Natan has COVID

For the past week, I have been battling COVID. The fever is long gone, but I have no strength, and the slightest activity wipes me out. Pretty much don’t feel like doing anything except sleep, I’m eating very little food, appetite is gone, nothing sounds good and have lost a bunch of weight. Sandi is also battling COVID. We’re not in danger of dying, but we just feel weak and miserable—very ragged. Please pray for us. Thank you.


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  1. Shalom Brother and Sister in Messiah! I am so sorry to hear of what you are both dealing with! I do not have the “thing”…. but am dealing with some other serious health issues and I totally get it about just feeling “weak and miserable—very ragged.” The JOY of YHVH is my Strength… when I am weak, HE is STRONG. Praying that you will both sense HIS LOVING PRESENCE in a special way. One day at a time, actually one hour at a time, right? Greater is HE WHO is in you, than the one who is in the world. May the LOVING ARMS of our Heavenly Father support you and bring you comfort, as you continue on your HEALING JOURNEY! Blessings and Shalom and Love in Messiah.

  2. Father YHWH, please stretch out Your Mighty Righteous Right Hand and heal these your servants! Help them to feel Your Presence and Your Comforter and to be restored quickly so that they might continue to serve You and to give You the glory! B’Shem Yahshua, omayne and HalleluYah ‼️

  3. May the Healing Hand of G-d the Creator, Redeemer, LORD of all mankind be with you as your Email of mankind journey on this planet continues, with you as a focus and leader, for all of us lost in this large struggling World. Oh the Blessing flow from the ARC of David that you should shine for all to see of your love of YHVH!!!

  4. I just overcame COVID. I did not catch it quickly and it took me down for a month, three weeks on an oxygen concentrator. Fortunately, members of my congregation provided for me and I was able to pull through. You may already know the protocol, but this is what I took: Quercetin and Zinc, Vitamin C & Vitamin D (these four are available in Dr Zelenko’s Z-Stack), supplemental hydroxychloraquine, NAC, and ivermectin (the ivermectin had a profound positive effect for me.) Finally, the combination of over-the-counter Benadryl and Lactoferrin has the same positive effect to fight COVID as monoclonal antibodies, which are more expensive and require a prescription. The antihistamines are important for the secondary stages of this virus also because they help the cells, which are compromised by the virus, to accept the oxygen again. The lack of oxygen is causing much of the fatigue.

    Blessings and prayers,

  5. Dear Natan, I shall remember you in prayers. I thank you for your faithful labors in expounding Scripture. Please continue to update us on how you are doing. John Z

  6. We pray to Adonai our Elohim for healing and blessings
    Thank you for your wisdom and sharing

  7. My son and a friend of ours got sick with covid-both took colloidal silver and are so much better-like in 2 days!! please consider-you can order it online from the answer for you both!

    • You or a family member can pick it up @ Sprouts or even CVS carries it about $30.00 for 8 oz-and you can take Oscillococcinum to knock out a flu. AND / or make your own “hydroxychlorquin” (quinine) by boiling 3 organic lemon skins and 3 organic red grapefruits skins and then summer for 1 hour/strain it and drizzle a little honey in and drink it. there’s a youtube video on it of its still there but that’s the recipe. Godspeed! (Do not eat or drink 15 minutes b4 or after taking silver (1 PLASTIC NOT METAL tsp) every 4 hours is how it’s taken -you must drink a lot of water or ELECTROLYTE drink to flush out the die-off effect. I also text you w/photos of products.

  8. So sorry to hear that. I got it in October. I think this comes from hell. Its a very dark depressing time. Can’t smell or taste God’s good things, don’t want to eat. I had a doc. prescribe Ivermectin and Hydo… so was happy to get that. Im 57 and overweight, but I made it through by the Lord’s help without going to a hospital. Made it through at home. The best thing I did was to get on knees with head down every little while and breath and cough that way, it loses it up. And drink alot of water and veg and fruit juice.Prayers to you, keep moving, go for walks even if its just alittle. Take care, Julie

  9. Done, prayer up. Sounds like your blood oxygen levels are depleted, Covid lung damage, very common. A monitor $25 fingertip Blood O2 will tell you (O2 levels below 90 whereas 98+ is normal). You will recover but having some supplemental oxygen will keep your heart out of trouble.

