Been gone…am back now

Cozumel, Mexico

To escape the frigid winter US West Coast rainy season, Sandi and I just took a little cruise into the Gulf of Mexico—our first such trip since before COVID hit us like a tidal wave. We were privileged to briefly visit three countries: Cozumel, Mexico; Raotan, Honduras and Belize City, Belize (formerly British Honduras).

The internet connection on the high seas was choppy and intermittent to say the least, but we’re now back home safely, and so please enjoy several pictures that I took of our adventures.

At each stop, we explored the animal and plant life as well as learned a little bit about the local culture and history. During days on the seas, we read, sat on our stateroom balcony and enjoyed the sunrises, sunsets, the moonlight on the waves, the glorious cloud formations and the azure blue green waves themselves. Like a living gigantic amovie screen before us, we can watch these scenes for hours as the ship glides silently through the waters.

I spent a lot of time reading the Bible, a Bible book and a book on trees. Trees and the Bible are my two passions, which is why I refer to myself in the business world as the Treevangelist. Sandi and I also took a lot of pictures. We both have our own cameras. I mostly shoot video and she mostly shoots still photos. We then put our photos and movies together and I share videos of our trips on my YouTube channel. Also, we each of our own binoculars handy, so we can get a close up view of distant objects.

When we’re not doing these things on cruises, we enjoy the fine, onboard dining. I’m proud to say that I only gained two pounds and Sandi stayed even weight wise. When cruising, I usually gain five to eight pounds.

One thing we don’t do when we go on cruises: we didn’t gamble at the ship’s casino, we didn’t go swimming any of the ship’s several pools and hot tubs (I don’t like swimming in dirty water—it’s unkosher to me), we didn’t hang out in the bars or involve ourselves in any other playtime activities on the ship. Frankly, these type of things interest neither of us. We just hang out, enjoy our time together, relax and geek out as much as possible on YHVH’s creation and other things that pertain to the upward spiritual walk.

Now for some photo highlights. Please enjoy.

Curious iguanas in Honduras.
Macaws are common all over that part of Central America.
Their gorgeous plum manages makes up for the ungodly, almost blood-curdling squawking sound that they make.
We encountered this curious, smiling iguana in Cozumel, Mexico while eating lunch overlooking the beach. Apparently it smelled Sandi’s chicken fajita meal and was hoping a tidbit would fall his way. He hung out at my feet the whole time. Very entertaining. I’m not a reptile guy, but this lizard was cute and seemed to be happily smiling the whole time. I refrained from picking him up and petting him.
This was either a sunrise or a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico—don’t remember which. Photo taken from our stateroom balcony.
A glorious sunset.
A Belizian crocodile lounging lazily along the river bank.
Mayan ruins in Belize.
An oil drilling ship in the Gulf of Mexico.
The waves looking down from our ship balcony.
Of course, a trip to Central America wouldn’t be complete without some flower pictures.
Feast you eyes on this colorful plant.
Of course, no trip would be complete without a beach scene.
Back in the US, Nathan at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

8 thoughts on “Been gone…am back now

  1. Glad you enjoyed your get-away! Isn’t it amazing that creation is still so beautiful even though fallen. Image what it will look like when it’s restored!

    • No kidding! We haven’t seen anything yet.Yes, YHVH’s creation restores my soul. That’s why it’s good to get outdoors for some recreation or re-creation. We need to be restored from time to time and get back in sync with the Creator and his glorious creation for our own re-creation.

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