COVID Mandates—Where do we go and what do we do?

It seems that almost everyday, I’m either receiving emails, watching videos, reading news reports, listening to news podcasts or hearing directly from folks about people’s fears concerning government imposed mandates with regard to COVID restrictions being placed on them. These restrictions are often questionable legally if not outright illegal and go against our, often our constitutionally guaranteed, civil rights. What ware we do do about this when it affects our ability to work and provide for our families as well as move about in order to buy food and so on? The following short essay are my thoughts on this.

With regard to State imposed COVID mandates, many of us are watching our governments go rogue and illegal in their march toward tyrannical control over their constituents for the purpose of power and money and to advance various satanic agendas. This has great implications as to how it affects our lives, so what are we to do?

In more and more instances, it seems that the ruling authorities no longer care  about the rule of law, and will do whatever necessary, legal or illegal, to advance their genocidal and demonic schemes. For them, the ends justify the means, and this has always been the main rule from their playbook.

The fact is that we are marching irrevocably toward the Babylon the Great new world order just as the book of Revelation predicts would happen in the end times.

As the need for and survival tactic of civil disobedience becomes more and more apparent, we will need to pray for YHVH’s strategic gameplan on how to fight those edicts that are against his word and limit or prevent us from accomplishing his will for each of us. May he give us the wisdom and discernment on how to act, what to say and to know when and how to do it such that we are in his perfect will, so that he will fight our battles for us and glorify his name through us in the process.

Our greatest hour when we can shine the brightest in the darkness of this world is just around the corner. We must hang on to this hope and truth as we go forward.

Yes, to be sure, our lifestyles will change and our civil rights and freedoms abridged, but in the process, our YHVH Elohim will open doors and avenues for us to go through and in which to operate heretofore unknown and invisible to us that will allow us to survive and flourish despite it all. This is our only hope, and we must cling to it for life, or else our faith is mere talk and is in vain. And if that be the case, then as Solomon the wise Preacher declared, as did Paul the apostle, we may as well eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die, for that is all there is.

But no, this is not our fate. On the contrary, it is now time to start thinking outside of the box of the limitations of our own thinking and self-imposed paradigms as we move forward into this uncharted territory that none of us have been in before. After all, YHVH lives outside of our boxes and thus has ways, means and resources at his disposal of which we know nothing about; therefore, we must boldly step forward in faith, trusting in him and praying for wisdom from above, while taking each step carefully under his watchful guidance. He will show each of us the way, and when one door shuts behind us, he will open another in front of us, and we will find the blessing from heaven above in it all if we look for it. Amein.


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  1. Amein and amein, he is doing it as we speak! Thank you as always for your wisdom and encouragement.

  2. Thank you for your clear and logical perspective. We must continue to follow Yeshua and know that He is in control!

  3. Shalom Natan & All

    was listening to a very pertinent teaching about women in the bible. Shipnah & Puah in particular.
    I hope it may help our discerning.

    Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph made up an agenda of fear about Israel though there was no indication of any rebellion against Pharoah as a free people in Egypt’s midst.
    This changed the mindset of regular Egyptians to be willing to “protect” their interests against an imagined engineered fear promulgated by the government.
    Leading to slavery of Israel.

    God made Israel multiply even in slavery to challenge Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s unfounded fear grew into hatred towards Israel. Satan wasn’t satisfied so the next target became the male children..

    Shipnah & Puah represented all the midwives amongst Israel & could have expected reward from Pharaoh for carrying out the killing of born male children. Those women had a huge choice before them.

    Follow orders of a man or choose life in God…..
    in wisdom & faithfulness they did not kill and in wisdom when questioned had an answer that couldn’t be tested & blocked direct retaliation.

    Their obedience to God rather than man gave great reward as Both are recorded to have been given households ie husband’s & children.


  4. I will worry only about what I can control. If I can’t control anything, then I have nothing to worry about. YHVH is in control and that means I’m in a controlled environment. Eph 4:6-7.

  5. Absolutely right Natan your words of wisdom is a great attitude for the times we are living in. We must wait on Yahavah and be sober minded and listen to that inner voice that sets us into recepting what Yahavah is conveying to us.I have heard the voice before and responded to it and escaped very real and near danger just in time to avoid catastrophic events against me. So I take your guidance and Yah’s messengers seriously.

  6. Thanks for this post Natan, much happening in my own country Australia especially the heavy handed Tyranny State of Dan in Victoria.

    Oct 1st new restrictions & mandates as there were supposedly 1143 new local cases. many have received their 1st & 2nd jab of the I am sure the vaxed are shedding & causing the no. of infections to rise. But they-(Govt & health authorities would never admit this) They are blaming the disease Delta strain -pandemic increase because of the unvaxed.. CRAZY!

    A Govt list has been circulated today in the media.. HUGE list of professions..from Drs, Paramedics, Nurses, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Journalists, MPS ,Faith Leaders who livestream/broadcast their services with 5 people in attendance, Childcare, health & allied areas to all Retail, butchers, bakers, apprentices, construction workers with worker limits, farmers horticulture etc

    1000s of workers will be affected. The vax has been made Mandatory for what the govt & health authorities Term Authorised essential workers who cannot work from home.

    We have been in our 6th lockdown since Thursday evening 5th August 2021.with curfew/9pm- 5am. shop for essentials only.. but now can travel up to 10 kms from home. walk, exercise, masks mandatory.. Can’t travel to regional country areas -fines heavy.

    All Authorised workers have to have their 1st jab-dose by 15th Oct. & 2nd by 26th Nov to work. then they may let us out of l/down & ease restrictions? it is just so tiring, frustrating,

    But oh the lies & double standards of it all. many have said Australia has become like China .Watched a short video -Australia ‘s çovid response is off the rails- Florida Governor
    Ron DeSantis.

    even discussions re fines for the unvaxed. ..not able to go to certain places, businesses will not serve etc. Like France

    one word Disgusting!!

    I read a site titled Europe Reloaded – has many great articles on many subjects/headings since plandemic.

    Noticed recent article: President of Croatia exposes media for spreading panic about covid 19- he has refused said No more vaccination allowed in his country. They reached 50% he said that is it -enough is enough.

    sorry a bit long.. but much on my heart & in my thoughts.. I only keep sane lately because of my Faith in Yeshua and the Father. & I am so grateful for your Posts Natan & the encouragement found here on Hoshana Rabbah blog. & the Word.

    • Many true scientists have explained that the variants are being caused by the vaccinations; the germs being attacked then change and survive, like many germs have become immune to antibiotics because of overuse.
      We all need to realize, that things will not get better, but worse. The anti christ will soon be revealed.
      But cheer up, for Yeshua said in Luke 21:28 :”When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near”!
      Shalom, Sonja

      • Thank You Sonja for your comment

        So True what you share. Our Faith Hope & Trust has to be found

        in the one & only True Saviour and the Most High .The Great I

        Am. .

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