  10. Thank you, Natan, for all you have done for the body of Messiah and now we bow our knees before our Abba, and lift you and Sandi up to Him and ask for His healing to come swiftly. We pray your energy and taste and smell return quickly also. A lady at the health food store told me zinc will help with the taste and smell senses returning. Take 200 mg a day until they return. Learned some things going through it. Your vitality will return. Be patient and don’t overdo it when you start to feel better. Don’t want to relapse! I got sick 4 times in 6 weeks. Shalom

  11. Dear Natan and Sandi: I am praying for your complete healing, restoration and protection from any virus or germ which has cause this covid. It is no match for the mighty healing power of almighty YHWH. Thank you both for being mighty warriors for the Kingdom of Elohim. Shalom, Shalom Janet

  12. Praying for both of you
    for complete & total healing
    & Protection & Provision
    & all the sick & not spread it to others
    so that we can again serve
    YHVH & other people.
    Even though we are not Vaccinated
    We pray that going through Covid
    we get Natural Immunity or
    gain Natural Antibodies against Covid.
    I think I have Omicron Covid.
    Symptoms of Omicron:
    4.Muscle Aches
    6.Loss of Appetite
    Symptoms of Delta:
    1.All of the Above plus
    2.Loss of Smell & Taste.

  13. Shalom Natan
    undershepherd of Yeshua.
    Praise Abba for the strength to share & reach out!!

    The blessing of drawing us together!

    Abba infill All here with strength beyond the physical symptoms of the illness being suffered presently.

    May all our hearts & minds be enabled to remember the Rosh Kodesh in the midst of trial.

    In your mercy Abba bring a double portion of healing & release from every symptom with complete recovery body, mind & spirit that we may praise you & build your Kingdom.

    Raise them from their beds singing praises.

    We thank you Abba Father our Ropheka.

    Blessings to All
    Love in Messiah

  14. Praises to You Adonai יהוה Eloheinu, Who called us out of the nations to be a part of Your set apart nation. We just now read Natan’s blog about being sick and we lift both Natan and Sandi up to You for healing. You are יהוה רפא, our miraculous, loving, and healing Abba. We’ve heard of many preventative treatments and treatments after becoming infected and we come together to ask that a neighbor or friend drop off onto Natan and Sandi’s front porch, those treatments to help them. We ask that You bend down Your ear and hear our prayers and we pray that our prayers go up to You like a sweet smelling aroma. Your mercies endure forever…. B’Shem Yeshua haMashiakh.

    • I’ve been taking ALL of the preventative stuff daily since April, 2020, and I still got it. This blows a lot of people’s theories clean of the water! Of course, the point can be made that if I hadn’t been taking the stuff, I might have had it a lot worse. While this seems like a truism, it’s impossible logically to prove it one way or the other.

  15. For prevention we take Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Quercitin and various other vitamins and minerals. We have colloidal silver on hand and take it periodically too. We have ivermectin pills and paste in a tube from a farm/pet supply (it’s dewormer for horses so a much smaller dose for humans). I’ll send you an e-mail with some links.

  16. Dear Natan & Sandi, so sorry to hear re you both are not feeling well with c v.symptoms.

    Will certainly uplift you both in prayer and pray by the Blood of the Lamb that all viral

    illness from this wicked virus be evicted from your bodies in Yeshuas precious name.

    We Pray for healing & restoration to your bodies thru the precious Blood of the Lamb.

    Rest in his Love : he is the Good Shepherd. Psalm 103 is a good one as well as many


    Have been reading up tonight on the symptoms of the Delta & Omicron variants.(Differences & any similarities. etc.)

    It seems with Delta supposedly people do loose their taste & smell.. fever etc . Omicron seems to have similar symptoms to a severe bout of hayfever like symptoms, headache, , feeling very tired ,-fatigue etc, one person mentioned having incredibly itchy eyes. ,

    I agree totally with all the other lovely words, comments and prayers & advice.

    We Pray for your bodies to recover as speedily as possible and that with each passing hour & day you both begin to turn the corner & recover & heal.

    • Shalom Christine
      been holding you up in prayer.
      Be strengthened every day to look up & know His love & protection will hold you in every trial. Especially that of feeling isolated.

      Abba has permitted us an advantage in that by giving us opportunity to learn how to grow in faith in those circumstances.

      There will be some who know community & have enjoyed it so much that will be separated from it & have a difficult adjustment time to learn what Abba has taught you about resilience in seeking in the situation you find yourself in.

