Natan is back!

Hello dear ones in Yeshua! One-and-a-half weeks ago, due to construction activity next door to my house, our fiber optics cable was cut and our internet went down. Darkness! This is why I have been unable to make any new blog posts since then. However, our internet was restored today, so buckle your seat belts for the torrent of fresh manna that is about to gush forth my the Hoshana Rabbah headquarters, which 28 years ago, when we moved here, was a chicken coop and rabbit hutch. No kidding!

Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Natan is back!

    • Someone well meaning (I suppose) but misguided individual just commented on my photo of the tree, the sunlight and me and suggested that I was promoting Gaia worship. What a ridiculous comment! Needless to say, I deleted this off-the-wall and silly comment. Anyone who has read my blog for more than five minutes realizes that I in no way promote mother earth worship——only YHVH Elohim, the Creator, and Yeshua the Messiah along with his Torah-Word.

      I will not tolerate such out-of-context, accusatory and ridiculous comments on this blog.

      People, before you press the send button on your computer, do your homework and check a person out first. Yeshua instructed us that we are to judge a person by their fruits. This is called righteous judgment (John 7:24). One cannot necessarily judge a person simply by one photo.

      For your information, I am an outdoor guy. I live and work in the out of doors as a professional arborist. I have been climbing and caring for tree as a living for the past 45 years or so. I own a tree service company. I AM INTO TREES! This does not make me a tree worshipper. I worship ONLY Yehovah Elohim, the Creator of the trees, and Yeshua the Messiah, who is my Master and Savior, and I do my best to obey is Written Word. I am bought with his shed blood, and filled with his Set-Apart Spirit.

      Only pagans worship nature. I love nature because it points to and brings glory to Elohim. I love being IN nature because it takes me away from the filth, sin, and wickedness of this evil, Babylonian world in whose polluted waters we are required to swim.

      Perhaps those of you who, sadly, are confined to living in the city (not your fault), may not fully understand those of us who have been privileged to spend much of our lives out of the city and in YHVH’s wonderful creation. I get that. But don’t assume that because we cherish and thrive in being in the out-of-doors that we are nature/Gaia worshippers. This is a sick assumption!

      Read your Bible, folks. Read the Psalms and Prophets. The Hebrews were an outdoor people. Their writings are full of nature metaphors and symbolisms. In the Bible, trees are metaphors for many good things that point directly to Elohim. So is sunlight. Even Yeshua is likened to the sun, as is Torah. Do your homework. Can we, as students and followers of the Bible, not also engage in a little poetic (biblical) symbolism in the artistry of our photography without being called Gaia worshippers?

      Now you may have a better understanding why I deleted the inane comment to which I made reference above.

      Blessings to everyone who has a pure heart and pure motives…and to the rest of you as well who make comments from a perverted and twisted, holier-than-thou mindset.

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