. Many, if not most, may even have a strong tendency toward sexual adventurism, if not physically, then mentally. In his base nature, most men would like to have unlimited sexual gratification from as many people as possible. Whole religions cater to men’s lust for unlimited sex (e.g., Islam for example, with its 72 virgins in the Muslims’ paradise in the afterlife). The Bible gives humans guidelines on how to channel their sexual appetites into productive and constructive ways that won’t bring devastating results upon themselves, their families and society.

Same Sex Friendships Versus Same Sex Sexual Relationships 

The Bible teaches us that men (and women) can have close, personal and even intimate relations with members of the same sex without violating the Scriptures.  The Bible doesn’t define same sex friendships, even attractions, as sin. This doesn’t mean that such a friendship or attraction has to lead to a homosexual relationship.

The close friendship relationship between David with Jonathan is a prime biblical example of this. David loved Jonathan as his own souls (1 Sam 18:1, 3). The Bible records that the love between them was stronger and deeper than that for a woman (2 Sam 1:26). Even Yeshua had a close personal relationship with Peter, James and John. John was the disciple that Yeshua loved in a special way (John 19:26; 21:20). They even had physical, affectionate contact when John was laying his head on Yeshua’s chest while reclining at the Last Supper (John 21:20).

These examples from the Scriptures show us a deep truth. There is a higher (non-sexual) love relationship that can occur between two people (even of the same sex) that is not physical or sexual in nature. This is the case, for example, between a believer and Yeshua. To the morally twisted mind, for a man to be in love with Yeshua (another man) could be viewed as a homosexual affection (minus the sex, of course). Yet this is hardly the case. For me to love Yeshua, even more than my wife, is to love another person on a higher spiritual, non-physical plane. This plane is totally outside the realm of physical or sexual intimacy and the two types of relationships are different.

Where same sex love or friendship relationships cross into the sin arena is when sexual involvement between the parties occurs. This is where the Bible draws the line.

The Sexualization of Our Youth

In our society, young people are becoming less naive about sexual issues at a younger age. Modern mass media and entertainment along with the general moral declension in our society have played a large role in children becoming sexually actuated earlier.

When boys and girls reach puberty, their interest and curiosity in sex increases dramatically. This is natural. They’re trying to redefine themselves in terms of their budding sexuality. At this time, they begin to relate to others sexually — though initially it may be only on the verbal or mental and emotional level.

At this age, young people are very impressionable. If they are repeatedly told by those around them in positions of authority (e.g.,  parents, spiritual leaders or educators) or influence (e.g., their peers, sociologists, psychologists, entertainers and actors) that certain promiscuous or deviant sexual practices (as defined by the Bible) are acceptable and normative, they are more likely to explore those areas because it is in their base (sin) nature to want to do so if given the opportunity. By contrast, if children are given a solid biblically-based moral framework within which to view their sexuality, they will be inclined to follow that paradigm. If, on the other hand, biblical values are rejected and a more libertine approach toward sexual expression is taught, children will naturally be inclined to follow that path. When children who struggle with sexual identification issues (e.g., effeminate boys, masculine girls) or same sex attractions are given the green light to explore homosexuality, they are more likely to do so.

Effeminate Boys and Masculine Girls

It’s a fact of life that some boys are naturally more gentle, tender, refined, sensitive and less traditionally masculine than typical boys. Traditionally, the term sissy has been applied to boys like this. At the same times, some girls are less feminine than typical girls and show more masculine tendencies. They’re often referred to as tomboys.

Several factors may contribute to why boys and girls have these tendencies. It may be genetic. A boy’s body may not be as well-developed physically (through no fault of his own) as that of a typical boy, and the opposite may be true of some girls. The cause may also be environmental. Perhaps the child was raised (through no fault of his own) in an environment that failed to provide them with a strong same-sex role model. Should this mean that such a boy or girl has to become a homosexual? Of course not. Often such boys are bullied and abused verbally and physically because he may appear to have more feminine traits. This is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated by those in positions of authority, or by society as a whole. Within society, there are honorable places of expression for these type of males. Some of them make wonderful artists, musicians, writers, poets, or medical caregivers of one kind or another. They may be inclined to enter professions where nurturing and caring for others is necessary. The same can be said of masculine-type girls. There are some traditionally masculine activities that having a physically stronger and more masculine-type woman can be a great blessing as well.  Such individuals can become a wonderful gift to humanity, and they shouldn’t feel the pressure to become a homosexual just because they’re atypical.

Helping Those Who Have Homosexual Inclinations

Young men and women who have homosexual tendencies should be treated with love and tenderness, while at the same time being given guidance into biblical-based delineations for their sexual expression. Those who have stepped into the homosexual lifestyle, should also be treated with the same love and tenderness. Often they come from a background of abuse, or neglect by their fathers. Whatever the reasons, they have a difficult life mountain to climb, but it’s not insurmountable with the help of caring and loving people. In this situation, it is the duty of the disciple of Yeshua to love the sinner, but to hate the sin of homosexuality, which the Scriptures unmitigatedly refers to as an abomination that can keep one out of the kingdom of heaven.

