Babylon the Great/New World Order Bible Prophecy Update

Shalom Hoshana Rabbah blog family and lovers of Yeshua and his Torah. YouTube just banned another video of mine—the second one so far. The one below may be next. So proactively, I have started a parallel channel on Rumble. The link to my new Rumble channel is Please subscribe. I will still use YouTube as my main channel, but I will also post controversial videos that go against the globalist agenda on my Rumble channel. You gotta stay one step ahead of these Elohim-hating demoniacs!

When the Satan-loving leftists ban your video, you know that you’re over the target! By the grace of Yah, we’re going to keep giving the devil a black eye as we expose the works of darkness and lift up the name of Yeshua.

Anyway, here’s a video I posted recently on YouTube. I put it here as a test of my new channel. Tomorrow, I will post the video that YouTube banned. So stay tuned.

In this video Nathan Lawrence of discusses the globalist agenda to take over the world for Antichrist and how this ties into the biblical Book of Revelation. The MAGA movement, as good as it may be, is not the answer to America’s spiritual problem: Yeshua/Jesus and the preaching of the Torah-based gospel message is the answer, however, leading to repentance of sin resulting in spiritual revival. Nathan also discusses the COVID plandemic and how the so-called passport is preparing people to take the mark of the beast and to accept the coming digital currency and much more. The powers that be hate the light of truth presented here because we’re over the target, and we are dropping truth bombs on their pointed little godless numbskulls! Watch this video and see for yourself. Grace and peace…


6 thoughts on “Babylon the Great/New World Order Bible Prophecy Update

  1. I concur with repentance & the gospel as the answer; however, your MAGA statement leaves a lot to be desired. It raises eyebrows for people like myself (ethnically Jewish, dark skin, minority). I question whether you actually have full knowledge of what MAGA philosophy beyond the superficialities of it entails? I don’t think tho you want to subject human history back to the likes of a repeat of Nazi Germany holocaust again; cause this is how it starts.

    How would you react it if I say something to the effect “… good and noble as BLM movements are”…… Racial Justice and equity movements are good on paper and very biblical, but I can bet you agree that it deviated to something else. And so is the “MAGA movement”. If making America “great” means setting this country back to when non white people were counted less than and were second class citizens and the like, THEN NO, nothing about it can ever be great.

    If MAGA means jamming your version of christianity/theocracy down people’s throat, then capital NO. YOU do not want a christian version of sharia law. Yeshua and HIS apostles did not force salvation upon anyone, we should not either. In fact, HE said, “if they reject you, shake if off, take your peace with you and go to another town….” (Matt 10:14)

    Little history lesson here:….

    Never forget this country was originally inhabited by Native Americans, who are now the suppressed minorities.

    Never forget 99% of “white” people who currently dwell in this country WERE once immigrants from European countries and the like in search of better pasture (like past, current and future immigrants).

    Never forget that the African Americans were forced to this country via slave trades. And this country was built, and still being built on the back of minorities.

    And many many more atrocities commited by this country in its long history towards minorities and such.

    I agree with many of your teachings, but in this regard, I very much, wholeheardly beg to differ. The MAGA movement, the right wing extremists, ultra conversatives etc etc, ARE EQUALLY AS EVIL AND WITH UNG-DLY WICKED AGENDA AS THEIR LIBERAL “LEFTIST” “WOKE” COUNTER PARTS. And, I do not do labels as they are super childish, but I use it here to make a point. The point being: both are two (extreme) sides of same coin. If you are going to attack one extremity, please, be just, fair & balanced and consider the other extreme end.

    The greatest threat and enemy to the Church is IN the church NOT neecessarily OUT. These demonic woke liberals ARE the churches’ mission field. It’s not us vs them; the fight is not physical but spiritual entities. While the church is busy demonising ‘people’, the real demons are front seat enjoying the pitiful show. The church (in the west especially) by and large is ineffective, powerless, a huge joke and has become a laughing stock among unbelievers. The church is to blame NOT the leftists liberals and their agendas. Judgement must first begin where?? House of G-d. Selah.

    • With all due respect, you way overshot your target in your off-target and off-the-wall comments against me. You have broad-brushed and pigeon-holed me into a square hole into which I do not fit. This is unrighteous and unfair. You clearly do not know what I stand for, what I believe or teach. Based on one quick comment in the video description, you launched into a semi-tirade against me. Did you even watch the video? Moreover, in your rant against America, you have focused on the weeds in the garden instead of the garden, and falsely assume that I somehow am in agreement with the shameful and ungodly things that America (and every other country on earth, for that matter) has done in its past history. Next time you post on MY blog, do some due diligence and find out what I really teach, and think and little longer before pushing the reply button, or you will lose your privilege (not the right) to post on MY blog every again. Shalom

    • Moreover, I strongly suspect that you would find very few people in the so-called MAGA movement (other than a few racist, ungodly wing nuts) that would support the things that you accuse them off (such as slavery, oppression of minorities, racism, Nazism etc.). Certainly, Donald Trump for all of his faults and scumminess doesn’t support these things. So get your facts straight next time before irrationally flying off the handle in an emotional and illogical manner on my blog. I will not tolerate this kind of nonsensical, disrespectful and unrighteous rhetoric on MY blog. Cheers!

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