Explaining the Correlation Between Faithfulness and Miraculous Faith

Luke 17:5–10, Increase our faith. As if often the case, Yeshua’s answer to the disciples’ request to increase their faith is a bit enigmatic. Let us explore the connection between faithfulness and miracles of faith.

In this passage of Scripture, Yeshua answers his disciples’ request by making the terse statement that a small amount of faith produces great, even miraculous, results, and then he launches into a discussion about faithful attendance to duty, and ends the discussion there. What do these seemingly discordant statements have to do with each other? The implication is that faith comes as a result of being faithful, that is, by being a faithful doer of the master’s will. 

Let us dig deeper and demystify the connection between faith and faithfulness. Consider this. What is the relationship between faith and faithfulness? When one is faithful to his master’s will and is faithfully executing his responsibilities, what happens? By immersing oneself in the will of his master with one’s whole heart, one will be totally in tune with the master. He will know the heart, mind and will of his master. He will know the desires of the master, how the master thinks and what the master wants him to do, and what the master wants him to do next. On this basis and from this spiritual launch pad, the servant can extend his faith and predict the will of the master—what the master wants him to do next, and then the servant can step out in faith and accomplish it, even if it requires a miracle to do so.

As an example of the connection between faith and faithfulness, let’s consider Yeshua’s command to his disciples to preach the gospel to all nations. Referred to as “The Great Commission,” Yeshua promised that certain miraculous signs and wonders would follow his disciples when they faithfully fulfill this command (Mark 16:15–18). One often hears Christians wondering why signs and wonder why they do see many miraculous signs and wonders happening today. Maybe it is because they are not being faithful to the Master’s command to preach the gospel to the whole world or at least to boldly sharing the gospel with those around them. The preaching of the gospel is just one example of miracles of faith following obedience.

An example of stepping out in faith from the launch pad of faithfulness based on fulfilling the Master’s will is Yeshua the Master’s will for his redeemed believers to expand the kingdom of heaven by sharing the gospel with others. Sharing the gospel with others goes hand-in-hand with the Master’s will to reverse the effects of the kingdom of darkness by healing the sick and casting demons out of oppressed people (Mark 16:15–18). In this manner, kingdom of heaven is expanded one life at a time as per the heart and will of Yeshua. The preacher of the gospel should understand this correlation between faithfulness and miraculous faith, which is why after sharing the gospel with others, one can expect to heal the sick and cast demons out of the oppressed. 

It is really that simple; it is a matter of cause and effect. Faithfulness leads to faith resulting in miracles.


6 thoughts on “Explaining the Correlation Between Faithfulness and Miraculous Faith

  1. Nathan this is so timely for me. Due to Gary’s stroke and all of the peripheral issues it entails,I am struggling with faith and trust. This perspective is helpful.

    • Darlene, I have just had a stroke in September and can’t stop praising Elohim for all the positives.
      I had the stroke while driving home; the positive is that it happened slow enough that I had the time to pull over and park the car without incident. My wife then took over driving and took me to the medical centre which was only 2 km away; another positive.The ambulance was very quick in coming, another positive. On arrival at the hospital the medical staff were ready waiting for me, another positive. The medical attention that I received was nothing short of excellent, another positive. The experts expected that I would need a permanent brain drainage, which turned out to be unnecessary, another positive. I am now slowly recovering at home and praise YHVH every day for the continued opportunity of studying His Scriptures, despite still suffering some consequences of the stroke.
      Blessings, John

    • The revelation on this verse came to me yesterday morning after asking YHVH for insight on this passage. It came. I wrote. And I posted it. Praise Yah that it blessed someone.

  2. Hebrews 11. In each case, we must first act. We act on what we believe. Sometimes, it will be hard or uncomfortable to act, but by proceeding with the proper action, miraculous things can happen. Sometimes all we can do is believe, and wait. That can be the hardest form of faith, and waiting is also action.

  3. Blessings Natan & All
    often I don’t SHOW the faithfulness that increased my faith. Everytime I step out the increase meets me before my foot touched the ground.
    It is hard to vacillate between two opinions if you trust the first impression from the Spirit.
    He IS always faithful whether I am or not.
    Praise our King.!!
    Shabbat Shalom

  4. As was previously stated by Natan, thanking Him before the miracle is faith, thanking Him after is gratitude-while both are necessary in our walk, the first is, well, miraculous! When I was going thru my cancer year 2013 (it will be 8 years now when “they” said I had only one year to live) that after I started thanking Him for my healing everything began to change. Phil 4:6-7 with THANKSGIVING! Shalom everyone.

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