Dealing with someone (male or female) who is caught up in the homosexual lifestyle requires great wisdom and compassion. One doesn’t want to destroy the one struggling with the sin of homosexuality in the process of helping him to overcome his sin. This is something Bible believers need to become more adept at. Yeshua and the apostolic writers set us an example in this area that we need to follow.

Homosexuality — A Civil Right?

Homosexuality is not a civil right. A civil right is an expectation of behavior on the part of others in society toward another human for a genetic, hereditary or innate characteristic they have no control over such as gender, nationality or race. Since homosexuality isn’t genetic, it can’t be classified as a civil right any more than those who “have to” climb mountains or eat chocolate. Homosexuality isn’t a God-given (inalienable) right either, since the Bible defines it is a sin. If homosexuality can be made into a civil right, then what other sinful sexual behaviors can be legislated into a “civil right”? Pedophilia? Bestiality? Incest? Assuredly, there is no end to the legal protection a society could hypothetically give to those seeking the cover of law for their sinful, perverse and deviant lifestyles.

Dealing With Militant Homosexuals

There is a minority of homosexuals who are militantly active in pushing their perverse lifestyle upon American society whether a majority of Americans want it or not. In all fairness, these activists should be distinguished from the average homosexual who is content to practice his or her lifestyle quietly behind closed doors.

These activists seem determined to corrupt if not destroy the moral fabric of American society by forcing a pro-homosexual agenda into America’s public educational system, by working to pass laws that give special rights and legal protection to homosexuals, and by threatening through legal action businesses and organizations that fail to adopt their radical agendas and philosophies. At the same time, this group of homosexuals is attempting to destroy the concept of the family by redefining the meaning of the term family. To accomplish their purposes, they often resort to bullying, threats, name-calling, slander, smearing, ridicule, blasphemy and sometimes physical violence against those who oppose them.

The saints must push back and resist in a righteous manner these workers of iniquity in every way possible. It is imperative that Bible believers stand up against militant homosexuals who will stop at nothing to destroy every vestige of biblical-based morality in this nation. These radicals aren’t content for Bible believers to merely love the sinner; they are demanding that we love the sin as well. What can be done to stem this evil tide? There are several things.

  • Refuse to compromise your biblical values.
  • Know what you believe and why. Know what the Bible says about homosexuality, and be able to articulate that truth in love. Be determined to stand up for the truth no matter the cost.
  • Trust that YHVH will defend those who stand up for his truth.
  • Never underestimate the spiritual force of truth, love and prayer.
  • The spirit behind homosexuality is demonic. Because demons are an unseen enemy, they have to be fought in the spiritual arena. This requires an understanding of spiritual warfare. The Bible has much to say on this subject. Learn how to be a spiritual warrior.
  • Stand side-by-side with and support in every way possible Bible believers who are under attack by militant homosexuals.
  • Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead you in what to do to be a light of truth shining in the spiritual darkness.
  • Never be afraid to speak out — to speak the truth in love, but with force and conviction. Elohim will empower you and make your voice to be heard as you walk in and are led by his Holy Spirit.
  • Use whatever platform you have to preach the gospel, to share your faith with others about how Yeshua can set sinners, including homosexuals, free from the bondage of sin. The preaching of the transforming power of the gospel message is the greatest weapon in our arsenal.

4 thoughts on “Confronting the Homosexualization of Our Society

  1. The situation is very much the same in the UK. On a recent trip up to the Midlands, in Birmingham, I saw an advertisement banner on the side of a public transport bus which said ” Some people are gay, get over it ! ” Coming from the conservative southwest of England I was shocked by the blatant assumption that those of us who cannot ” get over it ” are prejudiced and narrow minded. The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are fast approaching!

    • It’s like an evil spirit that has overtaken the West. In reality, Rom 1 says it all. The West has largely rejected YHVH and his word, and it has been on a downward spiral morally and spiritually for several generations now. This price a society pays for rejecting biblical values. It’s part of YHVH’s judgment against a society that has forgotten him —— just like Rom 1 says.

      We as spiritual torch bearers mustn’t lose hope though. YHVH’s truth and kingdom will prevail eventually, or else the promises of the Bible are a lie. We’ve got to keep pushing on and living for him and letting our lights shine and trust him to do the rest! That’s the hope that keeps me going forward!

  2. This has been a very well-thought out commentary on the state of society on this issue. The bottom line, that YHWH would not create people as homosexuals, and then condemn them for what they had no choice in, is the main point for me as a believer in the Elohim of Israel. Our God is just. This point alone takes away any ambiguity in the matter … The saddest part of this current (and yet not new) state of affairs is, for me, the effect it has on young people who haven’t been taught that there is more to this life than self-gratification. May Messiah return soon to restore righteousness as the standard for all of mankind.

    • Hi Anita. Good to hear from you!

      Yes, my heart, like yours, is grieved heavily for the state of our young people who, like blank states, are being brain washed by adults who’ve lost their moral compass and are now passing on this philosophy of humanistic materialistic moral relativism — a philosophy that appeals to the baser nature of man, promises much, but in the end leaves one empty, miserable and destitute and on the path to a hell on earth and eternal damnation if repentance doesn’t occur.


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