I Need YOUR Help!

No, we’re (my wife and I) not asking for money. As many of you know, after 30 years of continuous ministry including 25 years as a pastor, I have never taken an income from the ministry. We use the few gratefully received donations from the beneficiaries of our ministry like you to cover ministry expenses, and we give everything away for free without charge. Rather, I’m asking for your important help in something else—and it is something that you can easily do.

Many years ago, I started this Bible study blog. I put a lot of time into it. Some 20 years ago, YHVH told me to feed his sheep. Growing up on a sheep farm, it was my job to care for the flock as a shepherd—yes, a real, live sheep shepherd of real sheep, so I know what what YHVH meant by feeding his sheep. Currently, this blog, the most active part of our ministry, has been a big part of my helping to feed his sheep.

Over the years, the daily readership of this blog has grown from a few to many hundreds up to a thousand or two per day. It has been a slow, gradual climb. Now I’m not a numbers watcher. I do the same thing in obedience to YHVH’s command to feed his sheep regardless of the size of the floc—something learned on the farm years ago. But the numbers do give one an impression of how many lives are being touched the Kingdom of Elohim, and for this, we give YHVH all the glory!!!

However, last year a strange thing happened. From the fall of 2018 until the spring of 2019, the number of daily readers on this blog was growing each week tremendously until we were averaging 1,200 to 1,500 readers per day. Now considering the population of the planet, that is not very many people, but considering the niche market in which we find ourselves, that is not too bad. Then overnight, in about one day, the numbers of readers suddenly dropped by about two thirds. Whoa, I exclaimed. What just happened? Did algorithms suddenly change? Am I being shadow-banned? Is that even possible on a WordPress website where our website isn’t even hosted by WordPress? Questions and more questions, but not answers.

Well, we licked our wounds and got back to work putting up Bible teachings as always. By the fall of 2019 our numbers were back up there. By spring of 2020, the numbers of daily readers were surpassing those of the previous year. HalleluYah! We’re reaching more lives for the kingdom of heaven and the glory of Elohim. We were reaching nearly 2,000 readers daily. Then all of a sudden, the same thing happened this past spring as happened in the spring of 2019. Almost overnight, our numbers of daily readers dropped by 75 percent or more and have more or less remained at that level until now with perhaps a slight increase. So what’s going on? Don’t know. The message of this blog hasn’t changed. The content is still the same, so it must be something “out there” going on.

Whatever the case, it is all in YHVH’s hands and he can use this blog in any way he chooses. He’s the one who opens doors that no one can shut and shuts doors that no one can open, so my faith and eyes are totally on him. I give it all to him. Frankly I don’t care. I just want his will to be done for his glory. Nothing more or less.

But here now is my request for YOUR help. It’s a simple one. If this blog is a blessing to you, please refer it to others who you think may be blessed by it. That’s all.

Love and blessings to you all in Yeshua the Messiah. — Natan Lawrence


15 thoughts on “I Need YOUR Help!

  1. Interesting. Wonder what’s up with all that? WIll do. I have posted several times on FB specific articles I thought were relevant to “the masses” that would potentially be received rather than throwing the pearls out to the swine. Have passed on to friends when the leading was there. Will continue to do so! drb

  2. This blog has been a HUGE blessing to me and the ones I have already shared it with. I don’t comment much, but do take it all in as I grow. I will continue, absolutely!!! May Elohim bless YOU and your wife for your faithful shepherding! It’s not easy by a stretch!

  3. Sure,Sir Natan.
    Even before this request I have been sharing your teachings to my family,friends & pastors that I know,so that they can share it to their congregations.
    I always put my Source:HoshanaRabbah by Natan Lawrence

  4. Yes. I will keep on viewing, sharing, posting on FB, etc. Um… did I send you the link to the piece we used in our 40 Days devotional guide?


  5. Shalom Brother! I praise YAH for your faithfulness in serving Him and in ministering to all of us! I will continue to share your blogs. I heard someone say recently (referring to an altogether different topic) that “they tried to bury us… but did not know that we are SEEDS!” Greater is HE that is in us, than he that is in the world. May you walk in even greater Blessings during this time of Moedim!

  6. Have recommended your blog to various friends and like minded folks, but it seems that nobody is interested. Will keep promoting your site.
    We ourselves are very grateful to YaHaVaH that he has directed us to you, Natan.
    Love, Sonja

    • Thank you. I have to remind myself that the remnant is but a remnant, not the majority. May we be counted the few that were counted worthy to be placed in the hem of the prophet’s garments to be preserved in the midst of the fire, sword and dispersal (Ezek 5:1–4).

  7. Will do, Natan! Thank you for your faithfulness in writing. I appreciate your insights and clarity in seeking the truth of Yah’s wonderful Word. Blessings to you and your wife.

    I will ask my wife if she has any ideas why this may be happening. If she has any ideas, I will forward them to you.

  8. Shalom Natan & All
    I have tried scattering some seed but truly the flock seems small. In case you’re notbsware…..You Natan are a very offensive off the wall man to some…others are just lazy. Too much too read is the response.
    Busy with the world & the comfort zone of do as you think is right & makes you happy & assure yourself God is the one who is happy with the numbers that are working on His Word ‘upgrading’ it to suit the more enlightened modern generations.
    Wondered if your blog ministry may be a springboard foundation where people learn & then connect with a local community when the Feast cycle starts. Wouldn’t that be such a worthy role. Putting on training wheels and getting the younguns balanced & pedalling.
    I have had trouble with my email recently on one of my devices & that is how I receive the blog posts.
    Take care Natan & All.
    I went early on the Feasts this year.
    May you all have a intimate & blessed time drawing near.❤️

    • Hmmm…If what I have written is too much to read for some people to read, then what can they say about the Bible itself? My Bible has 1065 pages of fine print and that’s without any footnotes or commentary! I wonder how much time these folks spend time with their television, movies, sports, social media, etc., etc.? In other words, what are the idols in our lives that we need to get rid of that are keeping us from Elohim? Just curious. Keep up the good fight…those who have ears to hear will hear. Blessings!

      • For the Christains …it is many good works being involved in community according to their own hearts but not knowing Abba…….as He is inconvenient to their life.

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