Update on Natan’s Bible study and conversation on Skype

This past Shabbat at 12 noon at US Pacific Standard Time (minus one hour for daylight savings time) about a dozen of us gathered together through Skype for a video fellowship where we feasted upon the manna from heaven—the Word of Elohim. Thank you to those who participated. It was a blessing.

The Word of Elohim is our manna from heaven!

We started our study by tagging some bases in the week’s Torah portion, then moved into the Gospel of John as per the Hoshana Rabbah Bible reading schedule. We also prayed for some needs of those in the study group.

Realizing that people from around the world in different time zones read this blog, we will be having our Bible study at different times of the day in an attempt to accommodate everyone wherever they may be, so that as many folks as possible can participate.

I am thinking that our next meeting will be this coming Shabbat early in the morning (my time). I will post the time and the link to click on to participate later on this week. Sometimes I will have a Friday evening meeting, sometimes an early Shabbat morning meeting, and sometimes an afternoon meeting, and sometimes a late Shabbat meeting. We will see which times are the most popular and go from there.

Stay tuned…


9 thoughts on “Update on Natan’s Bible study and conversation on Skype

  1. A great idea! I couldn’t participate due to being at the rehab facility with Gary. Perhaps some other times I can be with you! We do have a small group that meets o Shabbat so that takes up several hours…At some point, my ability will change I’m sure. Please pray for Gary. At this point he is refusing to eat or go to rehab…Don’t know what’s going on…waiting to hear from his caretakers. Thanks, drb

  2. We missed it, but hopefully can participate in the future. I’m sure that late Friday nights and early Shabbat mornings on the West Coast of the USA would be better for those in Europe and Israel, as well as many in the Americas.

  3. This is great idea because many have no Congregations to attend espacially during lockdowns.

    • Yes. I pastored a congregation for 18 years, retired a few years ago because of extreme exhaustion and burn out, and now I have no congregation to attend either. How sad that no one would step up to fill the shoes of my wife and I, but this is the times in which we are living: Almost everyone is more loyal to pursuing mammon and their own interests then doing the work of Elohim.

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