More Ways to Confront the Spirit of Antichrist

As I stand on the high ground of the Rock of Elohim and view with alarm the demonic spirit of Antichrist rising like a black tsunami tide all around me, I am confronted both with the instinctive urges of fight and of flight. Part of me wants to escape this chaos, and part of me wants to fight it. At the same time, I hear the words of Yeshua ringing in my ears: “Occupy till I come.” Also coming into my spirit are all of the other Bible verses that talk about overcoming evil and standing against it. So unless or until YHVH instructs me to flee and tells me where to go, I have no choice but to fight. But how? As I ponder this question and search the Scriptures for answers, below are some more revelations on this issue.

1 Chronicles 16:5, Asaph…made music. Praise and Worship Music—The Prophetic Anointing and a Battle Weapon. Asaph was a Levite (v. 4) from the lineage of Gershon (1 Chron 6:39, 43), who ministered musically before the ark of the covenant (a symbolic picture of the throne room of Elohim; see Rev 11:9) foe the purpose of offering thanksgiving and praise to YHVH Elohim (1 Chron 16:4). Like David, he was musically gifted and prophetic psalmist and musical composer; he wrote 12 psalms (Psalms 50 and 73–83). Aspah was one of David’s prophets (2 Chron 35:15) and the father of lineage of Levite minstrels who prophesied through or with the aid of music (1 Chron 25:1, 2, 5). 

Elsewhere, Scripture reveals that sometimes when musicians played, the hand of Elohim would come upon those with prophetic gifts and divine revelation would come forth (2 Kgs 3:15; 1 Sam 10:5). 

Music also calmed the nerves of those who were tormented demonically because the evil spirit would flee when praise and worship occurred. This was the case when David played his harp for Saul (1 Sam 16:23). 

The sons of Asaph also used music as a warfare weapon to defeat Israel’s foes by sending confusion into the camp of their enemies resulting in self-inflicted murder and mayhem (2 Chron 20). 

From these examples, we see from Scripture that praise and worship not only brings on the anointing of Elohim, but can also be a vehicle for prophetic words. Inspired praise and worship music can also pacifies evil spirits and can act as a warfare weapon to bring confusion into the camp of the saint’s enemies resulting in victory for YHVH’s people.

This type of supernatural warfare against the enemies of YHVH Elohim and his people is akin to walking into a dark room and turning on a light; the darkness flees immediately in the presence of light. Similarly, evil spirits flee in the presence of anointed praise and worship and confusion occurs in the camp of Elohim’s enemies. 

Now is the time for YHVH’s end time prophetic warrior-minstrels to rise up against the spirit of Antichrist that is trying to take over our towns, cities, states, counties, provinces, nations and the world. Who has the spirit of boldness (Acts 4:23–31) to rise up in the name of Yeshua the Messiah to praise our El Elyon (the Most High El), and to proclaim the everlasting gospel and around us, with signs and wonders following (Matt 28:18–20 ; Mark 16:15–18), and to do so in the face of and over Satan’s workers and the demonic spirits empowering them (2 Cor 10:1–6; Eph 6:10–20 cp. Luke 9:1; 10:19) that are spreading chaos in our midst? 

Are you willing to be part of this end time army of warrior saints who will boldly step out to confront YHVH’s enemies as his Spirit leads?


14 thoughts on “More Ways to Confront the Spirit of Antichrist

  1. This we will do because we will be compelled to do it! There is no other way to go but forward as the Israelites did, Exodus 14 : 15. Boldness will be required, Proverbs 28:1. After today’s events, we may witness the beginning dissolution of the USA as it was founded.

    • You may be right. If this happens, it’s because the Christian leaders and their lukewarm supporters have done little or nothing over the past four years to capitalize on the divine reprieve from divine judgment against this nation.

      To wit, there is strong evidence of voter fraud. I believe that the leftists have been attempting a coup d’état since before Trump took office. Now it appears that they have succeeded.

      Yah have mercy on us all!

      • Yes, its called a Color Revolution. The CIA has been very successful at using it to overthrow foreign governments and now it’s our turn! With the media and many judges in their pockets, its looking bleak for the USA. The last time something like this happened was 1963!

    • Shalom to All.
      I am not in your neck of the woods for sure but in the last 7 months, my heart’s desire has been to get out the guitar and sing to Abba Elohim of His might & power & mercy.
      Can’t play guitar & can’t sing much but it comes out better than me alone & I am grateful for it. The desire to minister to Him always ministers to us. Hallelujah!!
      May His name be praised evermore.
      He has me singing for Ezekiel’s dry bones to come alive.
      Come alive & trust His Defence as the High Tower none can reach!
      Blessings to All.
      Love in Messiah!!

  2. We say Yes YHVH, we will stand up and fight! May the David’s and Esther’s arise as Elohim calls us out of obscurity.

  3. There is a battle going on and the stakes are high, to be blessed by YHVH or cursed by his enemies.
    What we see now is the results of a long planned and fought battle for the soul of America, and the evil in high and low places is about to be exposed, they are afraid.
    YHVH’s plans to bless this nation are coming to fruition and in a little while all will see and be amazed.
    Contine to pray for his will to be done and the harvest of believers to continue to grow, for out of adversity people seek YHVH.

    • I am afraid I don’t see it that way. It seems to me that America has been blessed in the past, but now because of the increasing sinfulness of this nation and really the whole world, the great tribulation has begun and will lead to the outpouring of Elohim’s wrath. Hopefully, Elohim’s saints will be protected but Scripture tells us that some of them will have to suffer.
      The Good News is that eventually, King Yeshua will rule the earth! Can’t wait.
      Blessings to you,

      • That is amazing, verse 8 talks about throwing off the yoke of foreign opposition.
        Currently we are policing the world, protecting countries that hate us building up foreign countries that are our enemies “china” and being robbed by the central banks that are keeping us in debt.
        All of that is being removed by Trump.
        Wow the times are amazing.

  4. The Lawless Ones (Biden and Co)
    2 Kefa 2:22 What has happened to them accords with the true proverb, “A dog returns to its own vomit” Yes, “The pig washed itself, only to wallow in the mud!”

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