Deuteronomy 24 Ki Tetze on the “Freed from the Law” Church Lie

In this video, we explore Paul’s rather cryptic discussion in Romans 7:1–6 of being freed from the law of a wife’s husband and how it does not mean what the mainstream church has taught for nearly 1,900 years. Rather “the law of her husband” relates back to Deuteronomy 24:1–4 where Paul ties this into the deeper meaning of Yeshua’s death on the cross and the saints’ spiritual marriage to him. This amazing truth behind the traditional message of the gospel will not only deepen your understanding and appreciation of the cross and the gospel message, but your love for Yeshua as well, along with the rich, interweaving of BibleTruth as it relates to YHVH’s plan of salvation. Prepare to be enlightened, amazed and edified all at the same time!

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1 thought on “Deuteronomy 24 Ki Tetze on the “Freed from the Law” Church Lie

  1. That is really good! I knew about Yeshua dying to satisfy the Law, but I did not catch the fact that we as the bride die, too. Of course. “All things are become new”! Very good!

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