Create You Own “God” Bubble to Deal With Life’s Attacks

John 17:11…14, In the world…not of the world. 

How to Create Your Own “God” Bubble to Deal With Life’s Attacks

May everyone reading this take careful note and pay close attention to the following: Creating a “God”-space bubble around you is a biblical strategy to protect yourself from the attacks of our spiritual enemy. Without it, you may not survive theses attacks. 

Who is the enemy of our soul that is hell-bent on turning each of us into a spiritual casualty and a notch in his gun belt? Who is the one who is inexorably determined to pull you off the straight and narrow path that leads to Yeshua and his eternal kingdom? Who works tirelessly to pull your spiritual focus off Yeshua and his Word? Actually, the Bible reveals that the disciple of Yeshua the Messiah has three such enemies: the world, the flesh and the devil.

How do we deal with such rabidly determined enemies? There is the natural way and the supernatural way.

Most people choose the natural way to deal with adversity. It’s the default mode that, because of man’s fallen sin nature, one automatically and involuntarily chooses. It’s the way of self and flesh. The natural reactive tendency of humans when attacked is to create around themselves a fortress of pride, self-justification, self-righteousness where they blame others and seek pity as a form of defensive protection. The focus of this self-defensive strategy is on self and simply yields to path of least resistance dictated by one’s sinful nature. It is merely a natural, automatic and thoughtless default response of man’s fallen sin nature. If we don’t catch ourselves, we will automatically find ourselves doing this. 

When attacked, instead of creating a defensive fortification where a focus on self forms the foundation stones in our defensive fortress wall, we need to run to the Rock of our Salvation who is our High Tower in times of trouble. David, a man after Elohium’s heart, writes about this many times in his psalms. David shows us to make YHVH and not self the focus when our enemies attack us, and how to  find refuge in our personal “God” bubble. A bubble seems a fragile, an almost invisible thing with a very thin wall—something that pops easily. So get that image out of your mind. Instead, think of an invisible force-field that can easily repel any incoming projectile no matter its size, speed or destructive capabilities.

Such a bubble or spiritual force field will shield and protect us from any of our enemy’s attacks. It will insure that we weather the ferocious storms of life that blow against us. In that place, we are relying on the unlimited power and wisdom of YHVH to aid us in our time of need instead of the weak, faulty and deceptive arm of the flesh. The former leads to light and life; the latter leads to darkness and death. The former brings healing and strength; the latter glosses over pain and is merely weakness feigning as strength.

Since each person is different, each one will furnish their “God” bubble differently depending their spiritual orientation and makeup, tastes and interests. In my times of trouble, and most of other times as well, I maintain a spiritual force field around me by which I’m able to repeal spiritual attacks. When attacks happen, I then take refuge in my own personal spiritual bubble. This involves turning to the Scriptures for guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Prayer—talking to Elohim—is a vital component of my spiritual bubble or force field. Often I visualize myself either at the foot of Yeshua’ cross or before the throne of my Heavenly Father. Often I will myself involve hard physical work (to settle my emotions and to help clear my mind, which helps to me to destress and get my mind off the problem, so I can think and pray clearly). Many times, I listen to beautiful and spiritually uplifting music, which again helps me to elevate my spiritual focus. Often I find my own Garden of Eden in nature where I can imbibe in the beauty of Elohim’s creation. There I can talk with the Creator and find healing. To accomplish this, often I will work in my garden. Sometimes I write Elohim-centered psalms and poetry. David wrote many of his psalms in times of distress—even when his life was in danger. This helped him to get his mind off of his circumstances and onto YHVH, who was is salvation and deliverer. Whatever I do, in all cases, I try to get my mind off myself and onto Elohim who is my source of wisdom, hope and guidance, and my ultimate Savior and Deliverer. Often, I imagine myself falling down at the foot of the cross where I find my strength at the feet of Yeshua. I tell myself that if he endured that for me, then I can endure this for him.

For other people, their “God bubble” might be spending time with cherished and caring family members and friends, their spouse, their spiritual family, at church or during the Sabbath and biblical festivals.

This is what my “God” bubble looks like and what helps me to deal with spiritual attacks. What does your “God” bubble look like?

