The One New Man Truth Vs. the Jew-Gentile Heresy

If your are a blood bought disciple of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), then you are no longer a Gentile, according to Paul in Ephesians chapter two. Moreover, there is NO Gentile gate in the heaven on earth to come that the Bible refers to as the New Jerusalem, since Gentiles are not allowed there—only redeemed Israelites, which the Bible calls the one new man. Scripture clearly teaches that in the church the distinction between Jew and Gentile is gone, so do not refer to yourself as a Gentile, unless you want to go against the Truth of the Bible. This video explains this seldom taught biblical truth that the mainstream church blatantly overlooks. This is a truth that is bound to shake some people and, at the same time, spiritually empower others who have ears to hear what the Bible really says on the matter. Once again, the idea of the Jew-Gentile paradigm is another church tradition of men that has made of none effect the Word of Elohim (Mark 7:13).


9 thoughts on “The One New Man Truth Vs. the Jew-Gentile Heresy

  1. John 6:63 “the flesh profits nothing, it is the Spirit that that gives life” / John 17:11-.”…that they may be one as we are!”

  2. We are all 1 thru the birth of the Spirit of G_d thru jesus..aka trust and following jesus.
    In G_d there is unity but also diversity at the very same time…so both exist! Kinda liken to a quantum bit…2 states at the very same time…it’s a metaphysics thingy…lol

  3. It’s the inner change that matters. ..Jacob wrestling with the angel…he adked for a blessing..Jacob name denoting character ..values,,personage and destiny change too. ..liken to symbolism the inner change via the Spirit of G_d…inner dration..born of Spirit,,born of hewven..Nicodemus and jesus chat via nighttime…

    Jacob means usurper in hebrew and that was what jacob once was..,that was his essence and nature and charge…his whole Persona changed with his new name aka new nature, new character..,he became a new man..a better man..tho still a mortal fallen human still as well…it’s that Paul factor in romans..the things I wanna do I don’t do..the things I don’t wanna do those things I do..what a wretch I am Paul concludes. But in my mind I honour G_d..delight in th Law..but in my body sin reigns . Therefore it is no longer i
    That sin but the sin that is in my body that does…

    Paraphrasing here by memory…hard to see..eyes super blurry from diabetes and hands abd wrists killing Me from the terminal bone cancer..,regardless I still serve G_d and jesus tho..,to my dying breath! I’ve been at this birthing forth rhema all day toay…I’m whipped!

    • Dr, Sam Shepherd cured his bone cancer with astaxanthin. If Natan will allow this post, please go to Valasta,net. Also treats diabetes.

  4. *The Ten Commandments
    *The Judgments
    *The Ordinances

  5. you believe in the one new man, and yet you still believe in the church,there are only 2 sons, Jew and Gentile, the church would be son number 3

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