NathanTalks: There is no shalom like shabbat shalom!

Years ago there was a soft drink that had the catch phrase, “Try it, you’ll like it.” The Bible says something like this: “Taste and see that YHVH/the LORD is good.” The same is true of the seventh day Sabbath (or Shabbat in Hebrew). This is the only day of the week that YHVH blessed and sanctified (set it aside for a special purpose) and made into a divine appointment where he promised to meet with his people. He never did this with Sunday or any other day of the week. That’s why there’s a special blessing on the Sabbath—and with it comes a joy and peace unlike any other day. Until you start honoring or “tasting” the seventh day Sabbath, you’ll never understand or experience this special blessing. This video explains this and encourages you to try it, you’ll like it!


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  1. Thanks Natan,
    We started to keep the Shabbat approx. 20 years ago, when fellow-shipping in a Seventh Day Adventist Church. After we left, because we disagreed with some of their teachings, we ended up in various Sunday keeping churches until we found UCG. However, it was never completely clear to us what was allowed to be done on Shabbat until we discovered in Scripture these words: ‘Don’t do your own thing on the Shabbat’. From then on, we decided to focus on our Heavenly Father/Yeshua on the Shabbat and don’t allow the world to interfere anymore. It can take a while to get the real appreciation for it, since the world has groomed us into wanting to be entertained or kept busy continuously. But after staying the course for some time, His glorious peace sweeps over us and we realize that although it is a command, in reality it is a blessing, a love gift from our Creator to us.
    Shalom, Sonja

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