2 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 3 Va’etchanan—Preparing to Enter the Kingdom

    • Thank you Coleen. I don’t mind critics. A little fireworks from time to time keeps things exciting.

      However, I do have boundary lines along with certain rules of etiquette that when people cross I get a bit triggered or passionate about. If they’re too far off target and idiotic, I simply delete their comments; they never see the light of day. However, if they’re honest inquiries and people give me Scriptures, then I am more likely to address their questions/criticisms.

      From time to time, I will even let an off-the-wall comment get through the firewall, even if it’s directed against me personally if I think that I can use the comment to advance the kingdom of Elohim.

      When it comes to remarks involving racism, antisemitism, the spirit of Antichrist, or flat-out stupid and profane remarks, they get trash-canned post haste!!!

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