YHVH’s General Versus Salvational Pardon of Sin

Numbers 14:20–24, I have pardoned. This Bible passages teaches us that there is a general pardon of sin of which all humans are the recipient, and a salvational pardon of sin that only a few receive. How is this?

YHVH pardoned Israel for the sin of disobedient unbelief, but forgiveness in this case only meant that YHVH’s judgment would not come upon them for this particular sin. This pardon did not expiate them of all their sin resulting in eternal life of which entering into the Promised Land was a prophetic antetype.

This is the same genre of pardon that YHVH extended to Adam and Eve after they sinned by eating of the forbidden fruit. They did not die immediately, but were able to live out their lives under that pardon, but it did not guarantee them eternal life.

Later we read that in verse 23 that YHVH would not allow this unbelieving generation of Israelites see the Promised Land because they had rejected Elohim and refused to obey him. This was in contradistinction to Joshua and Caleb who had a different spirit in them and fully obeyed YHVH (v. 24). 

What can we learn from this? In general sense, YHVH pardons all humans for the sins they commit. If he did not, his judgment would come upon them immediately, for the wages of sin is death, and they would be no more. But humans keep sinning, rejecting Elohim, and yet he graciously, in most cases, allows them to live out their physical lives, but this does not mean that they will have eternal life. This is YHVH pardoning them momentarily, but not saving them or granting them eternal life. Only those, like Caleb and Joshua, who have a different spirit (i.e. the Holy Spirit) and a personal spirit or heart that is inclined to fully obey him will be rewarded with eternal life in the Promised Land of YHVH’s eternal kingdom.


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  1. Natan….You don’t mention Yeshua here….. “A heart inclined to fully obey Him” kinda leaves every single one of us out because human hearts are wicked. If not for Yeshua…there is ZERO hope for eternal life.

    • drbetsill, it is YHVH ELohim WHO is our only savior and salvation comes from He alone. Messiah merely points the way BACK to YHVH ELohim and teaches us to FOLLOW His Torah and OBEY the Father. We worship NO man, only YHVH ELohim.

    • Follow Him means to do what He did. Love what He loves and hate what He hates. To be like Him in thought and action. Live your live as He lives His to the best of your ability.

  2. It’s my understanding Yashua paid the price for the penalty of death. There is a law which says if we break the covenant we must die. He saved us from that penalty By sacrificing Himself for us but we have to repent and acknowledge Him as our Salvation and start living under His covenant again.
    Natan am I understanding this correctly?

  3. Just a few thoughts. Matthew 5: 44-45. Judgement is occurring now, while we breath and live. The soul that sins, it shall die! Ezekiel 18:20. That is the second death. Death is not instantaneous after we sin, whether called or uncalled. This life we live is the time of judgement.

    Yeshua paid our debt by His own bloody sacrifice. A debt we could never pay! Those who do not accept Yeshua or never knew Him have their date with the lake of fire.

    • Romans 2:14-16 Paul is indicating here that Gentiles who do not have Torah, and Yeshua is the Living Torah, may be judged according to their conduct in regard to what they knew (their conscience).
      Revelation 20:11-15 seems to confirm this, when people are being judged at the second resurrection, according to what they have done.
      I find it difficult to fathom that people would be condemned because they never had the opportunity to know about Yeshua.
      Shalom, Sonja

