What Is Our Constitution?

Deuteronomy 29:15, Not here with us today. The Jewish sages teach that YHVH made his covenant with not only the Israelites present there that day but with all those who would live in the future. What are the implications of this with regard to your life? How does it impact what you do, how you act, your attitude and relationship with your Maker to know that covenants were made 3500 years ago that have a bearing on our lives today as Redeemed Israelites?

Some might question whether covenants made with one’s forefathers are applicable to us today. If this is your case, then let us pose the following question: Did the founding fathers of America make laws more than 200 years ago (i.e., the Constitution) that are binding upon us today? If so, how much more applicable upon us are covenants made by our forefathers 3500 years ago with YHVH? Because our ­forefathers broke their covenant with YHVH does not free us to violate YHVH’s laws.

But I am not an Israelite, so the covenants YHVH made with Israel are not binding upon me, one might aver. Well, who did Paul say that believers are? (Read Rom 4:16; 9:8; Gal 3:7, 9, 14, 28–29.) And who are the ex-Gentiles that Paul talks about who were aliens to the covenants (plural, referring to the Abrahamic Covenant revealing the path to salvation, the Mosaic Covenant revealing the path of righteousness and the New Covenant, which is the previous two covenants written on our spiritually circumcised hearts) of Israel, but have now been brought into the commonwealth of Israel through the work of Yeshua? (See Eph 2:11–19.)


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