Just can’t stop climbing!

At age 60, I just made my final and seventh ascent of Mount Hood—Oregon’s tallest peak at 11,250 feet. I guided my sons to the summit on June 25, 2020—a mountain climbing tradition my grandfather and professional mountain climber and guide started on this mountain in 1914.

This was my 18th ascent of major Cascade peaks. My first ascent was Mount Saint Helens in 1972 when I was 12—eight years before it blew its top.

The Bible is full of notable mountains and mountain climbers. Abraham guided Isaac to the top of Mount Moriah when he was more than 100 years old and met YHVH there. Jacob encountered YHVH on Mount Moriah or Sion as well. Moses was 80 when he climbed Mount Sinai and met YHVH there. He was 120 when he climb Mount Nebo and saw the land of his promised inheritance. Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel and then hiked down to and climbed Mount Sinai to meet Elohim. Yeshua and his disciples climbed a few mountains and had some divine encounters also.

Mountains are special places! Please enjoy these photos. A video documentary is coming. Stay tuned.

While this was my final climb of glaciated mountains, I am waiting with great anticipation and faith on YHVH for my next spiritual mountain climbing assignment and adventure!

Natan and his sons, Aaron, Jared and Kaleb, on the summit of Mount Hood with Washington State’s Mount Adams and Mount Rainier in the background.

5 thoughts on “Just can’t stop climbing!

  1. Wow ..incredible photos of an incredible climb..I had been reading a few things & this post & wonderful photos make me feel like I am leaving the darkness of the world behind.. the views just from the photos are amazing..The Blue with the whiteness of the snow.

    certainly uplifting and serene.. I had been watching a live video of some praise & worship lifting the Creator Abba Father & his son Yeshua Higher… singing along then felt to come to Hoshana Rabbah blog post & read climbing high.

  2. Thanks for sharing those pictures. I can’t believe you could see Mt. Ranier from there! So beautiful!

    • Mount Ranier is only about 150 miles to the north and it’s quite a bit taller and much larger than Hood at about 14,410 feet tall while Hood is abut 11,250. Rainier is a huge mountain and the tallest in the Cascades. It’s just a few hundred feet taller than Mount Shasta in n. Calif.

      • My wife and I were at Shasta National Park years ago. Very impressive but we did not climb it!

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