Shabbat Shalom from Arizona, USA!

Actually, Sandi and I were in sunny Arizona last Shabbat, and we’re back in rainy Oregon this Shabbat, but oh well, who cares anyway, right?

So are you as sick of hearing about impeachment, coronavirus, Democrat, Republican, LGBTQXYZYUCK, gay pride, terrorism, climate change, etc. and ad nauseum as I am? Well, if you are, then wash your brains out with some pics of astounding scenery from America’s forty-eighth state. This was Sandi’s first trip to AZ and my second (it was decades ago and I barely saw anything then). We were captivated and enraptured by Arizona’s unique beauty and we fell in love with the desert—at least in winter time. Not sure we’d feel the same when it’s 110 F (43 C) for months during the summer!

Please enjoy these photos on this Shabbat and remember that while the world is falling apart all around us (as Scripture predicted it would just prior to the second coming), we can find great solace in Elohim’s creation, which in every way points to him and to the fact the he is still the Sovereign King of the universe, and all of his laws that govern his creation are in force despite the silly and puny machinations of humans, who hate and resist the Creator of Just Judge or the universe!

The Grand Canyon
The red rock country of Sedona, Arizona
Montezuma’s Castle near Sedona
Church of the Holy Cross, Sedona
Prickly pear cactus

Saguaro cactus

5 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom from Arizona, USA!

  1. Natan & Sandi…when re looking at these wonderful photos.. the cacti are amazing as is all the scenery…and yourselves.!

    Natan as I relooked @ this post I could not help but think of the song out of the Sound of Music: as a young girl I went & saw the movie @ least 4 times as I loved it so much.. the scenery in the movie but also the whole story behind the Von Trapp family.. loved the singing.. they dont make movies like that any more.

    Climb every mountain ford every stream , follow every rainbow till you find your dream… a dream that will need all the Love you can give every day of your lives for as long as you live… Climb every mountain… etc etc. .

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