      Be blessed.
      Love in Messiah
      FJ presently in Brisbane.

      • Shalom F.J. Thank you for your kind words & thoughts.

        It is lovely to know re your prayers. Thank You .

        Very encouraging also.

        The circumstances over the last 2 yrs of the virus hitting the world has certainly been a test of our faith & endurance. It is only Abba Father & His son Yeshua thru the Ruach that has sustained many believers in the circumstances of this pandemic that hit the world.

        Of course we understand the evil one has his agendas and we see the out workings of all this both here; but also all over the world. -End Time Senarios playing out & Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes.

        So I hope it is all working out for you in Brisbane.

        (Interestingly a friend I knew who has lived here for 20 yrs has just moved to Ipswich Brisbane with her son & husband. ) so different for them also.

        Blessings F.J.

    • With omicron, I neither lost my smell or taste. I had no cold symptoms either or headache and no itchy eyes. Just no appetite, weaker than a baby, and lots of nausea. Everyone gets hit with different symptoms.

  17. I texted Nathan that I could be that friend who brings him stuff he needs. But he indicated he has family members to bring him stuff if he needs it. He has lots of vitamins already and just needs rest and time.

  18. Abba YHWH, we pray in faith and agreement that You will forgive and cleanse Natan and Sandi of all sin and that by Your authority You would release Your mighty power upon them to fully heal and completely restore them to good and perfect health for the esteem of Your great name. Amein.

    I pass the following on to you as recommendations for your considerations from my wife’s earnest and diligent research:

    Early treatment of Covid

    This is the recommendation of Dr. Zelenko, one of the top front line MDs doing early treatment of Covid. It’s recommended not to wait until symptoms worsen, to follow these recommendations, but to start now to ensure that they don’t worsen, even if it’s just the flu.

    All available over the counter at Walmart, etc.
    All to be taken with some amount of any kind of food, like even a cookie.

    * Vitamin D – 5000 IUs (International Units) at night for 7 days
    * Magnesium – 500 mg 1x/day at night for 7 days
    * Melatonin- 5 mg 1x/day at night for 7 days
    * Vitamin C – 3500 mg/day for 7 days (divide approximately in half, taking half in the morning and half at night)
    * Elemental Zinc – 50 mg 1x/day for 7 days
    * Quercetin – 500 mg 2x/day for 7 days

    Increase room temperature fluids, like tapwater, tea, etc.. Let refrigerated fluids reach room temperature, like juice.

    Shalom, shalom.

  19. Viral infections – what we do

    My family uses the vitamins as listed by others (C, D3, zinc gluconate, quercetin, NAC, Glutathione, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, magnesium citrate, B complex, etc.) and we continue to use these compounds when sick.

    January 9

    My wife got a positive PCR diagnosis a week ago, 2-3 days after getting a cold. Her main symptom following the diagnosis is she slept a lot. There has not been much respiratory symptoms after the cold fizzled out. She resisted help from me until about three days ago. When she was ready I put her on the Cathcart protocol (put “Robert Cathcart titering bowel tolerance ascorbate” in your web browser.)

    Relentless dosing against viruses

    The Cathcart protocol emphasizes relentless dosing of ascorbic acid at the rate of 50, 100 or even more grams per day in many divided doses. I started my wife on 1.1 grams (1,000 milligrams) of ascorbic acid per 30 minutes. She reached bowel tolerance when I pushed the intake to 1.5 grams per 30 minutes, so she reverted to 1.1 grams. She took 16 grams in 8 hours on her first day of use, before stopping at 11pm to sleep.

    Two days later she started up again at the same rate of intake. And again today. Ascorbic acid is acidic so we switched to sodium ascorbate instead. She consumed at least 80 grams of ascorbic acid and/or sodium ascorbate mixed in water, in a few days. She also added magnesium citrate to the mix.

    Our experience has been that when she was on the Cathcart protocol her symptoms are eliminated, she is fine. The only danger was that one of us might die of tedium. If she were sicker she would have needed to take ascorbate at a higher rate of intake and/or more often.

    Both Robert Cathcart, MD and Thomas Levy, MD have said they’ve never heard of or seen a viral infection that couldn’t be cured by sufficient doses of ascorbate (vitamin C) taken long enough.

    What you do with your body is up to you. This is what we do with our bodies if and when we are sick.

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