3 thoughts on “Exploring Revelation 21 & 22—Heaven on Earth

  1. Why and when did the candles go from 7 to 9. Since these are not traditional and perhaps have been changed for reasons other than what are evident in the new testament. also that Christ was born in the booth, evident also in the new testament.

    • Which candles are you talking about? If you’re referring to the menorah in the Tabernacle of Moses, it never changed from 7 to 9. If you’re referring to the 9 branched Hanukkah menorah, that is something completely different and has nothing to do with 7 branched tabernacle menorah.

  2. As we are always facing the east, the right hand is south and the left north.
    Judgement is made from 66 books, D’varim is the Book of Life (I place before you life and death, choose life).
    Blessings, John

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