Psalm of a Discouraged Shepherd

by Nathan Lawrence (2019-2020)

O my heart yearns to gather Your people as a shepherd,
But few will have it,
To teach them your enlightening ways,
For the cares of this life have overtaken their hunger for You!
Why do lambs in my own Nazareth pasture hear and ignore,
Yet those in distant fields respect and heed?

As a sheepherder lad, I loved the sheep young and old.
I knew each by name, fed and protected them.
They responded when I called.
Now, in the wilderness of the people
It’s all we like sheep have gone astray
Everyone to his own way,
Each doing what is right in his own eyes.

Sadly Your sheep have been hurt and abused
Victims of inherited lies,
Traditions passed down by church fathers;
Victims of self-serving, career-idolizing pastors—
False shepherds sold out to mammon,
Who know little or nothing of real sheep!And no wonder why Your lambs run scared and fearful, 
Even afraid of true shepherds after Your own heart.

Your sheep thanklessly rejected the Chief Shepherd, 
So who am I that they should accept this herder?
Despite all, my heart still beats with your love for them.
Yes, they refuse to be gathered.
Shepherdless, they huddle scattered and scared in flocklets.
Hurt, wounded, confused, bleating with headlight eyes.

So what am I do?
I’ve nurtured both two and four legged sheep;
My heart still contains a lamb-shaped space.
But this shepherd too is wounded.
O Lamb and Shepherd of Yehovah!
Pour out your grace and Spirit upon us all,
Assemble the fragments of scattered Israel,
Restore the fallen tent of David.
Yeshua haMashiach, come quickly
Sun of Righteousness, bring healing in your wings! 


7 thoughts on “Psalm of a Discouraged Shepherd

  1. Wow! At first I thought I was reading from the psalms (my husband was talking and I was a lil distracted) but as I kept reading, well, Wow!

  2. Peace Natan. tears & tears are the bearing of love from the heart that goes beyond seeking recompense but desiring all to have life.
    What a Psalm! Man with the psalmist’s heart. !!
    Blessings to all. FJ

    • Thank you. I know that this psalm speaks for many people who have the same heart whether they’ve been an official pastor or not. No doubt, you’re one of them. It’s called being in sync with the Father’s heart.

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