If you don’t have your own “God” bubble, how about making one to help you deal with the pain, stressors and attacks of life?

24 Practical Tips to Walking in the Presence of Elohim 

It’s time to extricate YHVH Elohim from our religious boxes to which we have confined him. These boxes are the times and places where we go and do our “God-thing.”  This can be church or other religious services, grace at meals, and even our personal devotional times. After having thrown a bit of religious ritualism at Elohim, too often we toss our hair back, adroitly slip him onto the back burner and then go our way as if he weren’t much of a part of our lives. In this way, we keep Elohim confined to a few small boxes that we have labeled “religion.” It ends up that we live our lives how we want to without having to think too much about him. In this way, we keep him trapped in these closet prisons of our own contrivances, when, in reality, he wants and demands to be part of every aspect of our lives. Too many of us have no problem with  Elohim being our Savior—but being the Lord and Master over every area of our lives all the time, well, that’s another thing! To experience the blessings and riches of Elohim’s river of life, each of us must immerse ourselves in his river and stay in it continually. The following tips will help you to do that.

Here are 24 practical tips for bringing YHVH into every aspect of your daily life:

  1. In all thing, be thankful to YHVH (1 Thess 5:18). Throughout the day, be aware of all your blessings and thank YHVH for them. Even thank him for the trials.
  2. Pray in the Spirit (in your heavenly prayer language, 1 Cor 14:2, 15, 18).
  3. Meditate on a Bible verse (Pss 1:2; 119:78, 148).
  4. Prayerfully intercede for people during the course of the day as they come to your mind.
  5. Ask YHVH questions and then wait for him to bring you the answer. He may download the answer into your mind, or it may come through someone else or in some other way.
  6. Pray for divine appoints each day and then wait for them to come and give YHVH thanks when they come. A divine appointment is a “chance” meeting of someone with whom you can share the word of Elohim or in some way be a spiritual light to them by pointing them to Elohim.
  7. Worship and praise YHVH throughout the day by singing songs to him.
  8. Pray before and after meals, or even after taking a drink of water. Before the meal, praise and worship YHVH. After the meal, thank him for the meal you’ve just had (Deut 8:10 cp. Matt 14:19; 15:36; 26:26; John 6:11; Acts 27:35).
  9. View yourself as an ambassador for the kingdom of Elohim in everything you do and say that involves others. Endeavor to be salt and light to those around you for the glory of Elohim (Matt 5:13–16; Eph 5:8; 1 Thess 5:5).
  10. Practice the 16 attributes of YHVH’s love as found in 1 Corinthians 13 — especially when you find yourself in difficult situations where being loving is hard to do.
  11. Live each moment and day as if it were your last.
  12. Express joy in the face of adversity.
  13. Endeavor to plant spiritual seeds wherever you go.
  14. When bad things happen to you, count your blessings, express joy, be thankful, bless your enemies, pray for those who despitefully use you (Matt 5:44).
  15. Always practice the golden rule (Matt 7:12).
  16. Practice being a peacemaker especially in difficult situations when you want to defend yourself, or fight back (Matt 5:9; Rom 12:18).
  17. Do something selfless or altruistic for someone each day. It’s more valuable spiritually if it cost you something and no one knows you did it.
  18. Do everything including the most minimal and menial task for YHVH’s glory and out of love for him. Work as if you were working for YHVH, not for men.
  19. Read your Bible and pray after you get up in the morning and as you’re going to sleep each night even if it’s only for a few minutes.
  20. Put the audio Bible on your iPod, smart phone or similar electronic device and listen to it during your day.
  21. Wear biblical tzitzits or fringes on the four corners of your garments as the Torah commands to help remind you of your relationship with YHVH and to obey his commands (Num 15:37–41; Deut 22:12).
  22. Fast periodically even if it’s only for a meal or two. Among the many spiritual benefits of fasting, when you feel the hunger pangs, it will remind you to think about YHVH Elohim and the need to grow closer to him by controlling and sublimating the carnal appetites.
  23. Always ask yourself this before you are about to do, say or think anything: What would Yeshua do? If it’s not something he’d so, say or think, then don’t do it.

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