  4. Dear Steven,
    On John 6:44 I have often pondered on this ‘drawing’ by the Father. Are certain people drawn to Him because of His Goodness, like certain insects are drawn to the light, while others are drawn to the darkness and evilness? Or does the Father actively draw certain people because He knows the outcome from the beginning? He knows who will take hold of the Truth revealed and run with it until the race is finished. Or does He draw people randomly? That seems rather unlikely to me. As He has given us free will, He won’t forcefully draw anyone.
    On Acts 4:12 As Yeshua died for the sins of the whole world, which means past, present and future, this includes the sins of the patriarchs (because everyone has sinned). However, they and others who did not know Yeshua haven’t had the opportunity to embrace the Salvation that comes through Yeshua and therefore there must be a future opportunity for them to do this, even for those who didn’t know Elohim either.
    On Romans 9 Here Paul points out rightly, that since Elohim created us, we are His possession and He can do with us as He pleases. However, Elohim declares Himself to be merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace and truth; showing grace to the thousandth generation, forgiving offenses, crimes and sins; (Exodus 34: 6-7)
    YHVH even excepts reasoning with humans as in Isaiah 1:18 NIV
    That’s why I believe that YHVH wouldn’t burn up people in the lake of fire because they had no opportunity to know about Him or Yeshua.
    But of course, if it is Elohim’s choice to create millions or billions of humans for just this present earthly life, one has to accept that too. There are many people who don’t expect anything else anyhow.
    However, in 2 Peter 3:9 we read that …….for it is NOT His PURPOSE that ANYONE should be destroyed, but that everyone should turn from his sins.
    Therefore in my mind that means that everyone will be given a fair chance to know Him.
    Shalom, Sonja

    • You make some very valid points. I have more questions on this subject than answers, and I agree with you that it seems contrary to the heart of Elohim to condemn people who never heard or had a chance and who were patently evil to the core and who refused to abide by even the dimmest light of their consciences. Two things I know: my name is written in the Lamb’s book of life (this is the only life over which I have control) and YHVH Elohim is fair and just and is not an unjust tyrant who makes demands of people of things they know nothing about.

  5. Dear Sonja, here are my thoughts. The word draw in John 6:44 means to drag or pull, as if against your will. Lot and his family in Sodom is a good example. It takes enormous effort for us to turn our backs on this present age when the process of calling first occurs. I’m sure you remember that. Since we are for known by YHVH, He knows who are His, but it is ultimately our choice. The parable of the sower explains this.
    As to Acts 4:12, as you said Yesha did pay the debt in it’s entirety. I believe that the patriarchs, as well as the children of Israel, King David, Moses, and so on, did indeed know Yeshua and had a relationship with Him. 1 Corinthians 10 shows this. He was leading the children of Isreal out of Egypt. He has been with us all along! Yeshua is the Stone the builders rejected. Psalms 118:22 and Matthew 21:42 show this. Also, remember in John 8 He is I Am. In fact, Yeshua has been involved with His people from the beginning. Genesis 2 introduces us to Him. Finally, He is an God of life. His purpose is life. So yes, He does not desire that any should perish. This however is the result of corruption. Sin or lawlessness if you like. The corrupt must be cleansed and removed. It will not be allowed in His Kingdom. Satan is the cause of this corruption and it all stated in the garden.

    • Just a side note. Many of David’s Psalms speak about Salvation just like Psalm 118. You could easily insert Yeshu’s name their since that is what His name implies.

      • Actually, the name Yeshua (meaning salvation or deliverance) occurs 78 times in the OT (see Strong’s H3444). In the KJV, the Hebrew word Yeshua is translated as salvation (65x), help (4x), deliverance (3x), health (3x), save (1x), saving (1x) and welfare (1x). 78 times in the OT. Interesting! Seven is the biblical number signifying “perfection” while 8 is the number signifying “new beginnings.” Now this will preach, as they say, with respect to Yeshua the Messiah!!!! Do you think that 78 is just coincidence? I think not.

    • I agree Steve. The NT says that the gospel was preached to Abraham (Gal 3:8) and the children of Israel (Heb 4:2). They may not have known that his name was Yeshua, even as most Christians don’t know his name (it’s not Jesus!), but they understand the concept of sin and the need for a Redeemer. Even Job (likely the oldest book in the Bible) declared that he knew that he needed a redeemer and that his Redeemer lived. As all serious Bible students know, Yeshua is revealed in countless types and shadows throughout the OT as is man’s sinfulness and his need for redemption. This is what the whole tabernacle, Levitical and sacrificial systems were all about as you well know.

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