Covid-19: Pandemic or Plandemic?

This video, sent to me by one of this blog’s readers, articulates many of the thoughts and concerns that I have had for many months regarding the current Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic along with the accompanying global consequences thereof.

Continue to watch and pray, as Yeshua admonished his disciples to do.


19 thoughts on “Covid-19: Pandemic or Plandemic?

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with all he says, but I feel at such a loss over what to DO…sharing on social media won’t change anyone’s mind… my attitude when interacting with others must be kind and gentle, but I am still searching for what to do or say, knowing full well Who is in charge…. and I need to finish the video, there may be some ideas I didn’t get to…

  2. Wow! I did not even vote last election as I thought both major candidates were two sides of the same coin, but hearing the left-leaning media continuously bash Trump no matter what he says or does makes me know there is an agenda in place to take him out. I see why now. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. This is a spiritual problem. Not a political problem. We can’t get caught up in the politics. If you believe like I do that at the national level, it is not an election, but a selection for President,; the one that the globalists want in will win. If Trump wins, as I think he will, don’t be deceived! This new world order, Satanic movement will not go away. These are the days of mass deception, and as 2 Thessalonians states we need to be on guard. Mass chaos is coming. Luke 21:36.

  4. I’ve known for months that this is going into a One World event. Many people are having dreams about what is coming. We are here, The US is going down unles
    His people who. are called by His Name will humble r
    themself and pray, yes it is time for us to make a difference! The Return that Jonathan Chan. Only God!

  5. When I read John’s vision of days to come many years ago, it struck me that the global system described in Revelation 13 cannot occur until the current system breaks. This video makes me think the current system is about to break and we will see the fulfillment of Revelation 13 very soon. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  6. Interesting video. I’m thinking there is a connection between radiation from microwaves, cell phones, devices, cell towers, ultra-sound, computers, WiFi, etc and coronavirus/covid. There are several videos and interviews with experts about this. It seems that the globalists are using radiation to manipulate illnesses, global warming and much more.

  7. (*Specially for the reply someone said “I don’t know what do do”)
    For those who love Yahweh, who are called according to His Purpose, the silver edge dot com / articles provides a wealth of peace of mind in truth from honest doctors and scientists and regular people over the last 1500 years or less. Covering E. ped. emics and such , and why there was no worry at all for those who do what is right. (few there are)
    As for the politics,
    no good soldier entangles himself in politics, or the affairs of this world.
    We are all being led to slaughter daily, like /as/ sheep, world wide.

  8. I recall the first time I heard Pres. George Bush senior say the words “new world order.” This really is nothing new-only knew to us and the ways in which it will be implemented-will we bow down to the statue (as they were told to do in Nebuchadnezzar’s day or be beheaded) or will we stand firm in the faith once delivered to the saints-though they may behead us, you can’t put a crown on a headless body-you will get it back and better in the resurrection and then you can lay that crown at His feet! Ephesians 6:13. Stand!
    During the last election, a sign was posted in front of a church=The Elephant and the Donkey can’t save us, we must get back to the Lamb. Well, I say the Lion of Judah, who overcame the world order be it old or new. I believe this could be the beginning of sorrows (or is it Soros!) I hope they like it hot!! Fasten your seatbelts-its gonna get bumpy!
    I said from the beginning upon hearing about hydroxychloroquine, why would it work for Covid? (the 19th commandment-thou shall not covid!) Because its a chimera-2 or 3 viruses engineered for a “gain of function”(thanks to the Gates of hell for funds) that could live hours or days before finding a host because it could live on bacteria, and that bacteria was acquired from a malaria parasite! (sorry, I don’t recall source of info) So, if you kill the bacteria, the virus will die before it gains a foothold? That is my thinking. The real virus however, is sin.
    The masks are really a symbol of a gag order-we’re losing our freedom of speech. Closing churches=our right to free assembly, freedom of religion, next financial crisis and the implementing of the mark of the beast. Look up, your Redemption draws near!

    • I will build my congregation on this Rock (Messiah) and the Gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

  9. Just goes to show how, ‘Forcibly Unlawfully Carnal KnowledgED’ the World Media has become:
    The ‘Above’ is a ‘Legal Old English Police Term’ for Rape. And the World’s General Media are definitely Raping the Truth.
    But it’s Good to see the Truth being revealed by a Few Agencies.

  10. Great post Natan. I did find the video The Great Reset on another post : it has been the Video of the month.. Many Believers have watched it.and told people to share the same.

    On the weekend 15 August.. here in Aust. a Pastor here in state where I live had a dream in the night he heard the word : Davos Davos ! & then did research on the World Economic Forum & found this same video also.. so many are waking up to the fact.

    Great comments to read.. by everyone

    of Course the thing now -agenda is the race that is on to find a vaccine. both here :-Aust.& in the USA & UK..China also apparently.

    Our PM met with Pharm. Co. Astra Zeneca.. British- Swedish headquarters in Cambridge England working with Oxford University.. to develop what they say safe clinical trials & a vaccine. Aust will access these.. all in our news here.. While in USA- Moderna is in Phase 3 of the trials for the US apparently reading up on both companies.last night.. easy to find info. .Dr Carrie Madej has a video titled Human 2.0 ? A Wake Up call to the World..

    Much happening.

    • Just watched the Human 2.0 video by Dr. Carrie Madej. Everyone should see this! Thanks Christine for posting.

  11. Just saw that the p.m. of Australia is planning on making the vaccination mandatory! New Zealand is also becoming very tyrannical. Likely just a matter of time before the USA also goes this direction. Probably early next year. The ploy will be that you aren’t forced to vaccinate. You just won’t be able to hold a job, go to the store, etc. without it. Sounds familiar! We had better decide where the line in the sand is now.

    • So TRUE Steve..I have been researching, reading & watching for over a week now..just on recent things happening.( & last 5 months) .it is right in our face in Plain site.! Many Believers I have contact with are waking up to the bigger picture & agendas.but sadly some are not.

      May we be strengthened by the power of the Ruach to survive these perilous times: run the race well.

  12. ‘Deagel population forecast’ for 2025 shows a GREATLY reduced population for many ‘Christian countries’; no reason given, but stating it has nothing to do with a pandemic or war, just a hinting at maybe migration? At the same time, no reduced population for China, Russia and India; maybe Elohim’s people will be taken out of here by then? Also, the occultist Alice Baily has prophesied that in 2025 “The Hierarchy (the adversary’s clan) shall be externalized (made known to people)”.
    Rejoice, because our redemption is near, Sonja

    • Here comes the HR6666 bill-Dr, Buttar said if you don’t take the vaccine, if they kill you for refusing, let them-its that toxic!

      • It can potentially change your dna! As in the days of Noah is almost here!

      • Contact tracing, testing by force and quarantine at home. The constitution and Bill of rights shredded for there plandemic!

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