Strong Delusion—Defined & Avoiding It

Delusion and delusional thinking is everywhere including in Christian churchianity. The Bible warns us against delusions that threaten to deceive the strongest saints in the end times.

What is the biblical definition of delusion, how do you come out of it, avoid it and protect yourself from being led astray from the Truth of God/Elohim?

This video explores these issues and answers these questions.


7 thoughts on “Strong Delusion—Defined & Avoiding It

  1. Shalom brother,how do I convince people that the Messiah was not born on the 25th December as it’s a pagan Babylon system, the church these day’s believe in a lie,any thoughts brother, shalom from Australia

    • Please don’t worry about trying to convince them of this. Christmas is not a salvational issue. What’s more important is that they know Yeshua personally, have accepted him as Savior and Master of their lives, and are loving him by obeying him the best they know how to do. If they love him with all of their hearts and life, and want to obey him, then little-by-little the Holy Spirit will work with them and lead them into all truth including the fact that he wasn’t born on Dec 25. Frankly, Christmas is a twig of the tree issue in the bigger scheme of things. In the mean time, lovingly sow some seeds of truth into their lives, and pray that Yah will water the ground, and when the time is right, they will wake up to the truth about Christmas and many other things. We are all a work in progress, and YHVH is patient, and so must we be too. It’s not our job to convince people——only to sow seeds of truth in love, pray for them, and then live out Yah’s truth in our own lives be as a light to them. Shalom.

      • It is mixture. To celebrate Christmas is not of Yahweh. Do not mix His holiness with pagan abominations. He is holy.

      • As I have grown in my faith, spiritual maturity, and understanding of the Father’s heart, it has become stunningly clear that there are issues of much greater importance to YHVH than Christmas and other such issues. These are what Yeshua referred to as the weightier matter of the YHVH’s Torah-law, which are justice, mercy and faith (Matt 23:23). Moreover, there are much graver sins than Christmas keeping that, by biblical standards, one can commit that YHVH considers abominations such as pride, sowing strife among brethren, a lying, the evil tongue, sexual sins, covetousness, drunkeness and the like These will keep one out of the kingdom of heaven, not Christas celebration!(Prof 6:16–19; 1 Cor 6:9–11). Therefore, let us judge righteously when pointing fingers, lest we condemn ourselves (John 7:24; Matt 7:1–5; Rom 2:1–4).

        Beyond this, verything in this physical life is mixture of good and evl. All of us have mixture in us. To say that we don’t is pride and self-righteousness and is to go against the Word that declares that each our righteousness is filthy rages before YHVH. Coming out Babylon is a process that takes a lifetime. Thankfully the mercy of YHVH triumphs over his judgment. Now if we could follow his example and have mercy for those who haven’t been able to let go of Babylon completely instead of resorting to Pharisaical legalistic judgmentalism, perhaps we would see the Book of Acts replay itself in the Hebraic movement. So far and sadly we have all fallen short in this regard, if not, then people would be getting healed by our shadows and much more. Yes, we need to separate the holy from the profane, but we are all still a long ways from being holy as He is holy. Each of us is a work in progress, and Yah puts up with us and our failings. Perhaps we could extend the same grace, mercy and patience to our Christian brethren who are coming out of Babylon as our Father in heaven is doing for you and me. Let’s not forget that He loved us while we were still sinners. I now teach a more grace approach. I tried the other approach for decades as a pastor/teacher/preacher of hitting people over the head with the Torah-law and demanding that my standard of so-called righteousness be adhered to. The results were mixed! In the process, I had missed the heart of our Abba Father for his wayward children of which I am one. This approach in no way invalidates the holy, high and righteous standards of Torah righteousness. This is the approach that Paul and John (in their epistles) and Acts 15 teach us while at the same time upholding the high standards of Torah. There for the grace of YHVH go all of us. Selah. Shalom.

      • I really value these thoughts and understandings of yours, Natan. You’ve summed it all up so well.
        I grew up in a very legalistic “COG” and am still trying to sort out my way with God and sift through the “weightier matters” in my adulthood. Issues/dilemmas etc that we face in life are not always so easily black and white answered.
        Personally, I think becoming a mother has also helped my perspective- that the best way to learn and develop godly character is not always through the stick! But I’m still learning and growing (hopefully).

  2. I spoke with a Sunday pastor and his helper today and they both seem to be under a strong delusion. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to them.

  3. There is no perfect English bible translation. That’s why it says: seek and you shall find.

    Professors and “experts” make up the synagogue of satan, they do not reveal HaShem. Elohim does that personally and He will also reveal the Name of the New Jerusalem and the King’s New Name at the same time.
    The professors are serpents in a tree and the “experts” take all credit for themselves, intellectual property, copy rights, patents, etc. (where is Elohim’s Glory?)
    Shalom, John

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