3 thoughts on “NathanTalks #2—How to Find a Godly Spouse

  1. Thank you so much for your testimony Natan; I trust the Lord has kept you from making any mistakes in regard to romance and marriage because you have dedicated your life to Him and also so that the people who look to you for instructions can know that you walked the walk, not just talk the talk.
    Sorry, to hear about your bad experience with the folks from the Armstrong church. We belonged to the United Church of God for approx. 8 years and we had mostly a very positive experience with the congregation, which was very small. However, we did not appreciate the way the church hierarchy treated our deacon because he did some ‘unauthorized’ prayers for a sick child after the service, during afternoon tea. The pastor, who only came to Tassie once a month, even composed a whole sermon about the issue, to embarrass our deacon. I did tell him afterwards what I thought about this ridiculous response. Fancy, getting up someone for praying!
    I know Elohim is blessing you and Sandy for your tireless services to Him and us.
    Love to you both, Sonja

    • In all fairness to the WCG and UCG, my parents were excommunicated from WCG in 1975 after which we joined a break-off of it that year. It was the folks in the break-off that treated me this way. But, WCG used to treat people like this too when we were in that church. As the years went on and WCG began to break apart and UCG split out of it, they became a little more tolerant than in the earlier days (I still had cousins and an aunt and uncle in WCG and UCG. In fact, at one time, four generations of our family—about 30 people—were in WCG from the early 1950s onward). I always said that we’d have been better staying in WCG then joining the break-off group. But I had no choice in the matter. My parents bucked the system when some doctrinal changes occurred that they didn’t agree with and were subsequently excommunicated. I was only 15 at the time, and so had no say in the matter. But I have no regrets, remorse or bad feelings toward anyone. By Yah grace, he has helped me to extract the precious pearl from the unclean oyster, so to speak. It all helped to make me into a strong tree, a more loving and forgiving and tolerant person, and make me not want to treat others as I was treated. HalleluYah! ALL FOR THE GLORY OF YHVH ELOHIM!!!!

      • Every experience we go through in life contributes to the end result; if Elohim allows things to happen to us, one can expect that there is always a way out of the misery whether self inflicted or otherwise. I continuously pray for wisdom, hoping this might prevent unnecessary sufferings.
        Thanks you for all of your testimonies.

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