Wickedness Personified in the U.S. Whitehouse

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Gives Monologue for the Ages on Biden’s Divisive ‘Purge’ of Unvaccinated Americans from Society

Excerpts from Joe Biden’s recent speech in Illinois about unvaccinated Americans:

“And yet according to Joe Biden, unvaccinated Americans are the root of this country’s problems,” Tucker said. “They are destroying our economy. They are killing our people. The unvaccinated, Biden said, are solely responsible for the outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid. The outbreak that has left tens of thousands of Americans dead.”

“Biden noted this to the morbidly obese governor of Illinois, who nodded from behind his mask as if all of this was settled science. And then Joe Biden kept going,” Tucker added. “The unvaccinated are dangerous, he announced, they are diseased, dirty, unpatriotic, they are selfish, they are pathogens in human form. They have caused this deadly virus to ‘spread to our children,’ to spread throughout society. They suffered because of their absurdity, and their self-inflicted suffering burdens the rest of us. They ‘overcrowd our hospitals’ like a plague of swarming gasping insects. As they lie there ventilated, dying, reaping the rewards of their own sins, these miscreants ‘leave no room for someone with a heart attack or in need of a cancer operation’.”

“These people get no sympathy, because they are barely people,” Tucker added. “The unvaccinated, Biden told us, die their much-deserved deaths, but even as they die, they burden the rest of us. That’s how horrible they are, they are subhuman wreckers of a nation.”

“We are not overstating any of this by the way,” Tucker said. “Go watch the speech, it is online. The question is, ‘once you identify a diseased fifth column like this within the country that you run, what do you with it?’ Biden got to that at the end of his speech.”

(Read the whole article and see the video of Tucker Carlson’s monologue at https://beckernews.com/tucker-gives-monologue-for-the-ages-on-bidens-divisive-purge-of-unvaccinated-americans-from-society-42502/)

This is what they really think of us Christians. The spirit of Antichrist is rising! This is an all out war against Bible believers and eventually against Yeshua the Messiah!

Of the end times, two thousand years ago, the Bible, the Word of Elohim, predicted that earth’s population would be controlled by drugs.

For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery [Greek: pharmakeia] all nations were deceived. (Revelation 18:23)

People! When are you going to wake up?

May those who have eyes to see and ears to hear understand. The rest of you can go back to sleep. — Natan Lawrence


10 thoughts on “Wickedness Personified in the U.S. Whitehouse

  1. I am sick in my gut for all this wickedness…something one usually just reads about; but here we are. I am SO thankful to The Sovereign One that he has revealed things unto his babes, and that I’m one of them. Thank you Yah for eyes to see and ears to hear what your Ruach is saying!

  2. Even so come Lord Jesus, the wicked have taken control, but their control is only for a moment of time- It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a mighty God without the blood of Jesus as a payment for your sin…Of all the worst of humanity, the evil,the destruction, makes me pray for the return of the Messiah even more…

  3. I have been having a few thoughts on the number of the beast and related things. As follows;- The triangle is three sets of six numbers 666, its a triangulated numerical numbering system, capable of numbering every man and woman that has ever lived or ever will. Each man and woman will have their own number within a QR Code, imprinted or implanted on the right hand or forehead.
    The holocaust all over again (only bigger).
    It is the number of a man/woman.
    Let he who has wisdom count the number.
    90 % will be vaxxed and marked, but Elohim will take His tithe.
    Even the world, the flesh and the devil have to pay tithe. Ha! Ha!
    8 Billion divided by 10 (Commandments).
    Shalom, John

  4. Well Stated and said and conveyed in this Post Natan.


    VERSES evil (the Fallen One) – the Battle is Raging It is an ALL OUT SPIRITUAL WAR & BATTLE.

    The Battle of End Times going into the Tribulation is surely upon us.


    Interesting comments to read.

    Also I saw a short video the other day where Biden stated it does not matter whether it takes 6 hrs, 6 days or 6 months we will achieve what we have set out to do. And we ALL know where that will lead him.

    • How amazing, that Biden used the numbers 666; that can’t be a coincident! Must be a warning for us.

      • YES Sonja definitely!! Biden giving himself away & WHO IT IS that he worships, Obeys, bows down to.

        Definitely The Worldwide beast System Forming Before our Eyes & Ears.

        I have seen two separate videos where here in Aust. NSW. Kerry Chant and Brad Hazzard stated today is the Start of the New World order.

        You tube video by Steve Willis. published 31st July 2021Title Aust. announces This is the New World Order.

        Brad Hazzard dismissed lockdown concerns as ”just the way it is” claiming citizens must accept this New World Order. (nwo) -small capitals as Elohim is Much BIGGER THAN ALL OF THEM: global elites put together.

        All this virus damage to the world was pre planned by Top Freemasons in the UK. even way back before 2010. Definitely what we saw emerge from Wuhan lab etc Gain of Function experiments & funding by Fauci & others in high places .Big Agendas & Depopulation etc. -to progress to the Great Reset.

        Very trying times.. But for our Elohim.

      • The evidence is pretty conclusive, IMO, that the vaccines were tailor made to fit the virus well BEFORE the latter WAS RELEASED oh humanity. The benefits of this? Big pharma makes loads of money, as do certain govt officials who have their fingers in the pie, and the satanic NWO crowd achieves population diminution and gain greater control (thru fear, disinformation and propagandistic lies) of the masses (aka the sheeple peasants) who survive (to run the “elite’s economic machines/factories, etc.), and Satan achieves his goal to kill, steal and destroy and devour as a roaring lion his potential human rivals and replacements on this earth under the millennial rule of King Yeshua. Win, win, win for everyone who is part of the kingdom of darkness. Isn’t it all becoming so clear now? The 2000 year-old prophecies of Revelation 17 and 18 are falling neatly into place aren’t they?

  5. Daniel 8:23 “…..A king shall arise, having fierce features, who understands sinister schemes. His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; He shall destroy fearfully, and shall prosper and thrive; He shall destroy the mighty, and also the holy people.
    Through his cunning he shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule. And he shall exalt himself in his heart.
    He shall destroy many in their prosperity…….”
    Sounds like nowadays; many are losing their prosperity through long lock-downs and vaccine mandates. Also, many rulers will lose their positions to be taken over by the new world order, which no one voted for. It came in through deceit and the majority will accept it because they believe this new world order can fix the world’s problems of hunger, disease and pollution. According to a QAnon report, Bill Gates and his puppet masters are planning to reduce the population to 500 millions.
    This report also mentions that the rulers of Tanzania and Burundi were completely anti covid vaccine and now they are dead! very convenient, isn’t it?
    Look to Yeshua and don’t give in to fear; what can man do to you?
    Shalom, Sonja

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