NathanTalks #1—My Miraculous Healing: Crippled to Walking & Praising Elohim

In 1987, Nathan fell about 30 feet out of a tree and shattered his ankle bones. After two bone grafts, he was still crippled with a broken ankle three years later. In 1990, his surgeon scheduled a third bone graft. Nathan refused and walked out of the doctor’s office, putting his faith in Yeshua to heal him. Three months later was standing on top of Mount Saint Helens. Divine healing is real. If Nathan was healed miraculously, you can be too! Listen to this talk and be inspired.


5 thoughts on “NathanTalks #1—My Miraculous Healing: Crippled to Walking & Praising Elohim

  1. I can so relate to your testimony Natan…when I looked @ the date of your initial injury 1987 ..I remembered I was home with my first born son .he was born December 1986.

    I was enjoying motherhood but as my son grew & got bigger.. mind you he weighed in @ 9lb 3 ozs..not fat but long in length: solid baby ..carrying him around & lifting in & out of a house work..I started to feel pain in my back.. low lumbar region ..I actually had sciatica.. this led onto my back worsening by 1991.

    by the time I had a diagnosis by cat scan & MRI. etc I saw an orthopaedic surgeon plus a neurosurgeon : i was told I had done the shock absorbers of my back.. lumbar – sacral discs.. requiring a 19 day stay in hospital & an operation called a Stephee fusion with stainless steel plate with a bone graft from my hip region…. it took a long while to get thru all this: operation was in Oct 1991. ..I still had pain going down to the bone in my right ankle as the plate felt like it was pressing on a nerve or something.. in 1993 I was in Praise & worship and around the March of 1993 i started to feel the pain all go… so I do believe there was a healing miracle that took place for me… I knew in my heart that only Elohim could heal me ..I was desperate to have pain relief.

  2. Thank you for your testimony; I always rejoice, when I hear about YHVH’s miraculous interventions.
    I’ve had quite a few answered prayers myself. In one instance, I asked for wisdom to work out why I was having a certain problem and He put the solution right into my mind.
    Thank you for your teachings and encouragement.
    Blessings, Sonja

    • Yes, so true. My live and viewpoint on a lot of things changed after that fall. Before the fall, I thought I was pretty hot stuff. Sadly, I had to have a few more “falls” to drive the point home some more. I’m still a work in process, and will likely experience more “falls” to knock self and pride out of me, so that I can be used more greatly by YHVH.

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