Prayer Request: Darlene Betsill’s Husband

Please pray for Darlene Betsill’s husband, Gary, 67, who just suffered a massive stroke. He is currently in a comma. The outcome is still uncertain.

Darlene has been a faithful reader, commenter and contributor to this blog and the Hoshana Rabbah ministry for many years.

Also pray for Darlene and their family.

While you are at it, please pray for my own mother, Emmylu, 84. She has been in a steady decline health-wise for several months and unless a major miracle occurs, it is unlikely that she will be with us much longer. My parents have been married for 62 years. Thankfully, both are redeemed believers.

Thank you. — Natan


12 thoughts on “Prayer Request: Darlene Betsill’s Husband

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yeshua-we lift all these people up in prayer-we thankfully request a miracle,
    your will be done, amein.

  2. I will coninue praying for both your mother and Darlene Betsill’s husband plus all family and others who need Yehovah’s comfort and help.

  3. Your Will be done on
    Gary’s & Emmylu’s Life.
    Just bring comfort & provisions
    (i.e. Divine Healing,Finances,Wisdom,etc.)
    & their families.
    In Yeshua’s Healing Name

    • Thank you all for your prayers. I saw my mother yesterday. She only lives about 10-15 minutes from me. I must say that she is hanging in there and has a very positive attitude. She said that her strength was better, even though she is still very weak. We take one day at a time. That’s all any of us have anyway by the grace of Yah.

      • Dear Natan,
        We will certainly pray for your mum; a blessing, that you live so close to her.
        May the Lord bless you with shalom during this time of upheaval.
        Our thoughts are with you.
        Love from John & Sonja

  4. Repair, restore and revive oh Elohim, according to your Word, because you keep covenant with all those who love you and obey you.

  5. Dear Darlene,
    My heart goes out to you; have just been through a similar experience. Its not easy to have peace of mind when one’s loved one is in a condition like your husband, not knowing the outcome. I will pray to the Father for your husband’s healing and that Yeshua will give you His peace, as He promised us.
    All my love to you, Sonja

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